Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What we do during our day

For those of you who care....

Our day usually begins around 6-7
Carsyn has a bottle and we play and yes even watch some educational cartoons on TLC. I love Wilbur, "Books are MOO-Vilous!" So does Carsyn. Then around 8:30ish we move to her room to play and wind down for nap time. She naps from 9-10ish on a good morning.

Then I am usually dressed by 10- I use this nap to take my shower and get dressed. If we have errands we usually go now. We are back by 12 to eat lunch and get ready for nap #2. I LOVE nap #2 because it is usually 2 hrs! From 1-3! I do stuff around the house although often I get stuck on the computer because I am addicted! Since Carsyn wont let me shop in stores these days- Online shopping has become my friend! I also stay on Myspace and now Facebook(thanks Melis)all the time during this nap! Before I know it is 3ish. While the morning flies by the afternoon is FOREVER long!

After an afternoon snack bottle I try to get us outdoors from 4-5. Today we went to Edgewood Park and swang in the baby swings! It was fun. Carsyn wasn't sure at first but then she liked it. I even let her crawl around in the grass picking up leaves and twigs and God knows what else. I figured that is what a bath is for! I forgot my camera but next time.

At 5 we go by the grocery store if needed- luckily the Piggly Wiggly is pretty much across the street ;)(Jane/Joe)and then off to home to make dinner. This is when it gets pretty hairy. Without a 3rd nap Carsyn gets tired by 6:00. While I prepare dinner I hand her whatever I can to entertain her on the floor; pots, spoons, tupperware, you name it! Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. By 6:30 we are usually headed to bath. The Glory days of easy bathtime when she liked to just lay there while I cleaned her are over! She must stand which scares the bejesus out of me! And she is usually screaming by the end of it! Not sure how to solve this predicament!
At 6:45 we are getting the last bottle and headed to snooztown by 7! PHEW!
Dad walks in the door and off to dinner and I am off the clock! Well for a bit anyway!

Food update- It seems that Carsyn wants to eat whatever I have on my plate these days. She has now turned up her nose at carrots, peas, applesauce, and applejuice which she used to like. She only eats bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, and her fave greenbeans! I have started giving her puff cereal which she LOVES! If I am eating something soft and slightly bland I will let her try some. I think she thinks she is over babyfood and ready to eat adult food. She will not, however, eat the canned baby food of chicken mystery dinner or spaghetti etc? Also she will not put the cereal or fingerfoods in her mouth- she wants me to do it?

Well Im off to bed....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just a Brief

Not much has happened at our home since we returned from the beach trip. Once Carsyn returned home and to her crib her naps have gotten back on schedule and length. I moved back her awake time in the morning from 2 hrs to 2.5 hrs and this has made her morning nap so much longer and better! And her afternoon nap has been moved back to 3 hrs from her wake up which also has improved things. She does not take a 3rd nap before bed which is somewhat of a troublespot because by 7ish she is ZONKED and passes out before I can put her in her crib awake. She has awoken once a night but I think it is for reassurance that I am there not out of hunger. She has gotten to where she sits up in bed in the corner and WAILS at the top of her lungs. I dont know what to do other than wait it out. I have tried every sleep training known and nothing seems to work so I guess I will try to wait some more. She knows how to put herself back to sleep as she has done it numerous times. While around strangers she has not really shown any anxiety she has been extra clingy to me. I do desperately want to get her involved in a playgroup or mothers day out situation to encourage her social skills. At church Wednesday night some toddlers were playing with her and well they got a little too close for comfort with the kissing and she lost it!
Speaking of church this is a predicament I am facing....Wed night is at 6 (bed time preparation) and Sunday is at 10(end of or middle of naptime). Wednesday night we went but she lost it and fussed and screamed from 6:30-7:30. And This morning she wouldnt awaken from her nap in time to make it. Any suggestions?

Crawling is now down pat. While it still looks a little strange ( I call it the wounded soldier crawl as one leg is dragging the ground) she can get to where she wants in a hurry! ESPECIALLY the dog and cat food bowls! Also she loves to stand AT ALL TIMES! Particularly during eating! She refuses to sit in highchair, stroller, and car seat the majority of the time! Hopefully the newness of standing will wear off eventually.

I have not posted new picture of our house yet as I still have no furniture and still have numerous boxes to unpack. Hopefully in the next few weeks!

While on our beach trip, in addition to taking pictures of Carsyn and my cousin Gracie I did a photo shoot of a family I have taken portraits of in the past. It got my photography juices rolling and I would like to get some sessions set up for the fall. I LOVE photographying in the fall. I plan to return to Mobile a few tims per request. Hopefully by then I can have my business established here in Mccomb. Let me know if you want your little one photographed!

Here are the darling girls and family that I photographed...

Well until next time...:)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beach trip

Carsyn does not like to sleep away from home. Carsyn does not like to nap away from home. Carsyn does not like the beach. Carsyn does not like to ride in the car. Have I made how well this trip went abundantly clear? Maybe next Summer will be better?

We did manage to capture some smiles on the beach.....

Carsyn reunited with her favorite babysitter, Courtney

The Pool is okay

Carsyn's first reaction to the beach

Gracie liked the beach though!

