Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Among all of the drama in our household during these holidays I was determined to allow Carsyn to enjoy all of the magic that Christmas entails.

During this month we...

Went to Christmas Tree farm and cut down a tree with daddy.

Got our first elf on the shelf that Carsyn affectionatley named Zoe- although she didn't quite understand the concept of not touching Zoe and that Zoe would tell Santa about her behavior. Maybe next year?

Went to the Pike County Little Theater Christmas musical....where they sang Happy Birthday to Carsyn during Intermission ;)

Drove through the Live Nativity and listened to the story of Jesus birth

Watched Carsyn sing and shake her jingle bells at her school Christmas program

Carsyn enjoyed a Party at school and got WAY TOO much candy!

Listened to the SAME Christmas cd over and over and over and over again for 4 weeks

Went to the Summit Christmas Parade which was super fun and one of her fave friends happened to be beside us to make it more special! Carsyn of course LOVED LOVED the bands!

Went to the Teddy Bear Christmas Tea Party at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans which was SPECTACULAR and well worth the substantial price tag! This was definitely the highlight of our month aside from her birthday. The Snow Princess stole Carsyn's heart more than Santa himself. Although she did run and jump right in his lap unlike years past and told him she wanted a feeding baby doll!

Drove through the Tylertown Christmas in the Park which was super beautiful! She was in awe and never stopped talking the entire time about the lights.

Made Christmas breakfast and Christmas Eve/Day food together.

Enjoyed time with family.

GOT WAY WAY WAY toooo many presents! Aunt Katie gave C the same baby doll she had asked Santa for so we had a little mishap Christmas morning but all is well now that Walmart let us exchange one of them.

Watching Christmas through a child's eyes is so magical and definitely what our family needed. The back of our Christmas card said "May you enjoy your holidays with a child-like innocence." which I believe was pefect for us this year~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A growth spurt

It seems the Smith family has experienced a growth spurt this month.

Not a physical growth spurt but rather a maturity growth.

As many of our friends and family who already read this blog know my family has been faced with many trials and much tribulations lately. In February of 2010 my father in law was diagnosed with a rare case of colon cancer. He fought a great fight with chemo and several surgeries throughout the year but unfortuntaly for us God still wanted him for his army. Anyone who knew this man knew he was on this Earth to serve others and almost always had a warm smile on his face. His calmness added much security to this family. Carsyn will probably never remember the time she spent with Pop but we will be sure to remind her of him. The Christian example he set will be a legacy for us to pass on to her.

On his last night on Earth with tears in his eyes Carsyn sang to him her Christmas program songs. It was a touching moment I will not soon forget. It has been difficult to explain the loss to Carsyn but she will understand in time.

Here is the uology from his funeral last week. (this is mostly for Carsyn to have in her memory book)

Allan Smith passed from this life December 10, 2010, at his home in Summit, Mississippi, after a nearly year-long battle with cancer.James Allan Smith was born October 15, 1954, in Meridian, Mississippi, the firstborn child to James Prentiss Smith and Barbara Ann Morgan Smith. Though the family had very little, James and Barbara gave Allan a loving home that instilled a spirit of confidence, allowing him to use his imagination and to spread his wings. From these meager beginnings, Allan developed the qualities that he so admired in his heroes from history: faith, initiative, drive, determination, and humility.As soon as he could walk, Allan was on the move. His mother recounts the story of Allan as a toddler. While his father was working long hours six days a week at Lott Furniture, his mother was keeping him and his infant sister Ann at home. She took her eyes off him for a few moments, and he disappeared. She searched everywhere, and finally had to call his daddy in on the hunt. Allan apparently had ridden his tricycle several blocks away in a very short time. No one ever knew what his mission was that day, but he would spend the rest of his life being active, and driven to achieve.The family moved to Laurel, where they lived a short while before moving to Jackson. By that time, the family had grown to include another sister, Allison, and his maternal grandmother who came to live with them when his mother went to work with his father at the store. Grandmother Morgan made sure all the kids were at church every time the doors opened, and Allan became an excellent Bible student. By the time he was 10 years old, Allan had decided to make Jesus his Savior, and he was baptized into Christ. Not long after that, his parents followed their young son’s example, forever changing the dynamic of their home. Allan’s bold step had become the model for the whole family to emulate. Allan excelled in school, and he enjoyed all the usual sports and games that little boys do. He took an interest in the band, playing the clarinet and the saxophone. He developed an early fascination with history, becoming an expert on the Civil and Second World Wars, in particular. Allan was also enamored with airplanes, and he was always constructing a model airplane or battleship with exacting specifications. Soon he joined Civil Air Patrol, and he couldn’t wait to learn to fly. In fact, Allan got his pilot’s license before he got his driver’s license.It was a good thing that Allan did get his driver’s license, because he was so responsible at a very young age. At 15, Allan had three siblings to cart around, including a new baby brother, Andy. By then, Allan had already been working at the store for several years. He learned the business from the ground up, cleaning floors, dusting, putting merchandise on the floor, helping with deliveries, and driving the truck when he could convince one of the deliverymen to let him. He saved up to buy his first car, a gold Oldsmobile 442 with black racing stripes. Eager to get on with his life, he graduated early from high school, and he made the trek to Starkville to become a Mississippi State Bulldog. He made his mark in academics and school politics, and he came back to Jackson ready to tackle Lott Furniture as his life’s career. With his professional life on track, Allan set his sights on Serrie Baker. After persuading her to go out with him, it was not long before they married, and he adopted her daughter, Samantha. Soon after, the family welcomed a son, Danny.When Harold McRaney decided to retire and sell the Lott Store in McComb, Allan took all the experience and wise counsel he could gather, and he determined that he would do well as a furniture dealer in this new small town. He and Serrie left the big city and immediately forged an enduring bond with the community. The community welcomed them in turn, making a home for the Smith family, which now included Allan and Serrie’s youngest child, Morgan. Son Danny and his wife, Amanda, followed Allan’s footsteps, making a home in McComb with their daughter, Carsyn, who affectionately renamed Allan, “Pop.” Of all the titles he would acquire, “Dad” and “Pop” would be his favorites.During his time in Pike County, family would become Allan’s driving force. Allan would often say that it was good to be successful in business, but if you didn’t have time to share it with your family, it was worth nothing. Allan lived this example: coaching little league teams; taking family trips; and, supporting his children at their many school and sporting events. Allan extended his family through engaging the community. His church family at McComb Church of Christ was dear to him. He became an MPSA referee; he joined the Rotary Club, serving as President and being honored as Rotarian of the Year three times. He was also named Mississippi Retail Furniture Dealer of the Year on two occasions. He served the business community through the McComb Main Street Association; was a member of the Board of Directors for both the Pike County Bank and the Interdenominational Care Association. To the community that had provided such a supportive and warm home for his wife and children, Allan donated two of his buildings for the Saint Andrews Senior Center. Despite the various gloomy economic forecasts over the years, Allan had a vision for Lott Furniture, expanding with a new location and a sister business, the Ashley Home Store. In business and in his life, Allan had a propensity for defying the odds. Many people, when given the unfortunate news that Allan received in February of this year, might fall apart. Not Allan. Allan continued to make time for his family and community. In the midst of chemotherapy, Allan attended church services and board meetings. He made trips to Starkville for State games and visited Shiloh, something he had always wanted to do. Perhaps most important to Allan, he spent as much time as he could with his family, enjoying the sounds of “Dad” and “Pop.” In short, Allan was determined and driven to live and move as long as he could, but not just for himself. He wanted to continue to be and do what everyone around him needed. Even with all the accolades and praise he received for being a pillar in his community, he would have never described himself as important or special. He lived a life of service to others and love for his family and friends. He will certainly be greatly missed.

