Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am creating a DIVA

A Girl Can never have too many shoes!
All of the sudden Carsyn has become obsessed with SHOES! And her feet?! She will change a pair of shoes 10 times a day. She will run and get a new pair out of her armoire and and try to put them on and then bring them to me to put on. ESPECIALLY the squeaky ones or the ones that make a tap sound when she walks. And THIS morning she totally caught me off guard...I didn't think I would have to worry about "wardrobe battles" until she was at least 2 or so but OH NO! This morning while getting ready for church she wanted to wear the Pink Squeaky shoes with her red and black no? You have to wear the black ones. BIG TANTRUM to wear the pink squeaky shoes! What- you are 15mos old? So off to church in the black shoes we go. AS SOON AS we got home...she ran to her room and got the pink shoes! She seriously remembered!

Carsyn also LOVES jewelry! She gets in trouble everyday for going into my jewelry box! And she loves to put necklaces on and off. Where did this accessorizing come from?! Daddy better start making some big bucks to pay for this! I can totally see Carsyn loving to play dress-up soon!

I have been shooting my Easter portraits for the last 2 weeks and today Carsyn got to spend an entire afternoon with Daddy by herself. Of course, according to him she was an angel and no crying or whining. Why does Mommy = Whine?! It seems they had a grand time without me! :(

Here are some shots I got of Carsyn after my sessions last weekend. (Don't worry other mommies your cd is in the mail. I didn't edit my own child before yours!) You can check my photo blog for some sneaks of last weekend's shoot.

We have BUSY week ahead of us so I will try to catch up at some point!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hump Day

So it's hump day! We have been very lazy today! Rainy weather and tired baby and momma make for a great lazy day.

Let's see what has been going on.....well on Sunday night Carsyn woke up every 2 hrs and one of the times she woke was at around 2:30- she was screaming uncontrollably and I finally figured out she had a cramp in her foot! I have never heard of babies getting cramps in feet! I screamed for Danny because I couldn't get her to calm down and we worked on getting the cramp out. She went back to sleep about 20 minutes later but I of course was scared out of my pants! Everything always seems worse at night! So what do I do of course but jump on the Internet at 3AM searching for cramps in baby feet and symptoms of spider bites and rabies etc etc! All kinds of stuff was racing through my head! She was back to normal in the morning. Weird I know!
Carsyn's vocabulary- While she doesn't really "SAY" many words she definitely has a much larger vocabulary than we think. I can now talk to her like a child and she will understand what I say such as "Close the door" "Go get your shoes" "Go get Mr. Cow" " Would you like water or milk (2 different cups)". Her babbling is non-stop! Last night while Danny read her bedtime story you couldn't hear him over her babbling over him.

Speaking of "BIG GIRL" my child seriously thinks she is like 3. I wish I could explain it to you but you have to see it to believe it. She wants to drink out of regular cups not sippy cups. She wants to walk by herself. She wants to sit at the table by herself. She wants to feed herself. Can you say Miss Independent?! At storytime most of the other babies her age sit in their mother's lap- nope not my explorer. She is all over the place examining things and standing right in front of the storyteller.

Anyway that is what is up with us so far this week. Here are some pics from various relatives cameras from a few weeks past.

I don't know what I want Cousin Megalicious- maybe the Filet Mignon?

My future is so bright I gotta wear shades....

I am all dressed up for Church with my Pearls....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh Me OH MY it has been a while

Oh I don't even know where to begin with this post as this has been a CRAZY and unusual week. As a creature of habit I can easily be thrown off course and this week was a PRIME example! It went by so quickly and I have been exhausted the entire time. Apparently Carsyn was too at first as she slept an unusually long amount for naps and even slept until 7 two mornings this week (with a wake up during the night of course). I got so SPOILED!

So last time I left you Carsyn was diagnosed with double ear infections. You would never know it since because she has shown no signs of pain. BUT for all mommies out there you know what Augmentin does to your baby but for those who haven't had the pleasure let me tell you...DIARRHEA!!!!!!!!!! Every hour it seemed! And what does Diarrhea cause for babies? HELLACIUOUS diaper rash and welts! Poor Carsyn's booty! The doctor's office suggested I continue the meds as prescribed but make sure she ate lots of bananas and yogurt to stop her back up! Also they called in "Super Diaper Rash cream" that got rid of the bumps in a day or so. Carsyn's whining has been in EXTREME excess lately which I mostly likely attribute to this new TODDLERHOOD that we are embarking on. However, today she was biting on my fingers- (yes it hurt not like puppy teeth) and I felt FOUR new teeth coming in- 2 on top and 2 on bottom! I guess I would WHINE alot too if I had all of these ailments in addition to not being able to fully express my every wish and not understanding why I get told NO all of the time!