Paparazzi shot -doesnt it look like something you see of Jennifer Garner and her daughter


Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well the 2nd week of me being a stay at home mom is almost to the weekend. Not that weekends matter anymore because Dad still goes to work and I still stay at home and there really is no difference except other people don't have to work so we have more playmates!

I believe staying at home must burn more calories because I think I have lost about 5lbs since quiting work! It probably comes from the lack of lunch and standing all day chasing after Carsyn!

There is one problem that I am facing as a stay-at-home mom. I am very goal-oriented and thrive on routine, however, with the little one, our days are tediously the same yet VASTLY different! I always have several "to-dos" that I would like to accomplish, however, it seems I can only usually get one or two done. With moving to a new city it seems I am running in circles trying to switch insurance, banks, tags, taxes, etc etc etc! Here is a humorous story for you: I had an appointment to get our car insurance switched to the carrier that is insuring our home. So I get us up and dressed and out the door at 10ish. I was so proud of myself because I had written the VIN # down for both vehicles on a piece of paper so that when he asked I would be prepared! Well I walk in and he says "Oh I see you have the Vin #- GREAT!" we continue talking and he says "Um I think your baby is eating your paper" I look down and sure enough Carsyn had eaten the VIN # for the Maxima- the one # the insurer did not have! So we precede with the other vehicle of which he had the information and we get to payment and their computers would not accept my out of state checks! Because I had not set up my bank account here yet, the entire meeting was worthless and I had to go back again with bank info! UGH!

At work I prided myself on my time management skills and organization, but having a baby takes that to an entirely new level!

If any mothers have any suggestions on how to entertain or educate I would love to hear your ideas. Coming up with new things to do everyday has somewhat got me stumped!I don't want her to sit in front of the TV all day, so help me out! I can't wait for the fall to arrive when we will be able to be outdoors more often and attend the events that begin in the fall such as "Reading at the Public library!" There is a little old lady who is in her 80s who has been having reading sessions for over 30 years and she starts lap babies in October! Maybe we can meet some other youngins' there too!

Also, while my mother-in-law would help in a heartbeat I would like to find someone who keeps other children where I could take Carsyn just once or twice a week for a couple of hours for her to play and me to have "ME" time, so anybody in the Mccomb area that reads this let me know if you have any suggestions. The only Mothers Day Out program is in the early morning and that doesn't do me any good!

I have learned something about my daughter's personality which is good and bad- this little girl is FEARLESS! Now don't get me wrong if she bumps her head you will hear a scream but just for a minute and then she is climbing and standing and rolling again! She is not afraid of the dog, the cat, water (even in her eyes), strangers, standing, and trying to walk! She finally crawled across the kitchen floor today so she will be on the go even more!

I took some advice from other mothers and purchased Carsyn a new convertible car seat- just in time for our beach trip this weekend. We had to reschedule our annual girls (mom, Cousin, daughters) trip from June to August due to my grandmother's health so we are headed back to the Alabama Gulf Coast on Saturday! Carsyn will get to reunite with her favorite babysitter too!

While in my last blog I talked about Carsyn saying MAMA MAMA MAMA all the time well she now says DADA DADA instead! I guess she is trying them both out just not at the same time!

And apparently she causes a big stir because wherever I go people talk to her and there have been some HUGE errors made this week. For example at the driving license place they put my maiden name down instead of my married name so I had to go get them to re-print me a new license. AND at the bank the teller shorted my deposit $1600 because she was too busy talking to Carsyn!!!! Can you believe that?!

Well hopefully we will get settled soon! One last hooray at the beach before we settle in and wait for fall!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

If ain't one thing its another!

Well I must have timed this move right because I am afraid if Courtney were still keeping Carsyn I would have to increase her pay! Miss Carsyn is ALL OVER THE PLACE and INTO everything! I am already having to watch her like a HAWK! She bonks her head atleast once a day on these wood floors because she stands up by herself all day long. Still not much crawling other than one movement but standing YES!

Also she has gotten into a terrible habit of waking up again 2X a night. I would let her cry to end it but let me tell you about some stories that have happened recently and maybe some mothers out there can shed some light on my predicament. Well in the beginning of the week she awoke in the middle of the night and I was letting her cry for a bit to see if she would go back to sleep but then the cry got louder and harder so I jumped up to go see about her. She had her entire leg caught between the bars on her crib! Then after awaking from a nap yesterday she was crying and she had her arm up to her shoulder in between the bars! And yesterday morning she had pulled herself up to standing on the edge of the crib when she awoke! Plus I recently received an email from Babies R US that her crib has been recalled due to the bars breaking and causing a strangle danger from babies getting caught between them. So I dont know what to do. If I send the crib back I can get a full refund but that takes weeks and what am I supposed to do about a crib in the mean time! When she wakes at night and cries I dont want to let her cry because I am scared she is trapped in the bars! So Im afraid this cycle is never going to end! AND IM EXHAUSTED!

