Monday, September 10, 2012

And he is on the move!

Baby J is 8 months and is officially on the move! I have to say month 6-8 was a rough ride. My little one's lack of sleep was really beginning to wear on me. He got sick a few weeks ago and had trouble sleeping and breathing so I ended up sleeping with him holding his head upright. This lead to some terrible habits and add in the mommy separation anxiety phase that he started and it made for some very sleepless nights and no napping days for me! At the culmination of this sick no sleep cycle we had a little hurricane blow through! I have thanked God endlessly for sparing us from any damage and unbelievably we kept our power the entire 3 days of the storm. When I was certain that the storm was gone and J was back to good health I decided I had to let him cry back to sleep. I refused to endure the same torture I had with Carsyn for two years. The difference this time, however, was that my husband was finally on my side. It is very difficult if not near impossible to endure "crying it out" if you significant other is not supportive. With Carsyn he never thought it was possible for her to sleep and he never gave me the support I needed to endure the crying. 15 minutes of listening to your baby cry seems like an eternity! But a few weeks ago when I decided to let J cry, 5 minutes before I almost walked in and ruined it Danny said "Just wait...he has been crying for this long (50 minutes) you might as well wait a few more to make it an hour. And sure enough 5 minutes later he fell asleep...sitting straight up! Ever since then while he still wakes and cries for a few minutes here and there he has slept through the night and has started taking decent naps. If you are struggling with your baby's sleep I highly recommend reading The SleepEasy Solution. While I didn't really have to use it to get J to sleep there are lots of scenarios to help different situations and I like the nap schedule recommendations they give. I know some people do not agree with letting your children cry, but in the past weeks by allowing J to cry and be independent he learned how to crawl in his crib, sit up from a lying down position, put his pacifier in his mouth, and self-soothe which he was never able to do with me assisting him every time he cried out. By leaving him to himself I think all of these developmental milestones occurred much sooner than later.

And now that he is getting rest and I am getting rest I like my babies again! Seriously I was getting to the point where I wanted to rush his infancy just to get to an age where he would sleep. I was mad at myself for not cherishing these fleeting moments of discovery but I was so tired and frustrated that I couldn't enjoy my baby. I also have more patience with his sister too! 

Boy is he in discovery mode! He takes in EVERYTHING! Also the crawling is in fast forward motion. Today I had to start moving the dog food/water bowl which is always a target of babies! If we can make it to 1 yr without going to the ER I think it will be a miracle. This boy has no fear and Im pretty sure he will be a climber.

He still does not have any teeth! However he only eats real food...still refuses to eat baby food. I just pray that those gums can chomp because he has eaten pork loin, chicken, noodles, you name it. If it is on a plate he wants some of it! He also is obsessed with beverages which makes it near impossible to take him to a restaurant. This boy has a reach of Go-Go Gadget and can get to whatever he wants in a heartbeat if you aren't watching,

And how much does my big boy weigh?! 24 lbs!!! We are nearing the 18mo clothes mark, but Im sure in a few months when this crawling and walking gets going he will slim right up.

Notice in the picture below the children both of curly hair? What the heck?! All in God's planning. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

half a year

Yep I know, I am a blog slacker.

 Life has taken on a new level of busy and finding 10 minutes to blog has become almost impossible. BUT I do want to document my busy little man AND busy he is! I have been absolutely flabbergasted since his arrival at how much more he moves as compared to his sister. When I was pregnant someone said to me "Boys wear you out physically, Girls wear you out emotionally!" This is so amazingly true!

This boy does not like to be restrained!!! Bouncy seat? No, she lived in it until she was about 7-8 months, Exersaucer? No, he hated it, Walker? as of now no. Like his sister, he hates the car seat but luckily he has her in the backseat to entertain him. And does he ever love his sister?! I have the cutest videos of him laughing hysterically at her! Now while she does love him she has decided that he is a bit of a nuisance at times and requires way too much attention! I really do rely on her to be my big helper! She does so much for me and frequently does take the backseat.

