Sunday, February 20, 2011

Carsyn at three

Trying to get a pic with my baby at her Valentine's party!!!

School Valentine's Party!

Posing for mom before party.

MOdeling for my tutu mini sessions

Our Christmas card picture this year

Oh Three...the Trying Threes! How I did not like thee...but now I am starting to enjoy this fun silly age of my little Belle. I have always heard that the threes are worse than the twos especially if you were lucky to not have such bad twos. Well I have finally realized a pattern to my child. It seems as though every year about two months prior to her birthday she becomes quite difficult and exhausting which I am deducing (because you know I have studied child behavior...not!) is due to her brain having so many new advancements and growth! I am pretty sure I read that in some Parenting magazine ;) . Anywho this year was no different and I found myself NOT liking the three year old age AT ALL! But now life has seem to settle a little and she has been cracking me up with her adult like behavior and funny commentary.

I have mentioned it before but my child really is super sweet to her friends. She shares everything all of the time which I admit is more her father's behavior. However recently at a school function one of the other mothers said (as she watched my child run around laughing and yelling) "My Carsyn has such a BIG personality where does she get that from?!" To which I replied...."Ummm NOT her father so I guess me!"

Carsyn is also extremely sensitive to discipline. One harsh word from me and she bursts into HUGE croccodile tears which usually escalates my anger. It really is a hard battle! BUT once again I know this is a trait she gets from me. Or perhaps because she is female?

A BIG BIG BIG HUGE HUGE HUGE advancement we have had in the last two weeks....Carsyn is sleeping all night BY HERSELF!! She still has a few bumps every five days or so but Ill take it! I haven't slept this much since we went on vacation without the little Belle!!! I started a sleeping chart much like our potty train chart but in actuallity she was already starting to start the sleep trend prior to the chart. The chart has seemed to just encourage it! YAY CARSYN!!!

Every day and I am talking like ten times a day she talks about her baby brother and when her baby brother gets I am not expecting! All of her friends have had siblings this year and she is just dying to have one herself. I don't think she knows that means she has to share me!?

Carsyn still LOVES music and singing. Listening to her try to sing to an adult song is so cute and funny. I definitely have to get her involved in some type of music/dance class soon.

lately here are some conversations from my little belle...

After throwing up several times....
Carsyn " Mommy do I have to go to heaven to feel better?"
Bless her!

Carsyn "Mommy I want does things what dey know not the crunchy ones"
Me "Tortillias"
Carsyn" Yeah toetiya"

She has repeatedly told me "whatever" this week. *sigh* I believe this has been picked up from daddy!
Carsyn "I can't talk right now...Im busy rubbing my tail (on mr. Cow)."
Carsyn " I LOVE VAlentine's Day! I LOVE Parties and Candy!!!"
Carsyn atleast five times a day " Mommy can you be married to me?!" " I want you to be married to me not Daddy!"

Aggrivated at my husband for being over an hour late coming home (without calling) I said "Carsyn I am so aggrivated at Daddy!" and she replied "Can't you give him a break?!"