Sunday, March 30, 2008

Don't Blink

Melissa and Carsyn

Mary Caron and Carsyn

Capt. Pappy (my dad) came to visit this evening.

Lately I have heard 3 new country songs that have made me stop in my tracks.
"Don't Blink" by Kenny Chesney, "You're Going To Miss This" by Trace Adkins, and "We laughed until we cried" by Jason Aldean. Everyone always says that when you have a baby your life changes. Mainly they emphasis how much more difficult your life becomes.

For those of you who do not have children yet here are few examples of how easy life is pre-children: you and your signifcant other want to go eat you can't just hop in the car and go, when you go to the grocery store you have to park by the buggie cart return to grab a cart to put the car seat in because it weighs a billion lbs, when you want to go to an outing you have to time it around nap times, when you want to go out of town you have to pack the house. I could go on but I am not writing a blog about complaints I am simply showing the small challenges that we endure with children.

The above songs remind you to be thankful for the moments and remind you how quickly life passes you by while you are complaining about it. This year is my husband's 10 year highschool reunion and mine will be next year yet it seems like we just graduated recently. In 10 years Carsyn will not even want her parents around her when she is with her friends- although I intend to be a very cool mom who is wanted ;) around. It is amazing how your priorities change so quickly when a baby arrives. Instead of running out to spend money on a new toy you have to buy diapers and formula but somehow you don't really mind it and in fact at times you enjoy this new phase of life. Just last year when Danny and I discussed having a baby we had no idea how difficult being away from family would be in raising her. I have always loved Mobile and a piece of my heart will always remain here, but when the day comes to move back to Mississippi I think I will be at peace with it because my priorities have changed.

Today Danny and I went to my friend Mary Caron's crawfish boil. The "party" consisted of mostly she and her husband's family and their children and then me and danny and our friend Melissa and her husband. Danny commented that the party reminded him of a get-together from the 80s but what I think he really meant was it reminded him of his childhood neighborhood get togethers. I told him that we would be doing that now and once our friends have their children we surely will. The parties have gone from drinking games to hide and seek games but I would rather play hide and seek all day long!

I know this may sound like rambles to those who do not have children yet but one day you will realize it too. Go listen to my above mentioned songs and reflect on the great times of the past but the better ones yet to come!

Until next time!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Carsyn's first Easter

Easter clothes

Whirlwind tour of southern Mississippi!

Friday I took the day off as I knew that I would NEVER get everything done and ready to leave for Miss if I had not. We had to leave by 2PM to get to Laurel for a rehearsal dinner where Danny was the Best Man.

We departed on time but about 30 min out- Carsyn had a poopy diaper. A first- we had to pull over on the side of the road to change it. Ahh the joys of traveling with an infant. We have had to stop to let the dog go to the bathroom while driving before but not Carsyn! So we zoom ahead to my mother's to take Carsyn and then go to the rehearsal. It was in a town called SOSO- I have lived in MS most of my life and have never heard of SOSO, MS! The dinner was yummy and we got back to my mother's just as Carsyn had gone to sleep. I had wondered how badly this trip would mess up her sleep because she has started refusing naps and fighting her sleep. Let's just say that Sat night I got about 4 hrs maybe total of sleep :(. On Saturday the wedding was in Laurel at 2PM and Carsyn barely took any naps all day. I had mentioned to my coworkers about her sleep deprivation looking for some answers and one of them said " What do you expect- her mother is the energizer bunny who never stops going and her father is an insomniac of course she doesn't sleep!" HA HA! SO very true!

Saturday, when we finally got away from the wedding, we headed to Columbia to see my grandmother who is in a rehab facility. Carsyn was so funny because we set her in the bed with my grandmother and she just sat staring at her babbling in baby talk non-stop as if it was the most important conversation she had ever had! Hopefully this brightened my mamommy's afternoon! But then the sweet angel turned on us and started screaching waking the elderly who I am sure were headed for bed at 6PM! So we skeedadled to Mccomb where we met Danny's parents for dinner. CiCi , Danny's mom, loved showing off her grandbaby to the patrons of Justin's restaurant! Once home my poor child was exhausted but refused sleep- finally at 10 she shut her peepers and went to bed with me not to awaken until 2AM! YEAH! Sunday morning after some playtime we got ready for church. Everyone at Mccomb Church of Christ has been waiting to meet Miss Carsyn for over 3 months so they were delighted to finally see her. She behaved herself quite nicely only having to leave once.