My smiley boy still intrigues us with who he looks like. He definitely seems to have my mama's coloring. And he has my husband's and father-in-law's expressions. He smiles with his eyes just like his daddy and his pop. And while my little girl definitely favors women and has always been a mama's girl, this little boy shows no favoritism to anyone and always makes everyone feel like he loves them endlessly! He also literally jumps for joy when his daddy walks in from work.

While I am grateful that I have extremely healthy and vibrant children, I can't believe I have another non-sleeper! I have made every attempt to not allow any sleep crutches to be established, he is put down to sleep awake which he actually prefers and usually goes to sleep easily on his own. He already has a lovey, a baseball teddybear/blanket that was given to me at a shower. He also passes out by 6:30-7 every night even though I would like for him to go down a little later I am grateful. He sleeps until about 1 then still wants to eat once, then from 3:30-6:30 he often wakes up several times. Usually it is for his pacy which I gave back to him after feeling guilty. I can not wait for him to be able to put this sucker back in his mouth himself!!!! And like his sister he does not nap for long although I am working on that now that we are ending summer and starting back to our routines.

At 6 months and two weeks my little busybody scooted across the kitchen floor today on his bottom. He does not like to be on his belly or back rather he prefers to be upright at all times. So in his efforts to figure out how to move he sat up right and scooted with his arms stretched out as if pulling along a rope. I guess I better start baby proofing the house!

Here are a few 6month shots I took in the studio. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The *$&*#&(@)#&* Paci!

Carsyn did not suck on a pacifier. She never had any desire. Her brother on the other hand seems to have taken after his daddy who sucked his until about 4! I really have no qualms with the paci, other than the battle I know will ensue around age 2. However, Jeremiah has always had a problem keeping it in. As soon as it falls out..waaaaah! So I tried lots of different kinds and finally found one very unique kind that he can keep in better, however it still falls. I have had lots of frustrations with the dern thing but not until recently did I develop my great hatred for it. To be quite honest I look forward to the day that he can put it back in himself and I don't have to and then I won't mind it as much. But in the present it is becoming a big nuisance! He went from waking up twice a night to waking every hour wanting the paci put back in his mouth. It was worst than a newborn! So this week I decided I was taking the paci away for all sleep times. It worked like a charm the first day- he only cried for about 10 minutes and sometimes none at all. He definitely does not have the strong will of his sister atleast not when it comes to fighting sleep! That night he went to bed with not a wimper and only woke up twice. Then Tuesday was VERY HECTIC and our schedules were greatly disrupted. I caved and gave it to him a few times when we were in the car...mind you I am still letting him have it when he isn't that night was AWFUL! Sleept from 6-12 but then every hour or so after that wanted it until he woke at 6. So today I went back to the no paci rule. He screamed a good bit but not for long. Praying he sleeps better tonight and doesn't want it! Wishful for the day he can put it back in himself!!

Other than this little hang-up he really is the sweetest most laid back baby. He is just the smiliest baby, grinning at everyone. You just can't help but want to squeeze these big ole cheeks...which is still the only resemblance he has to me! He had a bad ear infection two weeks ago and so we found out he weighed in at about 19lbs 4 oz and 25 3/4 inches (almost exactly what his one year old cousin weighs and length!). He also has almost 3 teeth coming in already which is another reason I hate to take the paci away completely!

He and I ran into my studio for a 15 minute quick shoot today. Since he will be 4 months old this weekend I wanted to capture him at "3 months." I especially wanted to get the belly picture to compare to one I have very similar of Carsyn at around 4 months.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jeremiah is 3 months

Today is Easter. It was a wonderful day spent with family! This past Friday, Baby J turned three months old. He is a massive 19lbs. At his two month check up he was 16lbs!! I feel like Im doing something wrong by his large measurements but not only is he big with numerous rolls and triple chins he is also long. Since his daddy and grandfather were both quite large babies Im hoping he will turn out okay!