So to recap our weekly events- Monday we missed Storytime as she slept through it and I NEVER wake baby Carsyn unless in emergencies! Tuesday she made it to Mom's Day Out but crashed pretty early when we got home and didn't take another nap. Wednesday I had to make a quick trip to H'burg (I am talking left at 10:30 got back at 2:30!) to pick up my bunnies for the photo shoot- so Aunt Mo and CiCi played rotating sitters for me! Thursday she woke up so early I didn't want to take her to Mom's Day Out the entire time for fear of her falling asleep there so I was going to take her late but she slept through it again! I sooo needed those 3 hrs to run errands that day! Friday my mom came back over and we attempted a trip to Hammond to see if the new stores had opened. Only a few had. Carsyn did pretty good on the cartrip, but in the store....that was not a fun experience. Terrible Twos seem to start before Two in my opinion and from what I have heard from friends. So does that mean they stop before Two ends?! Saturday I photographed other children for my Easter shoot while my Mom watched Carsyn. My dad came over too for a visit before he returns to work. I will have to get the pics from my mom she took- I was too busy taking other's pictures! I did snap a few of Carsyn in her Easter ensemble which I will post after I edit. These might be some of my favorites of her yet! I may finally have one good enough to get put on Canvas!

And today we went to church and worked on some house projects. Well Daddy mostly did the physical labor while I kept Carsyn out of harms way.... :) She through a 20 minute fit because she wanted to ride with him on the tractor! I was trying to videotape her "helping" him tear down the chain link fence that we are replacing with privacy but my video battery was dead! :(

Oh and I keep forgetting to inform everyone of Carsyn's new skill. Apparently potty training is not far off as she now will tell you sometimes if she needs a new diaper and will go lay down on the mat and hand you a new one. Also she showed she needed a new diaper at my mom's last week and when asked if she need to go potty she ran to the potty and started pulling off her clothes! WOW I had no idea she had such understanding. I have put her on the potty from time to time this week but she just sits and then wants to flush.

Anyway I hope our week will be back on routine this week- I just do not deal well with CHANGE! I am sorry there are no pics at the moment but I promise I will make up for it!


Monday, March 16, 2009

What Parenthood is really like...

Soooo we headed to Hattiesburg for Carsyn to spend time with Nonny(my mom), me to shop, and take engagement pictures. The way over was pretty much picture perfect. She slept for the first 40 minutes and read her book for the last 30 minutes in addition to snacking on whatever I could hand her to keep her occupied. She didn't let out the first whine until we pulled into the parking lot of Target AKA: shopper's delight! Oh how I have missed my Target. Carsyn was a great baby while I shopped and then Nonny arrived to entertain her the remainder of the time. Of course I had intentions of shopping for me some new spring clothes, but Carsyn's clothes just look so much better on her than clothes do on me that the buggy just seemed to steer its way to her department.
Mom- 1 pair of shorts
Carsyn- 1 dress, 2 pair of shorts, 2 shirts, 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of socks, and 1 Easter hat!

So then off to Old Navy- I didn't even allow myself to go into her department much to the sales tactics of my mother "Oh but there is the cutest dress..yadda yadda" I scored a few more items but still nothing too exciting.

Next to eat lunch with Aunt Jane and Cousin Megan. Such a ham my little girl is! She put on a show the entire time. I tell you she really is getting too big for her britches! She thinks she is like 3 or something! Remembe how I said she doesn't want to sit with the tray on her highchair? Well now she thinks she can sit at the table in a regular chair by herself!

