Monday, July 5, 2010

On the road

Sorry I have been so lax in blogging! This summer is blowing by faster than hurricane force winds!

We had our first trip to the beach with Nonny (or Na Na as Carsyn now affectionately changed it). This trip was for my first set of beach sessions. Due to the oil spill I did not have as many sessions as usual. Thankfully a dear friend's parents let us stay in their condo for FREE! The complex is not located on the beach but since I really do not care for sand and since there was oil anyway it was perfect for us. I REALLY enjoyed staying at Emerald Green Condos because they had a fabulous splash pad inside in the pool. The first morning Carsyn and I went when it first opened and we had it mostly to ourselves!!! It was great! Also this complex is closer to shops it was really just a perfect fit for us. Carsyn did great traveling down and sleeping also which always makes a trip better! You can see some photos here

We returned on Father's Day afternoon just in time to visit with Dad and Pop. I had gotten Danny a new grill from Lowes as an early present. Carsyn picked out her card for her daddy "A Mr. Potato Head card." hee hee.

Then after a few days at home to wash clothes and re-pack Danny and I left for a Professional Photographers conference in Pheonix, AZ. This was the first time we have ever both left Carsyn for this long (4 1/2) days! She stayed with NaNa the first half and Cici and Pop the last half. Her social schedule was kept full with play dates, swimming, shopping, birthday parties, and visiting with grandparents. I don't think she even had time to miss us but I sure missed her! I was physically sick the day we returned I just wanted to hold her.

We left at 5AM Thursday morning not to arrive until 4 PM Arizona time (2 hrs behind). It was a long day in airports but we kept a positive attitude and enjoyed a nice dinner at our fabulous resort when we arrived. One of the reasons I wanted to go to this conference was because the resort looked so nice. And it did not disappoint! While the conference did not meet my expectations I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my husband. I have to give him props because I did not think he would be able to relax and put business aside but he surprised me! There is not much to do in Pheonix other than shop, eat, drink (all rather expensively) and lay by the pool! I don't forsee another long trip for just the two of us for quite some time!

So we arrived at midnight Sunday night and I was up when the sun rose Monday morning to go get my baby. She was still asleep when I arrived at Cici's but she has been glued to me like white on rice since I returned! I think she is afraid I am going to leave again because she won't let me out of her sight! Also last night we had a terrible night of sleep because I think she wanted to make sure I was still here. Oh it so wonderful to be loved but I am not sure the repercussions were worth leaving her!!!! She was up from 12-3 last night!!!!!

So now we are preparing to get on the road AGAIN for cousin Allie's wedding in Gulf Shores. Pray for pretty weather and no hurricane Alex rain or oil complications. After this trip I think I will be happy to stay at home for a little while!!!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that you long for vacations and when your gone from home for a long period of time you miss home? Glad you guys got to have some summer fun!!