Also Carsyn's car seat has been tight for some time now. I bought the kind that fits pleasantly plump babies because I had a feeling I would have a chunky baby but it still is tight on her. AND NOW she has figured out how to try to turn around in it to face me and cries when she realizes Im up there and she cant get to me. So I really dont think she will make it until 1 year before we by a forward facing seat. She is well over the weight requirement but I was informed that they tell you to wait until 1 year to ensure their skeletal system has formed well enough to take an impact from a crash! SO WHAT DO I DO HERE ALSO!

And when do I go up to the 3rd level of babyfood? Her top two teeth are coming in right now (which has also attributed to the grouchy night baby) but I dont know when she can eat fingerfoods? And the babyfood in jars like spaghetti etc?

When she was a newborn I thought oh in a few months it will get better and then something else always pops up! I think we are in for a wild ride with Miss Carsyn because she is VERY smart and likes to GO GO GO! People try to tell you about babies when you are expecting but you never fully grasp their comments until you have your own. I guess Live and Learn!

Please provide any insight you experienced mothers might have to help me!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some pics from our move

Here are a few pics of the move with Carsyn and some sneak peeks at the new home- more to come when the house doesnt look like a wreck and there is furniture!

New Front Door- I always wanted a red door!

Carsyn driving the moving truck

She was so proud of herself!

She seems to be happy here, don't you think!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Okay! Phew that was a long weekend! Move is now a bad 4 letter word in my vocabulary! ESPECIALLY with a very active almost 8month old! Carsyn has adjusted fairly well to the new house. We have had some rough naps and nights but hopefully that is getting a smidge better.

When we arrived on Saturday the house was clean and ready for us to move in. I had not seen the new renovations and I was pleasantly surprised. This house was built in the 1920s-30s and moved to this location in the 80s. Of course there are little annoyances that come with any old house, but it is in fabulous shape and the character is beautiful. The house sits off of the ground a good 6 feet or so and there are trees all around so I told Danny I felt as if I was living in a treehouse (pics to come later). And of course in good southern small town spirit the neighbors down the street brought us homemade cookies to enjoy! I have not met the neigbors to my immediate right but I have been told they are a young married couple expecting their first child any day now, perhaps a playmate for Carsyn!

Danny and I both discussed how we felt like we were on an extended vacation but not really moved. I believe my feelings come from the fact that I am not at work everyday and this does not feel like my home yet. When we get our furniture and are able to finish unpacking than it should feel more like home rather than a trip.

Staying at home with Carsyn has been great. I do sure wish she would nap better. Carsyn does not like to do the schedule thing as much as I try and try and try! And she has gotten into a terrible habit of waking often and wanting to be held. Speaking of wanting- in my last blog I discussed her saying MAMA well she definitely says it and she knows that MAMA is me. She usually says it while in distress and wanting me to pick her up. Try moving and unpacking from room to room with an 8month old crying mama mama mama everytime you leave her sight! God bless her!

Which leads me to the adventures of Mama and Carsyn day 1-
Monday I had to go to the driving license place to switch license. It is right down the street luckily. When I entered they were only on #4 and I was #9, while waiting I thought what if I am missing a document, so I go ask and yep I need my SS card, so since they are only on #5 and I live down the street I figure I can beat them before they get to me. So I grab Carsyn throw her in the car run down the street run in the house get my SS card run back and they are on #7. So we wait some more and then UH OH mommy poopy radar! I go the restroom someone is in it. #9 they say! So I tell Carsyn she will have to wait- they get me started and then I have to wait so I go to the restroom to change her again nope occupied still! Then they have me finished, so I scoop Carsyn back into the car and head back to the house to change her. While Im there I figure we should eat lunch. (Another thing that Carsyn has been refusing to do is eat! So before our next nap time I think lets run downtown to sign our cable papers. I head downtown with a grumpy baby and finally locate the cable office and what do I smell again but ANOTHER poopy diaper! You have got to be kidding me! There is no public restroom so I change her in the backseat of the car. Now she is ready for naptime so I skeedadle home to get her to bed. I am pretty pooped (pun intended!) myself so I lay down in the guest bedroom beside her. Just as I doze off I hear my backdoor bell ring and Danny's aunt is at the door. She departs when she realizes Carsyn is asleep, but of course there is no getting back to sleep for me. So after Carsyn awakes I call my sister-in-law Aunt Mo and we run to Wal-mart to stock our pantry which took like 1.5hrs and I didnt even get that much! So it was bedtime for Carsyn before I knew it and our first day had ended.

Tuesday I was so worn out from Monday that I decided to do some unpacking rather than errand running! We did go with Aunt Mo to the Country Club to swim for an hour which was nice and relaxing. The Country Club is very nice for such a small town. I cant wait to go there more often! Once again I felt as if I was on vacation.
I hate Aunt Mo is going to College next year- what are we going to do without her!

Today has been quite uneventful- everytime I plan errands usually on 1 of them gets accomplished. We went to the furniture store to try to pick out our furniture since we are sitting on the floor at the moment. We MUST go to Lowes tomorrow to get our blinds because this house has TONS of HUGE windows and while I enjoy the natural light it is a tad lacking in privacy. Also perhaps the naps for Carsyn will be easier with more shade!

I will post pictures after I get the little tot into bed tonight!