Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well the 2nd week of me being a stay at home mom is almost to the weekend. Not that weekends matter anymore because Dad still goes to work and I still stay at home and there really is no difference except other people don't have to work so we have more playmates!

I believe staying at home must burn more calories because I think I have lost about 5lbs since quiting work! It probably comes from the lack of lunch and standing all day chasing after Carsyn!

There is one problem that I am facing as a stay-at-home mom. I am very goal-oriented and thrive on routine, however, with the little one, our days are tediously the same yet VASTLY different! I always have several "to-dos" that I would like to accomplish, however, it seems I can only usually get one or two done. With moving to a new city it seems I am running in circles trying to switch insurance, banks, tags, taxes, etc etc etc! Here is a humorous story for you: I had an appointment to get our car insurance switched to the carrier that is insuring our home. So I get us up and dressed and out the door at 10ish. I was so proud of myself because I had written the VIN # down for both vehicles on a piece of paper so that when he asked I would be prepared! Well I walk in and he says "Oh I see you have the Vin #- GREAT!" we continue talking and he says "Um I think your baby is eating your paper" I look down and sure enough Carsyn had eaten the VIN # for the Maxima- the one # the insurer did not have! So we precede with the other vehicle of which he had the information and we get to payment and their computers would not accept my out of state checks! Because I had not set up my bank account here yet, the entire meeting was worthless and I had to go back again with bank info! UGH!

At work I prided myself on my time management skills and organization, but having a baby takes that to an entirely new level!

If any mothers have any suggestions on how to entertain or educate I would love to hear your ideas. Coming up with new things to do everyday has somewhat got me stumped!I don't want her to sit in front of the TV all day, so help me out! I can't wait for the fall to arrive when we will be able to be outdoors more often and attend the events that begin in the fall such as "Reading at the Public library!" There is a little old lady who is in her 80s who has been having reading sessions for over 30 years and she starts lap babies in October! Maybe we can meet some other youngins' there too!

Also, while my mother-in-law would help in a heartbeat I would like to find someone who keeps other children where I could take Carsyn just once or twice a week for a couple of hours for her to play and me to have "ME" time, so anybody in the Mccomb area that reads this let me know if you have any suggestions. The only Mothers Day Out program is in the early morning and that doesn't do me any good!

I have learned something about my daughter's personality which is good and bad- this little girl is FEARLESS! Now don't get me wrong if she bumps her head you will hear a scream but just for a minute and then she is climbing and standing and rolling again! She is not afraid of the dog, the cat, water (even in her eyes), strangers, standing, and trying to walk! She finally crawled across the kitchen floor today so she will be on the go even more!

I took some advice from other mothers and purchased Carsyn a new convertible car seat- just in time for our beach trip this weekend. We had to reschedule our annual girls (mom, Cousin, daughters) trip from June to August due to my grandmother's health so we are headed back to the Alabama Gulf Coast on Saturday! Carsyn will get to reunite with her favorite babysitter too!

While in my last blog I talked about Carsyn saying MAMA MAMA MAMA all the time well she now says DADA DADA instead! I guess she is trying them both out just not at the same time!

And apparently she causes a big stir because wherever I go people talk to her and there have been some HUGE errors made this week. For example at the driving license place they put my maiden name down instead of my married name so I had to go get them to re-print me a new license. AND at the bank the teller shorted my deposit $1600 because she was too busy talking to Carsyn!!!! Can you believe that?!

Well hopefully we will get settled soon! One last hooray at the beach before we settle in and wait for fall!


The Clark Family said...

It's not all couch time and bon-bons being a SAHM is it? Some people don't understand how much we actually do!

I'm glad you can find the humor in all your "incidents".

Have fun at the beach!

The Clark Family said...

Hey Amanda! I 'tagged' you in my most recent blog. Check it out. You can write about Carsyn, cause I know your blog is mostly about her.