Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last day of work and new babinese

Today is my last day at work! Everyone asks if I am excited, sad, relieved, yadda yadda yadda. I dont really know what I am. I think all of the above would be right! I have a TON of nervous energy! We still have lots to do with 2 days left! Work gave me a going away lunch and a darling purse and wallet!

Sure wish I could see my house! EVERYONE has seen the new renovations from family to friends to parents to Danny EXCEPT me! It will be like Christmas morning going to see what Santa brought! :)

Carsyn is becoming such the busy bee! She talks non-stop all of the time of what I refer to as Babynese! She sounds like the ladies who do my pedicures! HEE HEE! She said MaMA this morning but Im pretty sure it was just by happenstance that she got the M and the A together with no real intentions! But it is not too far behind where she will be saying mama mama mama!

Her crawling abilites are advancing too but still not quite there. It shouldnt be too much longer!

Well I probably will be too busy to write for a few days but our internet will be hooked up Tuesday so I will be back online SOON!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

We are still packing

We are still packing....6 more days left. I need more NEWSPAPER! The major house renovations are done already!

We did manage to go out to eat with some relatives this weekend. See our pictures!

Carsyn is becoming VERY ACTIVE! She has hardly any attention span and she wants to go go go! This should be a fun move!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is the day that the Lord has made

Sorry for the lack of posts. Our family has been experiencing some trying times.

From my previous posts you have read that my grandmother has been fighting parkinson's disease but this past weekend she finally had peace. On Friday evening my mother called to tell me that everyone was gathering at the nursing home as Mamommy did not seem to have much longer to live. She hung on through the night and into Saturday. All day as my phone rang my heart would jump waiting on THE CALL.

Saturday evening around 6:30 as I was bathing Carsyn I started singing as I always do and the hymn "This is the day that the lord has made" popped in my head. As I was singing to her I stopped because I realized that I was singing one of the songs that my mamommy always used to sing in the mornings as she was known to sing hymnals often. I finished bathing Carsyn and took her into her room to get ready for bed as I was giving her a bottle and rocking her to sleep the song popped back in my head and I started singing it again... stopping again when I realized what I was singing. I laid Carsyn down in her crib at 7ish and at 7:20 my mom called me to let me know that Mamommy had passed away just a short 10 minutes earlier. Im sure this song was in my subconscious but I cant help but feel like she was with us since we couldn't be with her.

We have spent the last several days in Mississippi with the extended family and while it was a sad occassion for everyone to gather it was also a pleasurable one as everyone reminscied about the "good ole days" and our grandmother. Mamommy will be greatly missed. I am glad that she had the opportunity to spend a few months with Carsyn even though Carsyn will have no memory of it. I will be sure to inform Carsyn of what a caring, kind, and Christian woman my grandmother was. And while Carsyn will not be able to have her as a role model, maybe I will be able to take some of the lessons Mamommy taught me and pass them on to her.

While my grandmother was a very dignified and well-mannered woman, the epitome of a southern lady, she had a humorous side as well. The grandchildren would take great fun and getting a rise out of her as she "gasped" at our jokes as if they had taken her aback! However, she had her own ways of surprising you just when you thought this sweet old lady wouldnt dare say or do something "crude."

Some Mamommyisms
"Scratch it if it itches even in your britches!"
"There are 3 reasons you're wearin that shirt, one is to keep warm, I can see the other two!"
"That skirt needs an extra ruffle added to it!"
"Anybody who is an Ole Miss fan is not worth the trouble"

Bettye J. Williamson 1927-2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Liven, Lovin', and Learnin'

Well the packing started this weekend! Good thing since I have only 18 days left until we have to be out of this house!!! AHHHH!!! And today was EXHAUSTING training a new rep. Our house renovation has begun! The painting, tile, and refinished hardwoods should almost be complete by the time we move in. Lots to do lots to do! Trying to get your utilities hooked up while living out of state is quite difficult! Especially when I can't take off a day to come take care of business! These next 14 days are going to fly by quicker than one of Carsyn's cat naps!

Danny and I had date night this weekend. It was up to him to choose the festivities. He had good intentions but the rain kind of messed up his plans. The storm ended up being better. We went to eat at a little hole in the wall seafood restaurant on the way to Dauphin Island. It was yummy with real seafood- nothing pre-made. Then by the time we finished, the rain had stopped and we went to the beach on Dauphin Island. There were huge thunderstorms out in the water offshore and you could see it raining and lightening. There was a flash of lightening every second like you see on Discovery channel or something! I was so upset I didn't have my camera to get some shots. So yeah some may say dorky but we enjoyed it! Reminded me of the scene in Sweet Home Alabama where they are on the beach and he says "Why you wanna marry me anyhow" and she says "So I can kiss you anytime I want!"
Oh goodbye Sweet Home Alabama *tear* :(

Carsyn is learning more and more everyday. She still is trying her hardest to crawl but we still can't make it past the first leg going up. She has learned to give you a kiss(well me anyway :)) You know one of the mouth open wide slobbery baby kisses! She has preferences about which cup she wants to drink out of and where she wants to sit. She loves to yell and listen to herself make noise! I think I am going to enjoy this time to stay home with her and watch her learn. Even if I may want to pull my hair out some days!

