Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer is in full speed

Well Summer is in full speed at the Smith household!

Carsyn just completed her two week swimming lessons. It was every day for 45 min for two weeks. The first day she was the only one who didn't cry. The next day it rained. The next day they all were screaming crying! The next day a little less crying. The next day was the day the parents were supposed to watch and take pictures. She threw an absolute fit so I had to leave and then she stopped and swam happily. Week two went much better. She still protested every day but once she arrived she did great! We missed our last class due to a spur of the moment out of town visit, but I took her swimming that day with me and she almost frightened me she was so confident in her swimming skills. She would leap out of my arms go under and stay for atleast a minute. I almost had a heart attack! But she loved it! I didn't expect a 2 yr old to be able to swim on her own after this class but I definitely believe she is over any fear or hesitation about the water. And she loves to FLOAT! Not so much go under water because she gets water in her eyes, but neither do I- who wants to get water in their eyes!
So the reason we missed the last day of swim (which I hated to do) was because we went down to Bay St. Louis to visit my dad spur of the moment. I am not good with spontaneous events and I debated heavily about going but I decided to throw schedules to the wind and see what happened! Well we did not have our usual house to stay in as it had someone in it, so we were going to get a hotel room at the Hollywood Casino. When my dad went to get the room they were booked! Really?! Hollywood Casino in Bay St. Louis is booked?! So we decided after dinner we would just drive back the 2hrs and Carsyn could sleep on the way.
Well she passed out in the car on the way down at a much earlier time than her normal nap and took about a 50 min cat nap. Then Danny left to fish with my dad and she and I went swimming at the community pool and then walked along the Bay St.Louis beach. She was not a big fan of the surf but she did enjoy collecting her first sea shells! Then we had our first snocone and went back the house to hang out until my dad and danny arrived home. We didn't get to the resturant for dinner until 8:40 and they didn't bring our meal until 9:15!!!!! Gold stars for me for not freaking out or getting agitated! Then we left at 10 only to come to a dead stand still on I12 30min up the road!! Carsyn did sleep the entire way home but when we got home at 12:15 she woke up and I had to get her back to sleep. Everyone slept until 8 the next morning!!! Phew! How is that for spontaneous?! See why I am not such a big fan?
Mother's Morning Out ended last week and now its just me and Belle for the rest of the summer! Although this week she and I and Nonny are heading to Gulf Shores (despite the oil) for my beach portraits. With the reaction Carsyn had to the MS beach Im not so sure she is going to like the AL beach any better!
Full speed ahead!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My little Buddy

Lately it has become apparent to me that Carsyn has become more than just my child she has become my little buddy. I tell her she is my best friend. I have never really babied Carsyn rather treated her as if she is older. Sometimes this is good and other times I have to remind myself that she IS still a baby, but she has always been so independent.

Life changed so drastically when she moved into her big girl bed. It became easier although many told me it would be the worst transition we ever had. And now that she is potty trained she is practically self-sufficient! Ha just joking I still hear "HOLD ME!" a thousand times a day! But really life is so comfortable now.

At this point you begin to wonder if it is time for another child but as it is with everything in life that has pros and cons I keep wavering. UGH to go back to the diapers and the no sleep! But while I do think it will be a transition for Carsyn to share her mama I can see her being a great big sister- she already is like a little momma- sometimes I think she mothers her baby dolls better than I do her! And she already asks for a sister/brother even though she doesn't really know what she is saying. As I try to imagine what two would be like I just remind myself that you will just deal with it and figure it out the same way you didn't know what one would be like. And I am happy to know I have my buddy there to be my big helper. Since I was an only and Danny practically was it is very difficult for us to comprehend what it will be like with two! Well I still have some time left before I am ready to jump on that bandwagon but I just wanted Carsyn to be able to see how much I needed her when she reads this later in life.

In other info about Carsyn I am constantly AMAZED at her memory and comprehension skills! This girl remembers EVERYTHING! She will correct me and tell me where something is. And last night we were looking at pictures and she remembered just by seeing the pictures that was when I hurt my foot during a photo shoot! How does a 2 yr old know that?! I know I am partial but she is one smart cookie!

A funny talking moment was this past week while on the beach in Bay St. Louis we saw sail boats from St. Stanislaus summer camp in the water. When I told her what they were she said "I want to see Sant Claus." "I want a Santa Claus boat!" Too priceless!

And speaking of talking....oh my word....does she not stop! I didn't think the why's would start until she was three but I hear Why about every 10 minutes. I try not to get aggrivated and just remind myself that she is just expanding that big beautiful brain of hers.

So this post is dedicated to my little buddy and momma's best friend. My sweet girl is becoming a little person before my eyes.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Potty Trained at 29 months!!!!

Well I am herby claiming Carsyn potty trained! She started going potty on her own around age 16 months. She would use it from time to time for about 6 months this way- even in public at around age 20 months! Then at age 22months to 28 months she just stopped. Nada! Not even at home. So aggrivating! I was so sure she would be potty trained by age 2! But in all honesty diapers are sooooo much easier so I didn't really press the issue! Plus I have learned much to my frustrations that like her mother, Carsyn will do it when she is ready.

And low and behold about a month ago she started back going! We had some MAJOR issues with poo poo in the potty as she would still hide in a corner when it came time to perform this action and I didn't think she would ever get over it. But she did, and I realized that she wanted some more privacy, so when she started announcing that she was going #2 I would say okay I am going to stay in here, call me if you need me! And sure enough this did the trick. Now she tells me "No mama you no go- you stay here."

What are the secrets?! I really don't think there are any. Just as some children walk early I believe different children are ready to the potty at different ages. At age 18mo I did a sticker chart that lasted for a a few weeks but she didn't really get it. At age 2 I gave her m&ms but then that just created a nasty habit of m&m eating! But when she decided she wanted to go again I put a new sticker chart up with princess stickers and this time it clicked! When the stickers ran out I didn't buy more I just stopped acknowledging it as such a major feat!Also it helped that she got to wear Dora panties! I did promise a slide when she consistantly poo poo in the potty and we went last weekend to get it. She decided she wanted a Dora tricycle instead (which was cheaper so whoohoo!). And she has been good to go ever since.

I figured naptime and bedtime would take a while to master so she does wear pullups during that time but all of the sudden miraculously she has been waking up dry?! Normally her diapers were soaked at night?! I don't understand that one. I will still keep pull ups on for the time being just in case.

So my big girl is now officially a big big girl! I am so proud!!! ;) We can enjoy our summer plans diaperless! And spend diaper money on vacation!

BTW I have four boxes of size 6 Pampers Cruisers 75 count (double a walmart box) for $20 (same price as walmart) if anyone is intersted in them. I sure would like my $80 back- that is what I get for buying in bulk so late in her life!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Savings Groupon

My cousin informed me of this website for awesome coupons and deals. I have to be in the New Orleans area because that is the largest city closest to me.

Check them out. Sometimes the offers are not city related. Sign up to receive the emails just to see!