After a sugar buzz from all of the candy and gifts we received by both parents, Sunday affternoon was spent napping until we had to drive back to Mobile. Traveling with an infant is definitely a challenge but I give Carsyn 5 stars for her behavior.

Carsyn and her aunt Morgan
Daddy and Carsyn crash from a sugar buzz!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend plans changed but still had a good time!

Well if you kept up with the last blog you know that this weekend was supposed to be a world of fun! It was in some instances but not in others.

To begin: my mom arrived Thursday to keep Carsyn for us to save some baby watching $- I went to Bunko and did a little shopping beforehand as planned. Still not completely happy with clothing size but Oh well! Gotta have some pants! Then I went to Bunko- guilty the entire time, called like 3 times. Carsyn was in bed when I got home. I did win some money though! YEAH!

Friday went to work- Blah! Came home early and we grilled out- YEAH I love daylight savings!

We found out on Friday that my grandmother was being taken to the ER- she has not been well for a few months now and she couldnt walk.
Saturday- Carsyn slept well the night before and I got a couple of extra hours sleep as my mom took the 5AM shift. We had plans to go to Fairhope Arts and Crafts fair but we found out my grandmother was going to have a hip replacement because that was the reason she couldnt walk! SHE HAD A BROKEN HIP! We did go to the festival later in the day- always such a challenge getting a baby ready to go somewhere in a timely manner! She was extremely wellbehaved, however, she would NOT go down for her naps so come evening it was tantrum city! And my friend Mary Caron came with us whom I never get to see! I also bought the cutest picture frame for Carsyn's room (see below).

I hope this is a brief phase and will not indicate my future with a terrible toddler but my little girl has learned to cop one doozy of an attitude and throw a major fit! She will not go down for a nap without a fight these days and she can easily be disrupted and you better grab some earplugs when she does! I better not hear anybody saying "like mother like daughter out there!" ;)
Anywho, my mom ended up cutting her trip short to head to Hattiesburg to see her mother get out of surgery. She was not enjoying herself anyway with worry and guilt.

Today, Sunday, I was supposed to go to Bellingrath Gardens to take Carsyn's picture. We did not go for the following reasons:

Pay to get in, Gas to get out there (quite a ways), Carsyn can't sit un assisted making picture taking difficult, hauling items to use to take her picture, Danny had chores he would rather do, and as always timing it to get Carsyn out there during her happy and awake hours. I decided to postpone the Bellingrath photo shoot until the fall when she is more capable of sitting up/standing and has more awake hours.

I did go in the backyard to try to get a few shots of her with her Easter dress. Of course to get a perfect photograph of a baby a lot of particulars have to be lined up, cooperative baby, weather, sun, etc etc. Here are a few of my faves.....I threw in the pouty one to exhibit the previously stated new phase! It does make me laugh until she starts shrieking!

So some change in plans but all in all still a pleasant weekend. We are terribly upset about my grandmother but we will get to see her for ourselves next weekend when we go to MS for Easter. Keep her in your prayers! :)

Enjoy the pics. PS: BTW I did figure out my video camera but the file was too large to upload so I will create a smaller one this week and put it up!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

3 months old this week

Well this week has quickly come and gone! Thank goodness in one respect because we have a funfilled weekend ahead of us, but sad in another respect because my baby is growing by leaps and bounds!!!!

Tuesday Carsyn turned 3 months! It is so funny to sit and watch her talk and laugh to us. I really wish I had more time at home with her.