My husband's growth spurt has come from now realizing that he no longer has his daddy to call for help. He now is the only male head of household in our small family. He now has to run this large business without his father's assistance. Thirty-one just became a lot more mature.

In addition; at the same time as my father-in-law's degression my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She chose to have a double mastectomy to eliminate the possibility of future complications. The week before his death was my mom's surgery. To say we have had a lot going on since our return home from the Bahamas is an understatement. In an instant your life can change and you realize that every minute on Earth is not guaranteed. I went to be with my mother and for the first time in 29 years I had to be the caretaker. My mother's surgery was successful and she should not need any further treatment other than a recommendation for a hysterectomy this year. I rely on my mother more than any person on this Earth and to have her incapasitated made me appreciate her more than anything.

And then AMONG all of THIS my sweet baby girl turned THREE! THREE! She is such a BIG GIRL! Such mama's little helper! She comes up with some of the most incredible things! And of course having to deal with her "Pop" passing has been a learning experience among itself. We told her that Pop was now in Heaven with Jesus and was her guardian angel, so when we went by the live nativity and saw the angel standing at the manger she wanted to get out and see him! And she has been obsessed with angels and Christmas songs about angels. Also the day of Pop's funeral visitation at church we sang " Joy to the World" and a week later she looked at me when it came on the tv and said that is the song we sang when Pop was in church. I COULD NOT believe she remembered that! (Music is definitely one of her favorite outlets and she has asked to take dance next year).

To say that our little family has had its share of growth experiences is an understatment but among all bad there comes some good. And we are so lucky to have Carsyn's excitement and enthusiasm for life to help us get though this time.

Carsyn's 3rd Birthday

Planning a December birthday is always so hard every year! First of all I NEVER know what the weather will entail so an outdoor party is always a risk. Second I always feel the need to rush and have my home Christmas decked out before people come through my home. And this year with all that was going on with our parents I knew that was not going to happen. So I started brainstorming of ideas for a 3 year old indoor party NOT at my home! AND in a small town that does not have many party venues this was quite a brainstorm!

I finally came up with the ingenious idea to have a party at Fox's Pizza. I knew they had a seperate room that would be just the right size for several little preschoolers! Since JUNE Carsyn has wanted a Dora party. By the time December rolled around I would say she isn't as wrapped up in Dora as she was earlier in the year but still fond of her. I had seen on Facebook that a lady had a rented Dora for her girls' birthday party so I called her up to find out where I could find Dora. Come to find out it wasn't a person you rented but rather just the costume itself. All I had to do was find someone to wear it and I knew just the right teenager from my church!

Everything came together beautifully and even though our family was in mourning Carsyn's birthday was a hit! She definitely felt special on her day which we know Pop would have loved! I can't say all of the children were crazy about Dora but by the end of the party most of them warmed up to her. We also played pin the backpack on Dora, Dora tatoos for the face, Hokey Pokey lead by Dora herself!

I have to brag on myself that I was very impressed with myself for pulling it off mostly alone since I would normally rely on my mom or mother in law to help me remember lots of things.

Now if we can just wade through all of the presents in my house! *sigh*
December birthdays = yuck! I always say I am going to celebrate her birthday in July one year!

Birthday photo album HERE

Monday, December 6, 2010

We going to the "HAMAS!"

Okay so today is the first day I have been away from my child for more than 4 hours in almost two months!!!! SOOOO the blog posting has been pushed to the back burner! Also my work (YAY!) has been extremly busy not allowing me the time to blog either! And finally my family has been having some very unfortunate luck and my priorities have been directed elsewhere.

BUT ALAS, I must blog about our trip to the Bahamas!

About 6 months ago my father decided he wanted to go to the Bahamas. I am thinking this wild hair was a result of he wanted to cross this off his bucket list! So he booked us (me, danny, carsyn, mom and dad) plane tickets for October. Carsyn at 2 1/2 years old got her first passport (which I have since lost because I lost my purse!)! Luckily it was not lost in the Bahamas!Although my husband on the other hand who would loose his head if it wasn't screwed on did loose his, or so he thought. The day we arrived it had fallen out of his pocket in the taxi and my dad did one last check of the cab to search for anything left behind and saw it!!! Although in the spirit of harrassment he did not tell Danny for several days that he had it!

We stayed HERE. It was beautiful as expected. If you are used to hotels and housekeeping and free breakfast it is something to get used to. We stayed here because the all in clusive resorts were all not child friendly. I thought we would save money by eating in the condo and just walking to our destinations but you can all guess how that went! Hee Hee glad it wasn't my pocketbook for the most part!!! Anyway while our condo was great Nassau is BEYOND expensive! I am talking Hollywood Expensive! So if you go stay in an all inclusive and don't plan to leave in a taxi very often! Everytime we would walk out of the condo Carsyn would say "Go get us a tar....where is our tar!" She LOVED not having to ride in a car seat!

Out Condo was next door to the Atlantis which is just breathtaking and so neat. We ate their often and enjoyed their entertainment at night. Maybe we will stay there again one day...if we win the lottery! Our first evening at dinner the restaurant had a magician walking to each table to occupy you while you waited for dinner. He was GREAT!

The next day we spent laying by the pool and beach. While I LOVE to look at the beach I am not a big fan of walking or sitting on it! And it seems my child is the same way! She would only last about twenty minutes in the sand and then begin to scream! Danny and I rented a jet ski and went a good ways out into the water. We were trying to find Oprah and Tiger Wood's house which was next door to our Condo. One of these people (I can't remember who) has a gas station in the basement of their home!!! The water was so crystal clear out on the jet ski. That night a smoothe talking cabby told us a restaurant to go to so we took his advice. It was actually the best meal I had up to that point. Unless I travel in the South the food is always a disappointment on any trip I have been on.

Our next day was the day I have waited for my entire life...swimming with the dolphins!!!!! I have loved dolphins since I was about 9 years old and I have always wanted to swim with them. Carsyn had been talking about it for months and months although I worried when the time came she would not get in, but she did! We actually had to spend all day at this waterpark because Carsyn and nonny's encounter was in the morning and mine and pappy's was after lunch. Carsyn did great and went alllllllll day without a nap! She didn't even crash on the boat charter back to the condo! Of course we paid the outstanding prices for the photo souveniers. This dolphin sanctuary is where the ORIGINAL Flipper lives! We didn't see him but I swam with his son! And talk about swimming FAST! WOW!

