Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And the weeks keep flying by!

Last I wrote was right before my birthday! Last year of my twenties! Daddy and Carsyn got me some new tennis shoes (my old ones were from freshman year of college! Oh the stories those shoes could tell!) I had a birthday lunch at Caboose and got a new beautiful Delta Girl frame and goodies from my mom and inlaws! Whoohoo for birthdays!

I have been a busy bee with my work as it is holiday season. And we were all preparing for our trip to the Bahamas- more info in another post on that.

Unfortunately we have had a SUPER warm fall but the weather is finally changing now that we have returned from the Bahamas. To be honest I did fear we would go from cold to hot to cold and it wouldn't go so well for our immune systems but since we were still the same temps here in MS as we were in Nassua it was not much of a change!

I was sad Carsyn missed performing in her school's halloween program but she sang the songs for me on the plane and we always have next year. She still got to wear her Dora Princess costume to the trunk or treat at her school the night we left town. AND she has been carrying around her TREATS ever since! She doesn't really eat much of the candy she just likes to play with it and know that "ITS MINE!"

Several blogs to play catch would help if I didn't HATE uploding pics on here...Ill try to update soon.