Jeremiah is a mostly content child but lord have mercy is he busy! I truly am frightened by the day he actually can get those feet going on the ground because he NEVER NEVER NEVER stops moving his arms and legs awake or asleep! I still swaddle him for all naps and at bed and he really won't nap well without it. He knows the swaddler wrap is his cue to go night night. I had planned to give it up when he turned three months but I don't think he (or I ) am ready just yet! Plus he still has some time to learn to roll over (Im sure it will take great effort to heave those thunder thighs over). When he reaches this milestone I will probably move to something else but right now his flailing arms knock that dern pacy out and then he is awake! Speaking of pacifiers I finally found one that stays in a little better...

Jeremiah is not a super cuddly baby and actually prefers to be set down to sleep on his own. I am trying my best to implement better sleep habits as much as I can to ensure I don't suffer like I did with Carsyn. Bedtime is a breeze and he is out by 7:30 most every night with no problems. Naps are still a struggle and he seems to catnap at 45 min to 1 hr stretches. I hope I can extend these soon. He currently takes his last bottle at 7PM and sleeps until around 12:00 to 1 and then wakes at 3:30-4, and then the dreaded 5:30 wake up which is not out of hunger but simply because he is tired of being by himself! He will fuss from 5;30 to 7 most mornings which is killer on me! Especially when sister bops in around 6:45. I am definitely reaching my exhaustion limit and have become quite the grouchmonster lately...just ask my husband! I am hoping we will get some more rest soon...if only that last 4-7 stretch could be straight that would help!

I can't complain about my happy baby's smiley disposition. He is such a sweetheart 90% of the time and hardly cries. His smiles still melt me and he almost always wakes with a smile. He will break out into the biggest grin when he sees his daddy across the room. He definitely is a peacemaker in our home.

My husband deserves a shout-out for the patience he has embodied lately and the super big hand he has given me. I really feel for women who have to parent two children on their own let alone one! There is no way I could do it by myself and I am already panicking for when daddy leaves for market in a few weeks for an entire week!

Carsyn's behavior has gotten a touch better since last month. Im not sure now if she is acting worse or I just don't have any patience from my lack of sleep. She still loves her brother endlessly and always has to give him a hug and kiss before each nap or bedtime.

Jeremiah and I will head over to my studio this week to photograph some official 3 month pics but here is their Spring portrait together I took a week or so ago.

This picture cracks me up how different my children look in their hair and skin tones! My dark haired dark skinned dark eyed beauty with my porcelain skinned, light hair, blue eyed child!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pinterest Questionnaire

A few months ago I saw on idea on Pinterest to Interview your daughter every year. These are questions/ answers that Carsyn answered for her 4 year old Interview. As you can see she is an extreme girly girl! I do think these answers might be based on what happened the day they were asked but I would say most of them are correct.

1. What is your favorite color? pink
2. What is your favorite toy? dollhouse
3. What is your favorite fruit? grapes
4. What is your favorite tv show? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? carrots with ranch
6. What is your favorite outfit? dresses
7. What is your favorite game? princess board game
8. What is your favorite snack? bananas
9. What is your favorite animal? dog
10. What is your favorite song? Tonights gunna be a good night
11. What is your favorite book? Dora books
12. Who is your best friend? jeremiah at home...Sidney at school
13. What is your favorite cereal? na
14. What is your favorite thing to do outside? playground
15. What is your favorite drink? water
16. What is your favorite holiday? EAster
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? mr. cow
18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? boiled eggs
19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? tomato soup
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? a great big sister

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life with two children

Oh where do I has been 8 weeks since my last post and Jeremiah is almost two months old. Everyone says life with two is super harder than one child and I would have to agree at some moments of the day it is! The most difficult times of the day are in the morning when everyone is trying to get dressed, the baby wants to eat, and the dog wants to be let out (and in) all at the same time. I only have so many hands and it seems EVERYONE needs Mama's attention! My husband has jumped in and been a super partner...much more so than #1...and I definitely don't know how people with three do it once the parents are out numbered! Bedtime can also be a challenge at times if his feeding does not follow her bedtime.

For the baby who was born with no rolls, they are coming on in leaps and bounds now! I wish I could lose this baby weight as fast as he is gaining his weight! I am estimating he is already at around 12-13 lbs! He is already in 3-6 month clothing and he definitely looks more like a 3 month old than a two month old! He still eats every three hours...even at night...even when I added cereal to his bottles two weeks ago! Every now and again he will go for 4 or so on one stretch but that is it.