The remainder of the trip was spent again by the pool and beach. Carsyn, Nonny, and I did take a walk in the 110 degree heat to try to find some botanical gardens. Not sure that the pictures were worth the effort! And then it was time to head home!

Carsyn did great on the plane....a regular seasoned traveler! She even napped well! I think she will be a great traveler although this trip did make me want to hold off on Disney until about age 5 so she will #1 not whine quite as much #2 save ALOT of money #3allow her to remember the experience as I am sure other than pictures she won't know she got to hug and kiss a dolphin!

Here are some of mine!/album.php?aid=338815&id=758989936

AND I am waiting on my mother's pics for the dolphin kiss photos!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And the weeks keep flying by!

Last I wrote was right before my birthday! Last year of my twenties! Daddy and Carsyn got me some new tennis shoes (my old ones were from freshman year of college! Oh the stories those shoes could tell!) I had a birthday lunch at Caboose and got a new beautiful Delta Girl frame and goodies from my mom and inlaws! Whoohoo for birthdays!

I have been a busy bee with my work as it is holiday season. And we were all preparing for our trip to the Bahamas- more info in another post on that.

Unfortunately we have had a SUPER warm fall but the weather is finally changing now that we have returned from the Bahamas. To be honest I did fear we would go from cold to hot to cold and it wouldn't go so well for our immune systems but since we were still the same temps here in MS as we were in Nassua it was not much of a change!

I was sad Carsyn missed performing in her school's halloween program but she sang the songs for me on the plane and we always have next year. She still got to wear her Dora Princess costume to the trunk or treat at her school the night we left town. AND she has been carrying around her TREATS ever since! She doesn't really eat much of the candy she just likes to play with it and know that "ITS MINE!"

Several blogs to play catch would help if I didn't HATE uploding pics on here...Ill try to update soon.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where have we been?

OKay Okay I know it has officially been over a month since I blogged! I have started this same blog atleast 3 times! I have been a tad busy. In my defense I did start this blog a month or so ago but then did not find time to upload pics to go with it so here is the first blog from earlier....

First off, I have been SUPER SUPER busy with work and getting my new photography studio ready for my Open House! I am so excited and ready to get the ball rolling. My first session- a newborn- will be this week so hopefully the goals I have set for myself will come to fruition soon! I owe a huge thanks to all of my friends and family for supporting me to allow me to reach this milestone!

Secondly, I made a quick trip to Mobile last weekend to photograph a dear friend's newborn. It was a fabulous 24 hours of mommy only time and I got to visit with friends and eat at favorite restaurants!! You can see a few of baby Pete's pictures on my Facebook.

As soon as I crossed the Mississippi line, however, reality hit and my poor little girl had strep throat :(. I knew it before we even got to the doctor. Bad flashbacks for me of my mannnnnny trips to the doctor for strep!! Looks like I will be seeing about getting her tonsils taken out sooner than later! A quick shot healed the infection in no time. The 48 hours though before and after the shot seemed to last an eternity. Poor baby couldn't eat the entire time.

Also a few blogs ago I commented about how Carsyn had not been having many usual I have jinxed us. The tanrtums have been OUT OF CONTROL!! Ridiculous! That is another reason for my delay in blogging! I didn't want to write an entire blog about how trying she has been!!! Really I SERIOUSLY believe what they say about the Trying Threes being worse than the Terrible Twos! She has been so sassy, stubborn, irrational, and almost mean. We had our first punishment this weekend- after a fit of screaming for 30 minutes uncontrollably over nothing- I took away her dvd player privliges for the rest of the day. She watches it too much anyway! Anyway while my sweetheart is still just as funny as ever I am definitely in for a tough year of independence and struggles! If only the irrational fits made more sense but seriously a 30 minute fit because the cup is in the wrong spot? I don't understand!

So that is where I left off from last time! Since this post we have had my open house, celebrated Daddy's 31st birthday with a surprise dinner at the Cabooes (YUMMO!), suprised Nonny for her 53rd birthday, and celebrated CiCi and Pop's birthday!

Carsyn and I headed to Hattiesburg on Mom's birthday to surprise her at lunch with balloons and fudge. The next day daddy came over and met us for our first USM football game of the season. Carsyn enjoyed it TREMENDOUSLY! She danced and cheered all night! She kept saying "I see the drums and the dancers!"

Next we celebrated CiCi and Pop's birthday with a dinner at our home. Carsyn LOVES giving everybody gifts and cards but I know she is just counting down the days until her Dora birthday! I am afraid she might pass out from excitement!

Okay so that catches us up from this blog. I am giving up on starting it over. ! Hopefully I will try to do better with the fun we plan to have in the next few weeks! If only my pictures were on this computer my blogging would go much faster but I HATE HATE HATE uploading pics to blogger so there you go! Sorry for no eye candy I will try harder next time!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Isn't she the cutest?! Such momma's little helper. This is what we did on Labor Day....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We love Trey Trey!

Well Well Well what a week last week was! Im still working on taking it all in.

The first event that occured Tuesday was that Carsyn attended her new preschool at Southwest CC. As I mentioned previously she is attending two seperate places. Her other school does not begin until after Labor Day. There are only like 4 or 5 students in her class so it was not very intimidating and she walked right in and started playing with her buddy Mary Lindsey!

My dad came in to town to visit for lunch that day so she got to be picked up by Pappi on her first day! She told me it was fun "I play with babies and paint!" "But I wanted Blue cause its my favorite but Hayes had blue!" (insert pouty face here) ha ha!

The next day on Wednesday we usually have a low key morning. It was a beautiful morning and the temperature was awesome compared to what we have had the past month. I was sitting on the back porch eating my breakfast reading a magazine while Carsyn was playing with her babies in the kitchen.

Let me first tell you about a stray we have been calling Lady that has been around for about a month. At first I tried to help the dog because she is a sweet dog but then she became too much of a nuisance- barking at all hours, digging up my yard, etc. So after going out of town one weekend she took up residence at a neighbor's house. She would still come here from time to time but mainly stayed at the other house. I had been meaning to take her to the animal shelter but I just had not gotten around to it. Well earlier this week the neighbor children informed me she was in heat (mind you they are like max 8 yrs old so how they knew this is beyond me).

Enter Wed morning. Another neighbor has a german shepherd on a chain attached to a tree in the yard behind us. Neither of our yards are fenced in. I noticed the GS had gotten off his chain and was galavanting about with Lady. Trey was sitting under my feet and heard them so of course he took off to tell them to get off his property. Too much spunk for such a little animal! I screamed for him to stop which he normally does but not this time- not sure why. So then the GS proceeded to attack Trey. I had gotten to both of them by this time and I began to fight with the GS pulling him up by his back neck skin off of Trey. It all happened so quickly and was such a blur. After I got him off Trey long enough for Trey to run in the house I realized how lucky I was to have not gotten biten myself. I just reacted to save my pet. I ran inside to check on Carsyn and she obliviously was still standing by the door. My blood curdling screams had not even jostled her! I rinsed Trey and myself off as we were covered in grass. I looked for any gashes and cuts but I didn't see any on Trey. I went to the neighbors house to see if she was home and she was. I informed her her dog had attacked mine and was running loose. She was very apologetic but at the time I did not know the extent of Trey's injuries.

