Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pics from the weekend

Once again the weekend flew by. We had a good time doing pretty much nothing!

Here are some pics of our "nothing" fun!

The long sleep stretch on Thursday night was short lived as Carsyn awoke every 2 hrs Fri and Sat night to eat. I think she is going through a growth spurt because she has been eating us out of house and home this weekend! The doctor told me I could go ahead and start her on fruit but I am trying to hold off but I think next weekend I will give it to her as she will be 3 months then.

I had some not so great news Friday via phone. My gyno doc called me to let me know that I have to come in for a biopsy because my pap results came back abnormal and apparently pregnancy increases your risk. So back to the doctor I have to go next week for a lovely procedure. The nurse said it shouldnt hurt but then she offered to call me in a valium and I was like "what do i need a valium for if it isn't going to hurt!!!!" Jeez, just when you think you are done, it never seems to end!

Oh well, I still have few more hours left of the weekend.....


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