Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Smith

So we have reached the big week in Pregnancy....Gender Reveal ultrasound!! After watching several of my friends host their own Gender Reveal parties I thought it would be a unique way to incorporate Carsyn into the fun. This is how it will go I hope!

One of the benefits of living in a small town is that my ultrasound tech is a friend and knows my cake baker who is a friend. The UT will text the answer to the baker so I will not have any written way to sneak a peek. Also this will allow the baker to have the answer to begin on my cake since she is making it for me the same day! No way was I waiting until the weekend to find out, so this entire party has been scheduled around the baker's day off from her regular job!

Fingers crossed baby Smith cooperates and at 6:30 Carsyn will cut the cake to determine what this little bambino will be. Also hoping this ultrasound shows a healthy little tike, but Im trying not to think negative thoughts.

So I am 19 weeks this week I made sure to wait the alotted time so we would have a nice and larger baby to check on. Last week I did get to feel the first butterflies of it moving, but sadly I have not felt anything in a few days? I believe the baby was breech the other day as I had lots and lots of pressure and felt as though the baby was about to fall out! I had never experienced this with Carsyn. Also one day the "kicks" felt like little hiccups in my "way down low region?!?!" Also another never before experience. Thankfully I have a good friend who has birthed 3 children who also happens to be married to an OBGYN so she gets to hear all of my concerns and wonders! It will be a long 5 more months for her!

I am not sure whether it is my positive attitude or my lack of time to notice but this pregnancy has been very easy thus far. I know it will only get worse so I am trying to pace myself much like when I ran track in high school! A few ailments that I have noticed that are completely different than when I was pregnant with Carsyn are; increased freckles/ruddiness in cheeks (If this is pregnancy "glow" I am not happy about it!), increased spider veins and even veins that come to surface on my legs (can be extremely painful/itchy and have caused me to panic about blood clots), and much much larger breasts!! So far no leg cramps or sciatic nerve pain which was the culprit of much pain while pregnant with Carsyn.

I am still exercising with my kettlebell group although very modified and lower weights. As of right now I have not gained any weight since my 12 week appointment. Guess that is a good thing?

Carsyn told me this morning at the grocery store while wanting to do something I was not allowing her to do...."MAMA I can do it ALL BY MYSELF...I am THE BIG SISTER!!!!"

So now we wait three more days!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer comes to an end...

Where do I begin....time is racing by. I hear my funny belle saying so many funny things and I think "OH I need to go blog that so I don't forget!" But alas time slips by and I ultimately forget.

We are DEFINITELY over summer in this household and ready to return to our schedules. Not to mention this unbearable heat index, UGH!!!

Carsyn still has a month until preschool starts but she has started back to Ms. Jan @ Mother"s Morning Out for the next few weeks. She was like a kid on Christmas morning when she got to go last week. Carsyn is definitely a socialite who prefers to be with a group than at home with me! Also last week she started dance class. Seeing a group of 3 year olds in tu-tus might be the cutest scene you could ever see! Carsyn has been asking to go to dance class for well over a year so once the day arrived she was over the moon! Its amazing how much better behaved she is when she activities to look foward to.

One of Carsyn's favorite games is I Spy. I don't even know who taught it to her but even when I don't want to play, when I hear her say " I spy wif my wittle eyes sumpin" I always play. I wish I could record her saying this to listen to over and over again when she is driving me crazy as a teenager.

Carsyn already is ready to be "BIG," according to her when she is FIVE she will be able to do whatever she wants!! She constantly tells everyone she is almost FOUR. A trait I know she received from me is she absolutely HATES to be told what to do by anyone. And she definitely has started becoming quite the little bossy girl lately. I feel sorry for her sibling! :) HOWEVER for the most part she is very well behaved in public or for other grown-ups.

Speaking of Carsyn's sibling I had my 16 week check-up last week. All went well, of course, nothing can be really be determined until the next appointment which will include the ultrasound to determine the sex. Atleast the nurse found the heartbeat a little faster this time but she only listened to it for a nanosecond. I wanted to say "HEY I waited 4 weeks to hear that sound- leave it on for atleast a minute!" We are all very anxious for our gender reveal party however I can't help feeling nervous that the ultrasound will determine anything negative. I definitely can't complain about the way I have been feeling. In fact, on most days if I didn't have this big belly I really wouldn't know I was pregnant. So now we pray and wait and get ready for our next visit in 18 days! :)