After returning home I noticed he was in a heap on the floor and when I petted his stomach he yelped. So I grabbed Carsyn put her in the car and ran to the Vet which is luckily right next door- literally. Once we arrived I could see his ribs were broken. Long story short from here- he had two hernias that were repaired and two broken ribs. Once again Carsyn was oblivious to the situation she just kept saying "you cry? You sad? I love you!" The surgery was very intense and we were not sure if he would survive the operation, but he made it and is now home.

I can't even imagine the fear and trauma I would feel if something like this happened to my child because having it happen to my pet and witness it has caused much distress on me. The day of the attack I was in a fog all day. When I tried to take a nap I couldn't because the vision of the attack would play over in my head except this time more worse outcomes would occur.

I am in a conundrum because I do not think this animal is necessarily a mean natured animal, rather just reacted due to Lady being in heat, but still I can't have him in the yard behind where my child plays. Also what kind of life is it for a GS to live chained to a tree ALL THE TIME! Today it has rained for atleast 9 hours and he has been in it the entire time howling away! I hate to make someone get rid of their pet but what do I do?

The first day Trey was quite pitiful but today he has had some of his regular personality return and he has attempted to do some of his normal follow me around everywhere. Much like a child he has wanted me to hold him often. This has created quite an eye-opener for how life would be like with 2 babies because Carsyn has not been a fan of sharing me. She actually has had TWO meltdowns because I was either tending to the dog or he was in my lap! She did quickly get over it but the foreshadowing is there! She does love her pet though and I know she is happy he is home as we all are!

Carsyn's work of art her first week of school! That is Trey on the doll figure.

with her buddy Mary Lindsey

Glad Trey Trey is home!

"Thank you for saving me momma!"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Notes from mama

So I think this may have been the longest I have ever gone without blogging! Mostly its because I did not have any pictures to share and I figure you would not want to read without some eye candy, but I will give a little update! Kind of sad that I don't have pictures considering my career! Oh wait I just remembered these pictures I haven't shared.

Pretend! Carsyn is digging pretend right now! Im talking hours and hours of playing with baby dolls. She dressed and re-dressed them countless times yesterday. Changed their diapers several times too- with actual pull-ups, wipes, and all! She loves to pretend!

Music! She also LOVEs music and dancing! Loves it! I had to hide the Wendy's cd she received this summer in a kids meal because while I too dig some motown I was done with it! We sang "Aint no mountain high enough" more times than I can remember! Yesterday in the car the radio was on low and she yelled "Turn it up momma- Ice Ice baby is on!" That's my girl ;)

Feelings- Carsyn is learning the different feelings recently and associating the faces I make with them. I hear about a million times a day "Momma you mad at me?" So we have to explain different feelings. She loves to put her finger up by her chin and say "Hmmm... curious?" Also yesterday she slammed the door in her friend's face (SOOOO unlike my sweet child, really Im not biased she is super sweet to others (a trait of her dads not me!)) and when I scolded her she just burst into tears I think from feeling guilty for being ugly. Carsyn is a very sensitive child. This attribute makes it quite difficult to reprimand because scolding her just makes her cry harder. I really don't know how to handle this!

August is flying by pretty quickly! Since it is normally the longest month of the year I am happy! However I know what lies ahead! October (my favorite month- no not because I have a birthday ;o) is always the fastest. AND this year will probably be the fastest we have ever seen because #1 I move into my new photography studio!!!! #2 Ill be busier than a hive of bees (yay!) #3 school will be kicked into high gear #4 We go to the Bahamas with my parents.

Speaking of school I am not sure how this year will go with Carsyn because she is actually going to two "schools." Some may think I am a bad mother but Carsyn will be attending two schools! One on Wed and Fri from 8:30-11:30 which is her school from last year. And on Tues and Thur from 8:30-11:30 at Southwest Community College's student preschool. The reason I did this was because she has friends at both spots and it was way cheaper to do SWCC to add two extra days than to do three at CUMC. I think my child will adjust just fine. She loves to be with people and kids. Im sure there will be a few tears as usual but she has been going to Mother's Morning Out for the past month and like I said her friends are at both spots. Fingers crossed I made the right decision! Both schools are just 5 min from our house (I sure do love living in city limits!) so easypeazy!

Naps- So this summer Carsyn has gone to bed MUCH MUCH MUCH later than she ever has before. But she also sleeps a little later than she used to. I don't like her going to bed right before me but I do enjoy her sleeping later in the morning! I am not sure how the time change will rock our world this year. OH I do HATE that time of the year! So this summer she has been great about taking her nap even saying "Okay I ready to go night night!" What my child wants to sleep? Come again? Usually for about an hour and half to two hours. But just this week I have noticed her naps are getting later and later which means she goes to bed later and later. I am hoping we are not getting to where we don't need a nap or much of one! I think Im willing to let her stay up late as long as she still naps for that midday silence! We did have a random event this week (although this entire week has been totally random- nothing going normal!), she went to bed at like 10PM (seriously got in bed at 8:45 she just wasn't tired!) and then awoke at 6ish. She has not been up this early in months! So at 9:30 we are about to head out the door and I had been blow drying my hair and I look over and she is passed out on the couch! WHAT?! She slept for about 45 min and then of course took no afternoon nap even with my coaxing! I REALLLY hate that she has her dad's sleeping habits because that is totally him!!!! BUT that night she was out by 8:30 and slept until 8!! Oh well I do dread the day of no nap!

Terrible Twos- I would have to say that Carsyn was more terrible at 18mos than she is at almost 3. The tantrums have picked up a bit here lately. And oh the whining! UGH! But I can't say that we have had any really really difficult discipline problems. Hyperness (is that a word?) has seemed to appeared! She will just run squealing at the top of lungs and bouncing off the wall but Ill take that over whining any day!

I do shake with fear at "the trying threes" we are about to embark on!
So that is a brief update on my Carsyn Belle. She is a super sweet child who loves to be with others and share. She is her mommy and daddy's best friend and makes us laugh daily.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A trip to the Coast

So for the past several months I have been attempting to get together with a family from Slidell so I could photograph their son who has cerabal palsy. I was notified by this amazing organization (Littliest Hero) that I was chosen as his photographer. Since they are a little distance from me I figured when I went down to my in-law's coast house one weekend that they could meet me their and have a shorter distance to drive. Attempt in June- failed. Attempt in July failed. Both of these not my fault by the way! So then I started looking at my calendar....

Dad gets home July 28th- Carsyn wants to go on Dad's boat- Mom goes back to school on Aug 2nd- I have no available weekends again until Sep. So I realized that this past weekend was the only weekend that I could go to the Coast, see my dad before he leaves for work again, let Carsyn ride on his boat, and hopefully meet this family I have been trying to photograph!