Carsyn helping me pack boxes

Me and Carsyn taking a break

Oh and BTW I know my child is always naked in her pictures and she really does have some cute clothes but crap its 95 degrees and she would rather be naked, so she might as well do it while she can!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


What a fabulous weekend! It has been a long time since I have gotten to say that! Friday went pretty much perfectly! For July 4th we went to my friend Mary Caron's parents' home for a swimming party. Carsyn's naps were right on schedule and she even napped at their house which is not usual! Good food & Good company! Maybe I should get Carsyn out in the sun more often! Mary Caron's 2 1/2 yr old nephew was infatuated with Carsyn and wanted her with him at all times. He kept trying to kiss her and she played hard- Good girl! See the pic below! HA HA! First time in a bathing suit and she already has the boys at her beck and call,and an older one at that! I guess we better tell Daddy to get ready!

Saturday Carsyn and I ran errands and hung out at the house. Seeing as how Im supposed to be moving in 4 weeks I probably should have done some packing...but I didn't! I have to find some boxes! Im putting off the inevitable!

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday except we bought Carsyn a kiddie-pool but we got rained out before we got to use it!

All in all it was a fabulously relaxing weekend with no travel involved! Carsyn was a pleasure to be around and I found myself waking up before her anticipating her to wake so we could start all over! I suppose because I was less stressed it allowed her to be more calm! I do believe Carsyn enjoyed having my undivided attention as well! Maybe staying at home isnt going to be so bad after all!

BTW if you want to test your American Citizenship knowledge take a look at this...

"Bathing Beauty"

"Carsyn and Daddy"

"Ridin the wave"

"Michevious little tot isn't she?"

"Oh mommy, you better get ready to keep up with me!"

"This boy is silly!"

"What does he think he is doing?"

Asa sporting his visor!

PS: You may notice the bathing beauty had a change in swimsuit attire in the photographs due to a poopy diaper mishap (not in the pool!) Luckily maternal instincts told me to pack a second suit! :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Catch up time.....

Oh my goodness this summer is flying by! So much is happening in our lives right now. Sorry for the delayed post.

We now own our home in Summit, MS, and can begin the renovations. First comes painting- inside and out- then refinish floors -lots to do! In ONE MONTH! It probably wont get done in time for us to leave because our house in Mobile is pending sale but there may be some complications so we are not sure yet if it is sold. If so we have to be out by Aug 3rd!!!! I have one month to start and finish packing, train a new sales rep, do my own work, and take care of a 7 month old who is IN TO EVERYTHING! Can you say panic attack?! But, no I'm not stressed!

Danny and I did get to have 2 nights last week with some brief hours of alone time. Well not alone completely but not at the house with a baby! We went on a wine cruise with my work one night and to my cousin's wedding one night. Pictures as proof are below- mama needs a tan! Haven't had time for sun or tanning bed but these pics encourage me to get some!

Which we will tomorrow- we go to a July 4th party at my old roommate Mary Caron's parents. Carsyn will get to play with other babies!

Carsyn is so funny these days! She wants to move so badly!!! It frustrates her so much that she can't figure out how to get mobile. She loves to stand all of the time but since she can't do it by herself she expects you to hold her hands which gets a little tiresome! Also the 2 front teeth have finally completely come in- I think she has been teething since she entered the world! Teething is not fun!

Sleep is still a battle. I hope once we get moved and settled and I will be with her everyday I can try to get a solid routine established. So far we kind of have one but Carsyn likes to make her own rules. I am excited about staying home and apprehensive. I definitely have learned that you must have time away and to yourself to keep sane. Today was the first day in weeks and weeks that I actually was away from her for a complete day from 8-5 and it was amazing the difference in patience and excitement I had when I came home! Carsyn will definitely have to have play dates and Mom's Day Out time! Also Danny and I agreed that once a month we will have date night and we will take turns choosing our activity. I think our first one will be next weekend! YEAH! That is another lesson- Mommy and Daddy must have time together without baby!

Well here are some pics from the last week. New blog at the end of our July 4th weekend! :)

Wind blown look at wine cruise

Me and Danny at the wedding