So off to naptown Carsyn and Nonny went while I ran to a few more stores baby-free. When I got back to Nonny's Carsyn was still asleep! I should have figured something was up! I left with Megan to photograph her engagment pictures in the rain in dowtown Hattiesbug. You would be surprised how good pics can look in the rain! See

When we got back past Carsyn's bedtime we still had to eat dinner! So we went to Hibachi/sushi! YUM! It took Carsyn a while to get to bed and I was pretty sure we would have a rough night as she sleeps even less away from home than she does at home if that is even at all possible. So yep every 2 hrs she awoke, however, atleast this trip when she cried out I just shushed her back to sleep from my bed and I didn't have to physically get up and hold her. Definitely progress. Maybe by the time she is 2 she will be able to sleep away from home?!

So the next morning (feeling QUITE drained mind you!) we laid around and ate and did pretty much nothing. At 1PM I was packing up my bags as I was supposed to leave Carsyn with my mom so I could get an actual good night's rest. I really have been feeling the fatigue lately and I just feel like a slug! Anyway we had noticed Carsyn grab her ears and Yell a few times but she had no fever. Before I left her I wanted to make sure she didn't have an ear infection. Something just told me she did. I of course had reservations leaving her anyway since I knew she wouldn't sleep but I was trying to convince myself I needed to. We headed over to the Immediate Care clinic and sure enough double ear infections! Her first! Although you wouldn't know it because she has been fine ever since just sleeping abnormally much. I of course wasn't going to leave her sick so I made my mom pack her bags to come with me so I could still get some rest and Carsyn would get a good night's sleep.Apparently this little girl does not want me to ever leave her (recall girl's trip to Mobile!).

So that is how our weekend ended! Carsyn has been taking pretty long naps but other than that she seems fine. Hopefully the rain is leaving and the rest of our week will be full of sunshine and happy times!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The toddler switch

Carsyn Belle turned 15 months this week and apparently she switched the TODDLER SWITCH into full gear!!!! All of the stereotypes that go with toddlers she is now proving to be true.

The mear mention of the word "NO" causes her to squinch up her face and pout her lips out and scream as loud as she can. Oh yes! Tantrums here we come! It doesn't last long but I have to try to keep from dying out laughing at her pouty face.

The same squinchy face is also used when she is putting on a show for her audience and wants to get a laugh out of you. She has become SUCH the ham! I have no idea where she gets that from! HA!

Apparently she got her allergies though from her father as she has had some sniffles with the changing in temps and massive pollen we have had this week.

I hate when I read about or talk to people who always act like their life is perfect and never have any problems. While I don't want to seem like a complainer I do wish to portray the real life that we live and well this week has been a little rough on Carsyn.

1st. She fell down (one of thousand times in a day) and hit her face on a jar so she had a black eye all week.

Next. She ran into the bathroom and somehow fell and hit her mouth on the tub causing her mouth to bleed but luckily no broken teeth.

Then. She went to take her nap on Wednesday (which was a LONG DAY because I had gotten 4 hrs of sleep the night prior) and was awoken 20 minutes later due to a poopy diaper and the landscape guys who were using a BOBCAT to break up concrete thus sounding like a freight train was coming thru her window. She then never took another nap the remainder of the day.

AND. On Thursday she went to Mom's Morning Out and apparently fell asleep for 20 minutes before I got there and then wouldn't go back to sleep until 3 that afternoon. I will be requesting they call me next time before allowing her to take another cat nap.

Soooo ups and mostly downs this week but Friday ended on a positive note. We head to Hburg this weekend to visit Nonny! That should be an interesting blog when we return!

Have a wonderful week!
OH and go see what the buzz is with my photography business

Thursday, March 5, 2009

How Carsyn's brain works....

Who knew that your baby could make you laugh and be tearful in the same moment?

Carsyn is definitely leaving her infancy behind and treking on to toddlerdome with full force.

Here are some examples of her becoming a big girl! They make me laugh and then tearful as I reflect on how fast she is growing.
#1 Highchair- She no longer will sit in the highchair with her tray attached. She now has to sit all the way up to the big table to eat!

#2 Reading- I was preparing dinner but she wanted my attention. I told her to go to her room and get a book. She returned with one of her fave alphabet books. I told her to find a Cat...she pointed to the Kitten under the "k" section - close enough right? Then I told her to find a ball...she turned to the "f" section and pointed to a flower. I said that is a flower she proceeded to pick the book up and put it to her nose sniffing the book to smell the flower! HA!