Then after I had confirmed the plans with Dad and Slidell family I asked the Smith's if they wanted to join us to ride on my dad's boat. The more the merrier, right?

THEN by happenstance a couple in Hattiesburg called me to come photograph their engagement photos but they wanted to do them in Hattiesburg. So timing was perfect and Carsyn and I left on Friday ( a day earlier than everyone) and headed to the "burg."

Also on this Friday my mom and aunts were closing on the sale of my grandmother's home (their childhood home and the place I have spent every Christmas since I was born except for the year Carsyn was born.) So we made a detour in Columbia to take some final pics and say goodbye. For some odd reason my chld decided to awake at 4AM this morning and never went back to sleep so you can imagine the disposition she was in!

Okay so stay with me I know I am jetting in several directions.....

So we continued on to Hattiesburg and after a massive couple of meltdowns in Target I headed to my mom's apartment for our 2nd nap of the day! After awaking we were both in better moods! Then it was onto my photoshoot which was in Canebrake so not only were the people beautiful but the scenery was as well!

Saturday morning we woke up to head to Gulfport with my mom to visit Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. I have been taking Carsyn to children's museums for several years but she just now finally understands the concept of play and pretend so she enjoyed it immensly! And I have to say Lynn Meadows was one of the best I have ever seen! Better than Mobile and Memphis!

Afterwards we met my BFF from college Ashley for lunch. Then I headed to her new house to see her expecting baby's nursery! I can't wait to meet Miss Ava Kathryn and take her sweet newborn photos! After awaking from her nap Carsyn and I headed to meet Pappy at the Coast house so he could watch her while I FINALLY met my Slidell family!

I was a little apprehensive about photographing the boy in this dreadful heat but he was a good sport and we were under the giant oaks of St. Stanislaus campus so we actually were probably a good 10-15 degrees cooler! My dad attended this school and while I was photographing I kept envisioning his skinny young self runnning up and down the stairwell I was using as a prop! It was a very inspiring and enjoyable shoot and reminded me the real reason I am passionate for photography. This young man was never supposed to walk or talk but at age 14 he has proved them wrong on so many levels!

Once Danny and the Smith's arrived we all went to dinner and then back to the house to crash! The next morning it was up early to go water skiiing and tubing on the Jourdan River. Yes Carsyn went on the tube with Danny and she loved it. She was in complete awe the entire time we were out! She didn't say more than 5 words she was just taking it all in! My little observer! After a couple of hours in the water we had all had enough! This heat is INSANE! And I was quickly reminded while on the water skis that my body is definitely not as it used to be!

After lunch at Uncle Perry's we headed back to the house for naps. Later that night we returned to Mccomb! A very funfilled and memorable weekend was had by all!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just call me Genevieve

You see I have moved dwellings at least every year to two for the past 10 years and actually my entire life I have moved often. The home that we reside in here in Mccomb was supposed to be a temporary stop as well only staying a year or two. Well it's been two years and we are still here. As many know we came THIS close (put your fingers real close together) to building a few months back but changes happened and well we are still here! SOOOOO I am finally accepting this house as my home and putting some more permanent decor up. This 1920s/30s cottage is super cute and there is nothing wrong with it other than we will probably out grow it and I want a bigger kitchen and bathroom!!!! ;)

Sooo first up was Carsyn's room. Her nursery was nothing to write home about but I wanted her big girl room to have a little more pizazz. There are still many things to be done but here is what we (and by we I mean my Aunt Jan and Aunt Jane) put up in her room this week.

my grandmother's lamp-I spray painted silver

I did paint this cute bookcase it took me forever to find! Bow holders made by my bow lady Amy.

Tree that Aunt Jan and Aunt Jane put up

Ignore weird metal thing from old lights and too high picture frame I need to fix and drapes need to be hung and headboard made/ordered.

So these ideas and plans have been brewing in my head since this winter. I had a lot of time during the cold winter months stuck in my house finding out what is wrong with my house!

Bedding is from

Tree w/ birds is from

birdhouse on tree is from Hobby Lobby
Dresser is from Lott Furniture of course!
Table and chairs are from Kids Kloset (a major winner from Santa!)

Don't you love the cute bookcase that I (yes me!) painted!? I searched everywhere for one that would fit that I could re-do.
And I made the cute bow holder by her mirror- my bow lady Amy made the other cute butterfly bow holders.

Things left to do:
Paint the armoire that is not in the pictures ;)
Hang the AWESOME closeout drapes I got at Lowes for $6 a panel!!!!!
Decide on her headboard- I didn't get the one to match her dresser because I was thinking upholstered but Im still undecided.
Take pics and hang this super cute storyboard I designed to go by dresser.

AND then there is my dining room! I have HATED the dining room since we moved in. I love the room, the bead board, the built-ins, the floor, but the table and rug made me hyperventilate every time I went by it was soooo big! So I finally got my new table this week. I know you probably think being in the furniture business I probably change out my furniture like my underwear but you are mistaken!! I first off HATE asking for new things because I NEVER get them delivered! Anyone who has a husband that owns a business knows that customers come first and you get lucky to have whatever it is you want!

BUT I do LOVE this table. Seriously I want to kiss it all over! It is a Bassett table- somehow my tastes always choose the most expensive! And then this week I ran into Pier One and found some UBER CUTE table scape decorations. And they matched perfectly with the Pier One drapes I bought months ago! I have to get some fabric to add to the length and then they will be ready to hang! And I tried to be a good wife and not buy the coordinating chairs but rather use what I had and slipcover so Im working on that next. I don't like matchy matchy anyway- I prefer shabby chic/bohemian style!

Anyway the list goes on and on and on for the dining room but here is a sneak peek....

tablescape by Pier One

Sweet green table!

fabric for drapes!

Allie and Corey's wedding

Our last trip for the summer was back to Orange Beach for Corey and Allie's wedding. It was a small affair with just immediate family members. This wedding has been a long time coming but Im happy for the newlyweds! Corey is the greatest guy and we are glad to welcome you into our family!

Carsyn and I like to take our time on road trips- stopping every hour and half or so for a potty/snack break. Target is our location of choice usually! We sure do miss having a Target in Mccomb!

The day started with us leaving Mccomb around 8:30- once in Hattiesburg a quick trip to Cellular South to get a new phone as mine stopped working! Then a run over to Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree to search for something I needed to no avail. I don't know why everyone was so grumpy that day but sheesh the employees needed a pep talk! Next to the holy grail of Target where I found the items I needed (of course!) and then grabbed some lunch to eat at NaNa's. We were waiting for NaNa to arrive with the wedding cake and when she did the bad luck spiral started! The cake was a disaster! We had to located a bakery in Orange Beach and ask them to get a new cake by the next evening! We were able to find one and then off Carsyn and I went to Gulf Shores.

She slept for part of the way to Mobile (not a good car napper) and then we had to get out at the Eastern Shore Centre for a snack and potty break. Me and my buddy jammed out to her new Wendy's kids meal cd (love this idea!) with our windows rolled down the rest of the 1hr drive.