Oh and that is another most difficult aspect of two never fails that when J actually sleeps for a longer stretch, Carsyn will wake me with a nightmare or needing to potty! AND it seems J has started a pattern of awakening at 3:30ish and not returning to sleep until 5ish...which means when sister wakes at 6:30-6:45 I have just returned to sleep after being up! This is definitely starting to wear on me!

As for how big sister is adapting...she still loves him greatly but her desire to gain my attention has caused my sweet girl to become quite the troublemaker. Her sassy, smartmouth is more like at 14 year old than a 4 year old and I really am clueless as to how to make it better. She also has been having night terrors which I think are a result of her passive aggressiveness to her brother. I am hoping this too will pass soon but I am happy she is not physically taking it out on the baby even though she told me we could get a new one!

My newborn who was oblivious to noise and distractions and could be set anywhere has now started acting more like his big sister. And his need for a pacifier that he can't keep in his mouth is about to drive me to the looney bin! I am scared to death I will re-live the torment of no sleep I had with Carsyn so I intend to start some sleep training methods in a few more weeks. I tried to take his pacy away yesterday to see if he could go without but he only made it until afternoon and then wanted it to go to sleep.

J started smiling about two weeks ago and he almost always gives me a big grin right after he wakes up when he is getting his diaper changed...this definitely helps encourage me after the sleep deprivation I have just endured! I can't wait until he can laugh and interact even more!

And not to rush away his first year, BUT I am looking forward to getting to sleep for longer than three hours!
his first smiles that warm my heart and bring tears to my eyes!
Im telling you those eyes and lashes are going to break hearts one day!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My heart is so full it might burst

Well it has been a week since baby Jeremiah joined our family. All in all the transition has gone much better than I could ever imagine. It is amazing how much easier and calmer raising #2 can be when you have a little experience under your belt! Carsyn has done amazing with the transition and it almost makes me sad to see how grown up she is with her baby brother. When I tell you she loves him to the moon she really does. She is the perfect age and she really is super helpful! She even gives him his morning bottle most mornings! There was once this week where she bebopped into the nursery at 4:30 AM wanting to help me give him his bottle! And NO he wasn't crying! She just heard me in the hall. You thought I was kidding when I said I would be up with both kids! Not even 5 days old and it has started. Thankfully I was able to get Daddy to get her back to bed. And talk about loving someone unconditionally- this little boy has his daddy wrapped so much. We all really are just walking around in a cloud of bliss.

Jeremiah Allan ended up being born on January 6th at 12:51PM weighing in at 8.5 191/2 in. He looked absolutely nothing like what I expected and all of the family stared with puzzles looks trying to figure out who he looks like. As of now he has blue eyes and light brown child has blue eyes! I can't get over it! I know they might change to green/hazel but still he looks nothing like his dark haired dark eyed sister. Danny and I have come to the conclusion that at this time we think he most looks like his namesake, Pop, with brown hair. While his sister was born weighing 6oz less she looked more chunky then he. He has extremely long fingers and toes and really no rolls as of now.

My scheduled c-section went smoothly and I was able to actually be coherent this time! Everyone at Southwest Hospital was awesome and made our experience very pleasurable. A huge thank you to my photography colleague, Elise Parker who came and photographed the experience for me so I could see what Carsyn's reaction to him was like. And then she made this video that makes me boohoo every time.

Now ever though we have been living in a state of euphoria does not mean I have not experienced my share of hormonal break downs and moments of complete stupidity either due to sleep deprivation or hormones taking over my brain. I'm certainly glad the night chills have ended after a week of waking up with teeth chattering and drenched pjs! I have shed my fair share of tears especially after realizing I would never experience pregnancy again. So funny since when I was pregnant with C I swore I would never go through THAT again!

For a week old Jeremiah seems to be a pretty content baby. He sleeps wherever I lay him down and aside from the cries from gas pains doesn't cry unless he is hungry. He actually seems to prefer being left alone as opposed to his sister who wanted to be held at all times.

For my one friend who is not on are a few shots I have captured this week of my two angels.