One of our nannies informed us that she was putting in her notice since she is pregnant. I had hoped she would wait until the fall but apparently not, so now I am back to square one. We still have the other girl but we need an alternative sitter as well. UGHH! Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise because we were getting tired of making the drive and loading up Carsyn's belongings every morning.

This week Carsyn has been sleeping pretty good. She goes to bed at 9, wakes at 2 and 5, and gets up at 7ish. I will take that in a heartbeat! Hope I didnt jink us!

My mom " Nonny" comes in today to visit with us and keep Carsyn. Tonight I get to go play Bunko for the first time since November. Also I should have a little time to kill beforehand to do a some shopping. I am excited about my "me" time but also sad that I wont be there in time to put Carsyn to bed. :(
I guess we will visit at 2AM?!

Saturday we are going to the Fairhope Arts and Crafts festival. If you have never been to Mobile or Fairhope I suggest you make the trip at some point as it is beautiful this time of year and lots of activities are to be had. I have been excited about taking Carsyn to this festival since she was in my tummy!

Sunday we are going to Bellingrath Gardens so I can take some Easter portraits of Carsyn. I hope she and the weather cooperate! :) Look for some new pics come next week!

Lastly, I think I have gotten the correct cable to upload video to the computer from the camera so hopefully I can figure this out this weekend too!

Until next time! :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring is coming and we are ready!

The daffodils are blooming, the dogwood tree in the front yard has buds, there is pollen on the car so SPRING IS ON THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only are there hints of warmer weather and longer nights ahead of us but many new advancements for Carsyn as well! She seems to be getting smarter and stronger every day. It is like she went from this helpless bundle to an independent and curious infant overnight! I can't believe she will be 3 mos old this week! Speaking of overnight, the sleep has not been well but I am hoping brighter days in this department are around the corner as well. I am also hoping this daylight savings time change will not interrupt our routine too much.

Saturday Carsyn and I didn't really do much of anything except enjoy each other's company.

Today our friends Dawn and Jason and their 9mo old little girl, Hannah, came to visit from Mississippi. It will be fun when Carsyn can actually keep up with her but today Carsyn just kicked back in the bouncy seat for most of the day if not napping! :) Dawn sells Chez Ami clothing for children so we had a little shopping show. Carsyn will be sporting some adorable new threads come Summer.

I am so excited about what lies ahead for all of us!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm sure that one day we will laugh about this-like in 15 years!

Monday night series of events:

9:00 PM Carsyn goes to bed in crib
12:15AM Carsyn awakens but goes back to sleep within 10min of being held
1:00 AM Major storm comes in and power goes out several times- monitors BIZARK cant see or hear her in her room.
2:30Am Carsyn awakes to receive a bottle- discover diaper leaked- had to change her clothes, storm still going on -lightening and thundering like crazy bring her to our bed

4:30 AM Cat starts meowing to go outside (I HATE this cat BTW) Danny hears him and jumps up and hits him which startles Carsyn awake and throws her into a crying spree that lasted about 30min- then gets another bottle even though probably not hungry just calming.

6:15 AM I get up and get ready for work and fix bottles, clean bottles, and pack her sitter bag.
7:00 AM Carsyn awakens and sits with me while I get dressed
7:55 AM I leave for work


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pics from the weekend

Once again the weekend flew by. We had a good time doing pretty much nothing!

Here are some pics of our "nothing" fun!

The long sleep stretch on Thursday night was short lived as Carsyn awoke every 2 hrs Fri and Sat night to eat. I think she is going through a growth spurt because she has been eating us out of house and home this weekend! The doctor told me I could go ahead and start her on fruit but I am trying to hold off but I think next weekend I will give it to her as she will be 3 months then.

I had some not so great news Friday via phone. My gyno doc called me to let me know that I have to come in for a biopsy because my pap results came back abnormal and apparently pregnancy increases your risk. So back to the doctor I have to go next week for a lovely procedure. The nurse said it shouldnt hurt but then she offered to call me in a valium and I was like "what do i need a valium for if it isn't going to hurt!!!!" Jeez, just when you think you are done, it never seems to end!

Oh well, I still have few more hours left of the weekend.....