Aunt Jan and Uncle Frank and Nonny were waiting for us when we arrived and we headed to the beach for me to attempt to take some shots of my child on the beach. Of course she didn't want to cooperate but we got a few cute ones. See them here. Then we headed to dinner.

The condos we stayed at this time (also not on the beach) were called Twin Lake Estates and they were a small little strip of Sandestinesque houses. There was a pool and a gazebo on a small stocked lake. Allison had decided to have the small ceremony here at the gazebo for fear of oil and rain on the beach.

The next morning the "girls" headed to the pool bright and early and Carsyn got to watch a momma mocking bird feed her babies in a nest in the tree next to the pool. It was too cute!

We then headed to lunch and back to the house for a nap. I however did not get to nap becuase I realized I had left my dress for the wedding at home so off I raced to my trusty Target. Only the one thing Target and I don't gehaw on is clothing- it never seems to fit correctly. Plus since I was taking pictures of the wedding I wanted to be comfortable. In despair I left only to see a Maurices' storefront as I was leaving. I ran in and grabbed a dress in 15 minutes! Next I headed to get the new cake and back to the condo to wait for the bride and groom. The next 3 hours was a whirlwind of redoing the bouquet, fixing the bride's fallen hair, and getting dressed. We finally made it out for pictures and a perfectly beautiful ceremony. The sky was amazing that day and I am so happy with the pictures. See them here

We headed to dinner afterwards at Cafe Grazie where there were mistakes made again (no cake table- no individual tables!). But it didn't matter because the couple was now happy.

The next morning Carsyn and I raced to Mccomb to make it in time for a dear little 4 year old friend's birthday party! PHEWWWW!

Now we are home to stay for a few weeks!

Carsyn's rambles

Carsyn: What's that noise?

Me: What noise?

Carsyn: outside-

Me: crickets

Carsyn- No criket is Aunt Ann dog-it not cricket- it bugs- I don't like bugs-they stay outside? They don't get me?

Me: No the bugs will not get you

Carsyn: What's that shadow?

Me: Where

Carsyn: THERE

Me: There aren't any shadows all of the lights are off.

(She is fascinated with shadows this summer!)

Carsyn:What's that? pointing to law mower Danny changing the oil

CC: oil- don't touch its nasty

Carsyn: Like the beach?

Me: Are you so pretty?

Carsyn: Daddy tells me that...

Me: I know he tells me that too

Carsyn: He tells us BOTH we pretty!

Out of nowhere:
Carsyn: Pappy makes me money and I gonna put it in my piggy bank.


Nonny scolded me and Carsyn told Nonny "BE NICE!"


In the past I think she didn't realize that she could LOVE more than one person so she would only love me. Or if she wanted to get a rise out of you she would tell you she loved anyone else other than you. But now she knows she can love lots of people so she says " I Love Momma- no I LOVE BOTH!" And then she proceeds to list all family members that she loves.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Carsyn gets her first haircut

Carsyn went with me to the salon last week to get her first real hair cut. I have been apprehensive to cut her beautiful locks for fear the curls would not return! Carsyn's hair is definitely her signature! Everywhere we go people stop to comment on it...once recently I had a woman say "Oh can I please touch it..please!" "Really?! Sure go ahead? "

Ever since she was one and the curls were bountiful I would have people ask me "Do you curl her hair like that?" "Yeah have you ever tried to get a 1 year old to sit still to curl their hair?"

Anyway she thoroughly enjoyed having her hair cut and getting to look at herself in the mirror. I think I can look forward to lots of salon/spa trips for us in the little diva. :-)

Here we go

head down...feet out...

there go the curls...

Im so bootyfull! CHEESE!

Monday, July 5, 2010

On the road

Sorry I have been so lax in blogging! This summer is blowing by faster than hurricane force winds!

We had our first trip to the beach with Nonny (or Na Na as Carsyn now affectionately changed it). This trip was for my first set of beach sessions. Due to the oil spill I did not have as many sessions as usual. Thankfully a dear friend's parents let us stay in their condo for FREE! The complex is not located on the beach but since I really do not care for sand and since there was oil anyway it was perfect for us. I REALLY enjoyed staying at Emerald Green Condos because they had a fabulous splash pad inside in the pool. The first morning Carsyn and I went when it first opened and we had it mostly to ourselves!!! It was great! Also this complex is closer to shops it was really just a perfect fit for us. Carsyn did great traveling down and sleeping also which always makes a trip better! You can see some photos here

We returned on Father's Day afternoon just in time to visit with Dad and Pop. I had gotten Danny a new grill from Lowes as an early present. Carsyn picked out her card for her daddy "A Mr. Potato Head card." hee hee.

Then after a few days at home to wash clothes and re-pack Danny and I left for a Professional Photographers conference in Pheonix, AZ. This was the first time we have ever both left Carsyn for this long (4 1/2) days! She stayed with NaNa the first half and Cici and Pop the last half. Her social schedule was kept full with play dates, swimming, shopping, birthday parties, and visiting with grandparents. I don't think she even had time to miss us but I sure missed her! I was physically sick the day we returned I just wanted to hold her.

We left at 5AM Thursday morning not to arrive until 4 PM Arizona time (2 hrs behind). It was a long day in airports but we kept a positive attitude and enjoyed a nice dinner at our fabulous resort when we arrived. One of the reasons I wanted to go to this conference was because the resort looked so nice. And it did not disappoint! While the conference did not meet my expectations I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my husband. I have to give him props because I did not think he would be able to relax and put business aside but he surprised me! There is not much to do in Pheonix other than shop, eat, drink (all rather expensively) and lay by the pool! I don't forsee another long trip for just the two of us for quite some time!

So we arrived at midnight Sunday night and I was up when the sun rose Monday morning to go get my baby. She was still asleep when I arrived at Cici's but she has been glued to me like white on rice since I returned! I think she is afraid I am going to leave again because she won't let me out of her sight! Also last night we had a terrible night of sleep because I think she wanted to make sure I was still here. Oh it so wonderful to be loved but I am not sure the repercussions were worth leaving her!!!! She was up from 12-3 last night!!!!!

So now we are preparing to get on the road AGAIN for cousin Allie's wedding in Gulf Shores. Pray for pretty weather and no hurricane Alex rain or oil complications. After this trip I think I will be happy to stay at home for a little while!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer is in full speed

Well Summer is in full speed at the Smith household!

