Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend plans changed but still had a good time!

Well if you kept up with the last blog you know that this weekend was supposed to be a world of fun! It was in some instances but not in others.

To begin: my mom arrived Thursday to keep Carsyn for us to save some baby watching $- I went to Bunko and did a little shopping beforehand as planned. Still not completely happy with clothing size but Oh well! Gotta have some pants! Then I went to Bunko- guilty the entire time, called like 3 times. Carsyn was in bed when I got home. I did win some money though! YEAH!

Friday went to work- Blah! Came home early and we grilled out- YEAH I love daylight savings!

We found out on Friday that my grandmother was being taken to the ER- she has not been well for a few months now and she couldnt walk.
Saturday- Carsyn slept well the night before and I got a couple of extra hours sleep as my mom took the 5AM shift. We had plans to go to Fairhope Arts and Crafts fair but we found out my grandmother was going to have a hip replacement because that was the reason she couldnt walk! SHE HAD A BROKEN HIP! We did go to the festival later in the day- always such a challenge getting a baby ready to go somewhere in a timely manner! She was extremely wellbehaved, however, she would NOT go down for her naps so come evening it was tantrum city! And my friend Mary Caron came with us whom I never get to see! I also bought the cutest picture frame for Carsyn's room (see below).

I hope this is a brief phase and will not indicate my future with a terrible toddler but my little girl has learned to cop one doozy of an attitude and throw a major fit! She will not go down for a nap without a fight these days and she can easily be disrupted and you better grab some earplugs when she does! I better not hear anybody saying "like mother like daughter out there!" ;)
Anywho, my mom ended up cutting her trip short to head to Hattiesburg to see her mother get out of surgery. She was not enjoying herself anyway with worry and guilt.

Today, Sunday, I was supposed to go to Bellingrath Gardens to take Carsyn's picture. We did not go for the following reasons:

Pay to get in, Gas to get out there (quite a ways), Carsyn can't sit un assisted making picture taking difficult, hauling items to use to take her picture, Danny had chores he would rather do, and as always timing it to get Carsyn out there during her happy and awake hours. I decided to postpone the Bellingrath photo shoot until the fall when she is more capable of sitting up/standing and has more awake hours.

I did go in the backyard to try to get a few shots of her with her Easter dress. Of course to get a perfect photograph of a baby a lot of particulars have to be lined up, cooperative baby, weather, sun, etc etc. Here are a few of my faves.....I threw in the pouty one to exhibit the previously stated new phase! It does make me laugh until she starts shrieking!

So some change in plans but all in all still a pleasant weekend. We are terribly upset about my grandmother but we will get to see her for ourselves next weekend when we go to MS for Easter. Keep her in your prayers! :)

Enjoy the pics. PS: BTW I did figure out my video camera but the file was too large to upload so I will create a smaller one this week and put it up!

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