#3 Shoes- While searching for her some new spring shoes I had to go to the toddler section instead of the infant section! :( It was sad. Carsyn LOVES shoes, however, she couldn't quite understand why she could see her toes when she had sandals on. I guess this will take some practice.

#4 The tug-of-war between wills gets tougher everyday. She is very strongwilled! No is starting to have less of an effect. Guess who's will is stronger- hers or mine!?
#5 Carsyn shows more emotions now and will cuddle and give out kisses. They are the best! She hands out mouth open wide baby kisses to all relatives who beg for them.
#6 While reading some flashcards the other day it showed a puppy who was smiling. It said CHEESE under the dog (which I hate Cheese as a photographer btw) when I read the word CHEESE it made her run like a madman to the fridge to get a piece of CHEESE! HA!
#7 Even though she is not a baby anymore she has developed a rekindled love for her beloved bouncy seat that she used to practically live in. (BEST baby gift ever!) She will crawl in it with her cup and babies/cow and just lay there. She also will put all of her toys in itand rock them,

#8 If there is a tissue in sight she is grabbing for it "blowing" her nose. Guess we got a lot of practice this winter!
#9 Carsyn loves to look in the mirror- I caught her looking at her reflection in our car bumper the other day just staring and making faces!

#10 When she is ready for nap she will get Mr. Cow and her cup of milk and run to her room to pick out her book.
That girl she makes me smile, cry, and pull my hair out all in the same 5 minutes! But she is so darn cute!

playing with left over Mardi Gras beads
Relaxin in Bouncy

Big girl eating at table with fork

Monday, March 2, 2009

And we're back in the green...

I know you have all been on pins and needles wanting to know how the rest of our week has been?! Right?!

Well when I picked Carsyn up from Mom's Morning Out she was having a ball and was still going like the Energizer bunny she is. She made it home without falling asleep. I couldn't get her to eat lunch (she ended up not eating hardly a single meal the entire week!) and then went down at 12 for a nap. Only to be woken up 20 minutes later thanks to a MR. Poopy diaper! UGH I HATE when that happens! AND never went back to sleep! I tried ever so much!

Friday the SAME thing happened when she went to go down for a 2nd nap! So naps were not good Thursday and Friday but she was still pretty happy and upbeat.
The weather was so wonderful these 2 days that we spent pretty much our entire time out on the deck. My next door neighbor is a SAHM with a 4 month old and she was soaking up the warm weather too so we had company most of the time. Since we spend so much time in their yard Carsyn now thinks it is hers and she can go over whenever she pleases! I turned away for one minute on Friday and she had taken off to their yard and by the time I caught up with her she was trying to open their front door! I was not a happy momma! Good thing Lyndsey doesn't seem to mind that my child, cat, and dog all think her house and yard belong to them as well!
Friday night we had a family friend over to watch Carsyn while Danny and I ran over to eat by ourselves at Ruby Tuesday. I was super excited about Saturday because my dad was in from work and was coming for a visit and my best friend from high school and her little boy were coming to play. Even though Carsyn wasn't in the greatest mood due to a not great night of sleep, they still got to hang out. Even had a bath together...*gasp* her first co-ed bath! It is so funny how similar babies are. Carsyn and Wyatt seem to make the same noises and expressions when they want/need something. She even had to share her crib with him! Luckily they were on alternating nap schedules. Sunday was a relaxing day with daddy home from work! He spent a large part of his day with her so I got a little break. And we introduced the new member of our family, Roger, to the other pets. See....

Roger the Bunny Rabbit
Carsyn and Daddy after church

You should have seen me trying to hold him and get his cage ready. It reminded me of the Paris Hilton show when she had to go work in the country! HA HA! Roger will be assisting me during my Easter portraits next month. He is very laid back and seems to be content to just sit on the back porch!

We concluded our weekend with the Smith's plus Aunt Evelyn coming over for some burgers. It was a splendid and relaxed time.
Carsyn and I are off to storytime....enjoy our pics
below.... Sweet baby Madelyn smiling for us!

Carsyn's curls were gorgeous with the extra humidity! :)

Stopping to smell the Camilias Mr. Cow in tow

Carsyn and Wyatt get a bath..looks like she is saying "What is that BOY doing in my tub!"

BTW the tooth still has not made an appearance but it definitely is on its way...two I believe.