Carsyn just completed her two week swimming lessons. It was every day for 45 min for two weeks. The first day she was the only one who didn't cry. The next day it rained. The next day they all were screaming crying! The next day a little less crying. The next day was the day the parents were supposed to watch and take pictures. She threw an absolute fit so I had to leave and then she stopped and swam happily. Week two went much better. She still protested every day but once she arrived she did great! We missed our last class due to a spur of the moment out of town visit, but I took her swimming that day with me and she almost frightened me she was so confident in her swimming skills. She would leap out of my arms go under and stay for atleast a minute. I almost had a heart attack! But she loved it! I didn't expect a 2 yr old to be able to swim on her own after this class but I definitely believe she is over any fear or hesitation about the water. And she loves to FLOAT! Not so much go under water because she gets water in her eyes, but neither do I- who wants to get water in their eyes!
So the reason we missed the last day of swim (which I hated to do) was because we went down to Bay St. Louis to visit my dad spur of the moment. I am not good with spontaneous events and I debated heavily about going but I decided to throw schedules to the wind and see what happened! Well we did not have our usual house to stay in as it had someone in it, so we were going to get a hotel room at the Hollywood Casino. When my dad went to get the room they were booked! Really?! Hollywood Casino in Bay St. Louis is booked?! So we decided after dinner we would just drive back the 2hrs and Carsyn could sleep on the way.
Well she passed out in the car on the way down at a much earlier time than her normal nap and took about a 50 min cat nap. Then Danny left to fish with my dad and she and I went swimming at the community pool and then walked along the Bay St.Louis beach. She was not a big fan of the surf but she did enjoy collecting her first sea shells! Then we had our first snocone and went back the house to hang out until my dad and danny arrived home. We didn't get to the resturant for dinner until 8:40 and they didn't bring our meal until 9:15!!!!! Gold stars for me for not freaking out or getting agitated! Then we left at 10 only to come to a dead stand still on I12 30min up the road!! Carsyn did sleep the entire way home but when we got home at 12:15 she woke up and I had to get her back to sleep. Everyone slept until 8 the next morning!!! Phew! How is that for spontaneous?! See why I am not such a big fan?
Mother's Morning Out ended last week and now its just me and Belle for the rest of the summer! Although this week she and I and Nonny are heading to Gulf Shores (despite the oil) for my beach portraits. With the reaction Carsyn had to the MS beach Im not so sure she is going to like the AL beach any better!
Full speed ahead!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My little Buddy

Lately it has become apparent to me that Carsyn has become more than just my child she has become my little buddy. I tell her she is my best friend. I have never really babied Carsyn rather treated her as if she is older. Sometimes this is good and other times I have to remind myself that she IS still a baby, but she has always been so independent.

Life changed so drastically when she moved into her big girl bed. It became easier although many told me it would be the worst transition we ever had. And now that she is potty trained she is practically self-sufficient! Ha just joking I still hear "HOLD ME!" a thousand times a day! But really life is so comfortable now.

At this point you begin to wonder if it is time for another child but as it is with everything in life that has pros and cons I keep wavering. UGH to go back to the diapers and the no sleep! But while I do think it will be a transition for Carsyn to share her mama I can see her being a great big sister- she already is like a little momma- sometimes I think she mothers her baby dolls better than I do her! And she already asks for a sister/brother even though she doesn't really know what she is saying. As I try to imagine what two would be like I just remind myself that you will just deal with it and figure it out the same way you didn't know what one would be like. And I am happy to know I have my buddy there to be my big helper. Since I was an only and Danny practically was it is very difficult for us to comprehend what it will be like with two! Well I still have some time left before I am ready to jump on that bandwagon but I just wanted Carsyn to be able to see how much I needed her when she reads this later in life.

In other info about Carsyn I am constantly AMAZED at her memory and comprehension skills! This girl remembers EVERYTHING! She will correct me and tell me where something is. And last night we were looking at pictures and she remembered just by seeing the pictures that was when I hurt my foot during a photo shoot! How does a 2 yr old know that?! I know I am partial but she is one smart cookie!

A funny talking moment was this past week while on the beach in Bay St. Louis we saw sail boats from St. Stanislaus summer camp in the water. When I told her what they were she said "I want to see Sant Claus." "I want a Santa Claus boat!" Too priceless!

And speaking of talking....oh my word....does she not stop! I didn't think the why's would start until she was three but I hear Why about every 10 minutes. I try not to get aggrivated and just remind myself that she is just expanding that big beautiful brain of hers.

So this post is dedicated to my little buddy and momma's best friend. My sweet girl is becoming a little person before my eyes.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Potty Trained at 29 months!!!!

Well I am herby claiming Carsyn potty trained! She started going potty on her own around age 16 months. She would use it from time to time for about 6 months this way- even in public at around age 20 months! Then at age 22months to 28 months she just stopped. Nada! Not even at home. So aggrivating! I was so sure she would be potty trained by age 2! But in all honesty diapers are sooooo much easier so I didn't really press the issue! Plus I have learned much to my frustrations that like her mother, Carsyn will do it when she is ready.

And low and behold about a month ago she started back going! We had some MAJOR issues with poo poo in the potty as she would still hide in a corner when it came time to perform this action and I didn't think she would ever get over it. But she did, and I realized that she wanted some more privacy, so when she started announcing that she was going #2 I would say okay I am going to stay in here, call me if you need me! And sure enough this did the trick. Now she tells me "No mama you no go- you stay here."

What are the secrets?! I really don't think there are any. Just as some children walk early I believe different children are ready to the potty at different ages. At age 18mo I did a sticker chart that lasted for a a few weeks but she didn't really get it. At age 2 I gave her m&ms but then that just created a nasty habit of m&m eating! But when she decided she wanted to go again I put a new sticker chart up with princess stickers and this time it clicked! When the stickers ran out I didn't buy more I just stopped acknowledging it as such a major feat!Also it helped that she got to wear Dora panties! I did promise a slide when she consistantly poo poo in the potty and we went last weekend to get it. She decided she wanted a Dora tricycle instead (which was cheaper so whoohoo!). And she has been good to go ever since.

I figured naptime and bedtime would take a while to master so she does wear pullups during that time but all of the sudden miraculously she has been waking up dry?! Normally her diapers were soaked at night?! I don't understand that one. I will still keep pull ups on for the time being just in case.

So my big girl is now officially a big big girl! I am so proud!!! ;) We can enjoy our summer plans diaperless! And spend diaper money on vacation!

BTW I have four boxes of size 6 Pampers Cruisers 75 count (double a walmart box) for $20 (same price as walmart) if anyone is intersted in them. I sure would like my $80 back- that is what I get for buying in bulk so late in her life!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Savings Groupon

My cousin informed me of this website for awesome coupons and deals. I have to be in the New Orleans area because that is the largest city closest to me.

Check them out. Sometimes the offers are not city related. Sign up to receive the emails just to see!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The small things in life that made me smile this week

Carsyn taking her notebook and holding in front of her like a hymnal and singing Jesus Love Me.

At bedtime- Mommy hold me, Mommy pat my leg, Mommy snuggle me!

My mom's night out group- such a saving grace every month. Definitely makes me a better mom when I return.

Carsyn wearing panties for 3 days straight even out in public and to mom's morning out with no accidents!!!!

Having my porch re-done.

That my UPS man knows not to knock on my door during nap time ;) He is so smart- Fed Ex guy- not so much!

Walmart rotisseri chicken- makes my life so much easier and so delicious! AND $4!?!?!

Walking through Hodges Nursery getting some plants for my yard. The Summer rain hitting the tin roof while I peruse the flowers/plants. Dreams of having a beautifully landscaped yard some day!

Planning our Arizona trip!!!!! Can't wait!!! First trip with hubby sans baby!

Hearing sweet compliments from my customers about their portraits! It makes it all worthwhile!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A trip to the aquarium and ER

Friday we had made plans to go with our friend Sheri and her son Trace to the New Orleans Aquarium. I was hoping to get down to the Big Easy before the really bad heat arrived(although it was quite miserable already) and Sheri is 8 months pregnant and wanted to make the trip before her new bundle arrived.

After a slight detour- I swear I can't ever go to NO without make a wrong turn that results in 30 minutes of detour- we made it. The kids enjoyed it immensly and it was nice and cool in side!

Here are some pics from our trip...Carsyn was not a fan of my camera that day.

On the way home Carsyn only managed a 25 minute nap. She doesn't nap well in the car but not that short! She had a meltdown at 7 and crashed only to awaken every 45 minutes all night long! On Saturday morning she told me her mouth and throat hurt but I just thought it was molars. (insert Mommy guilt here) On my behalf she had no fever! So we continued to the planned birthday party. When she awoke from her afternoon nap after only an hour and then screamed for an hour I started to wonder if something was really wrong. Hello lightbulb! Man I should get mom of the year! So then my mom arrived and saved the day and said we should take her to stat care. Stat care was closed so we headed to the ER. I was expecting the worse but the staff was very friendly and efficient. The diagnosis... Tonsilitis! Carsyn was a champ during and after her very painful Reglan shot- it helped that they brought her a popsicle and a bag of stickers/coloring book/toys! So for 3 nights she awoke every 45 min to 2hr but by Monday night she was starting to get back to normal. I swear when your child is sick you don't think it will ever end but as fast as it arrived it was over. She just awoke at 8 after going to bed at 9 without waking- yes she needed to catch up! Glad that is over!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life craziness

I should be editing! I have so much to do and two sessions today and this weekend and yet I can't seem to get focused! When I start editing I like to have a block of time set apart simply to edit and I havn't been able to get that since pre-school ended for the summer! Don't get me wrong I am excited about our summer plans but I do enjoy a good structured routine and Im a bit lost without it!

Carsyn's last pre-school day was last week and they went out with a BANG! They had a super duper end of the year party. Unfortunately I have no pictures of it because they failed to let me know about it! And we have officially had our first day at the splash pad and the country club pool. This summer already proves to be so much more fun as she is able to truely experience the joys of summer. I caught a few pics of her enjoying her chocolate popsicle immensly!

Last Saturday due to paint fumes in our home we had to spend the night with my in laws. At first I was a little agitated simply at the last minuteness (word??) of it all and not having my "stuff" around. But after I had time to regroup- yes that is how I work, agitation and slight freak out then give me a little while and I regroup- I almost enjoyed our "surprise get-a-away" 10 minutes down the road. We ended up not returning home until Sunday around 6PM!

Carsyn has made it apparent that she is a child that like to GO GO GO! She does not like sitting at home and always wants to know what's next on the agenda. I know she gets it honest from myself and her father. I hope she is prepared to go go go next month because when I looked at my calendar I almost had a panic attack at all of the driving we are going to be doing. Glad she is a better car rider and sleeper away from home than she used to be!

Speaking of sleeping- I know I always remark on when she doesn't sleep well but my little girl has been taking 2 hr naps for the past 2 weeks! That is unheard of! It has definitely been enjoyable yet I still can't seem to get anything done!

Tomorrow we are on the go again as we head to the New Orlenas Aquarium with some playgroup buddies! This time maybe I won't forget my camera!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

This past Saturday we headed to my grandma's house to help finish cleaning it so it can be sold. She has been passed away two summers yet it seems like yesterday. Also last week Carsyn and I attended her sister's funeral which was a bittersweet memory of my own grandmother's funeral. In a very strange moment this week Carsyn was pulling out clothes from her dresser (her new favorite past time) when she ran up to me with a golden USM shirt and said "This is Mamommy's!" Even though her words were clear as day I made her repeat it to make sure. I finally relalized that she was associating this USM onsie with the golden USM shirt of my grandmother's that is framed at my mom's house. It was a sweet reminder that my grandmother's memory is still alive even with my child who will never know her.

Carsyn had made me a card at school this week. I was so excited to get it. I guess it goes to show it really is true no matter what you get your mother she will love it because it came from you.

Danny (not even knowing that I wanted one) got me a Waxing Poetic necklace with Carsyn's initials.

Sunday morning we attended church and then the Smith's headed to the country club for an AWESOME lunch! It was really nice and deliciouso! Carsyn was an angel at church and lunch- a mother's day gift unto itself. Also she stayed dry in her diaper all day and used the potty throughout the day! I think we are on our way!

After a family nap- my mother drove over to visit. We went to the park with Carsyn and then had some ice cream. We tried to snap a few pics but this was the best we got!

I am so thankful to have this little angel in my life and have her call me mommy. And I am so blessed to have my mama and I only hope I can be half the mother she is to me.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Enjoying Mother Nature

We really have been fortunate lately with some amazingly beautiful weather. I definitely enjoy living in the South during this time of the year. Carsyn and I usually eat lunch outside most days and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to stay home when it is so pretty.

Recently we went to Percy Quinn with some of our bestest friends on a "nature walk." Carsyn is currently obsessed with water and she enjoyed it immensly. I can only imagine what she will think when we go to the beach in a couple of months! Here are some pictures both myself and "miss Tris (Chris)" captured.

We hope to return next week with our play group to have a picnic and play on the playground. It really is a fun spot to go. Im so thankful Miss Chris is around to show us some of these secret treasures!

Today it is raining but I am actually looking forward to the low key weekend and hope to get lots accomplised in doors. It is time to pack away/get rid of some of Carsyn's baby baby toys that I have allowed to continue to pile up! I can not take them anymore!!! When I was sorting them she told me she wanted to give them to her nope that is a negative for now!


In our home search news- the debate still continues whether to build or find an existing home and perhaps renovate. It is a very big decision one that involves lots of moola! I want this next home to be somewhere we intend to stay for a lengthy time period so I don't want to rush it. Maybe we will get a sign somehow?! There is nothing wrong with our current home- we would just like some additonal space and newer amenities.

Random Carsyn Ramblings
While watching our wedding video today
"Mommy you are a Princess!" and "Look Gracie was really tiny like me!" (Gracie now almost 7 then 2 1/2)

She LOVES to pray and it is her favorite thing to do at bedtime. Not sure if it is a stall tecnique but she only wants her Daddy to pray most of the time not me. On the way to school she told me she wanted to Pray instead of sing "Thank God for insert family members names here!"

When she wakes up in the morning she always says " I go to School today?" "I go to Miss Matties' today?" or "I go to Church today?" Much like her parents she is not content sitting at home she always wants to be on the GO GO GO!

And lately Miss Sassy Pants has repeatedly said "WAIT A MINUTE!" "I BUSY RIGHT NOW!" and "LEAVE ME ALONE!"