Thursday, December 29, 2011

One more week

I am 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Jeremiah is already measuring in at 8.3 oz and if it were up to me he could come out after this weekend! But Im showing no signs of delivery and since I will have a scheduled section it is set for next Friday the 6th of January. So one week from today (in a few hrs) we will finally meet him! I have a vision in my head of what I think he will look like. This vision DEFINITELY includes lots of rolls, chubby cheeks, and dark hair as has been indicated by the ultrasound techs. I'm guessing his final weight comes in at around 8.8 which is what the father and grandfather weighed.

While we are all anxious for your arrival I am still a little apprehensive as to how the changes will affect our family! I finally have reached the miserable point of pregnancy where you definitely just want the baby out! My body is finally giving out and I certainly am ready to start retrieving my waistline again!

One one hand I am a little relieved to have one more week to take care of odds and ends and make final touches to his nursery. On the other hand it will be the longest week ever as the birth day looms ahead.

I will try to rest and enjoy these last 7 days of carrying my baby since it will be my last. I am beyond excited to do the newborn portraits and I just pray that I am physically able and that he cooperates...although unlike my clients I have ALL DAY to make him!

Christmas 2011 recap to Carsyn

We have so much to be thankful for this Christmas season. Last year we were enduring the loss of Pop and missing Nonny as she was recovering from her breast cancer operations. I loved the way my Christmas cards turned out this year and they definitely described everything we as a family have learned through the year.

This year was the first year that you could truly understand the reason we celebrate Christmas. We went to see the Live Nativity and talked about the baby Jesus. We had a Happy Birthday Jesus party with your playgroup buddies (you also had one at school too). When we left the lunch I asked if you understood why we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and you said Yes and then proceeded to ask these questions "How old is Jesus?" "Did he have to get shots when he was born?" "What kind of presents does he want this year?" My answers; Really really old, no, and he just wants you to obey mommy and daddy as his present!

This year you were in the Mccomb Christmas parade with your dance class and while I know you had fun I think you'd rather have been catching the candy on the street than throwing it! But you got that opportunity when we attended the Summit Christmas parade a few weeks later. Also we made our annual drive to Tylertown to view the lights and watch you perform in your school program. Ms. Chris invited us over to what has become an annual tradition of making gingerbread houses with Brooke and Colin. One Saturday, we rode over to a place called Swan Creek in Monticello where we fed animals, played games, roasted marshmellows, and saw Mr. and Mrs. Claus. You were not fooled, however, when Santa Claus started talking to me and CiCi about your father and the furniture stores and quickly told me "That's just a pretend Santa, isn't it mama? That's not the real one." Yes I agreed this was just a friend of his sent to visit and keep an eye on everyone around. You are definitely a quick little 4 year old! We did go visit another Santa at the Bass Pro Shop where we had lunch with Grandparent Smiths.

Christmas morning you actually slept in and I was impatiently waiting for YOU to wake up! Just as I did as a child you calmly inspected everything Santa brought never really showing much emotion.

And now the holiday has quickly passed and it is time to wait for your baby brother to arrive in one week from today. I can't wait to watch you and our new addition grow next year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Carsyn my dear

I am a little late posting about your four year old birthday, but as I sit here on the couch watching you play pretend with your lalaloopsy and doll house dolls it made me realize how quickly time is fleeting.

I don't even know where to begin to talk about what you mean to me and your daddy. You are the most beautiful and caring little girl to others. While you aren't always the nicest to your parents you are always respectful and loving to others. You love to be in the spotlight and have to be busy at all times! You would much rather be surrounded by people either adults or children than be at home. You hardly meet a stranger and always give them a hug goodbye whether you have just met or known for years.

I have to say you are more and more like your mother every day...sorry to tell ya! You are definitely my mini-me and I get blamed for all of your "negative" personality traits. Your independence can drive me batty at times but I know that I will not have to worry about you achieving whatever you want.

From 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM except for the 3 hours of preschool or the few times you are with babysitters/daddy you are by my side. You have been the best little sidekick during my pregnancy with your brother....always kissing my belly and jumping to pick up the countless objects I drop and cannot retrieve. I only hope this love continues once he actually arrives. I know that you will take some adjusting to sharing me. When someone asked you last week what you were going to do when he was sitting in my lap you replied very matter of fact...."Ill just pick him up and move him!"

For your 4th birthday we had a princess tea party at the Brentwood House. You and I had been planning this party since your last one ended last year! I hope that you will remember how magical it was.

In the last couple of weeks we have been watching our old home videos and even though it is cliche I can't believe how quickly time passes...especially 18 mos to 4! As if you had a choice you have become quite the poser in front of my camera. Just this week we went and played in my studio to take your picture in my wedding gown. It turned out beautifully and I have plans to blow it up large and hang above our bed with pictures of you and Jeremiah.

Just for records sake here are a few of your habits at age 4.

You stopped taking a nap sometime around August. I hated to see it end but you actually are much happier during the day without it and quickly go to bed as opposed to the nightly battle we were enduring.

You still have a fabulous appetite and eat almost anything. EVERYDAY you have carrots/cucumbers/celery with ranch atleast once a day. Your favorite breakfast is boiled eggs and peaches/pineapple. You do eat a few too many hotdogs and probably would everyday if I let you. You love spaghetti/roast/and tomato soup.

Most nights you sleep through the night but atleast twice a week you still wake up. I do not look forward to being woken up by you and your brother at the same time or right after each other!! :(

I have to wrap this up because we are headed to visit with Grandparents Smith and go visit Santa in Jackson. It is so fun to experience the magic of Christmas through your eyes at this fun age!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Disney Family Vacation Sep 2011


Well life has taken over and I have put the blogging WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY on the back burner. I never even blogged our Disney trip!

I initially had said that I didn't want to take Carsyn to Disney until she was atleast 5 years old. For starters I wanted her to have a memory of her trip and also I knew the older she was the easier it would be. BUT then when we started thinking about having a baby this year I knew I wouldn't want to return until the baby was older which would end up making Carsyn wait longer. I myself had never been to Disney ever in my life so selfishly I wanted to experience it for myself also since I knew a new bundle of joy would result in more responsibility for myself. And there is no better way to me to experience Disney except through the eyes of a child. Carsyn is in such a fun stage where everything is so magical and real that Danny and I really wanted to watch her experience the Princesses. Sooo one day when Danny made this comment in response to a Disney TV commercial, "So when are we taking Carsyn?" I knew he would be on board so I better strike while the iron was hot! At first I was thinking a Nov trip would be fun but then when I got pregnant sooner than planned I moved it up to September. I had already experienced traveling during third trimester while preggo with C and I vowed NEVER to make that mistake again!

After reviewing airfare Danny and I decided we would make the 10 hr drive instead. I was EXTREMELY nervous about this because first of all I have only traveled as far as about 6 hrs with C and Danny had only traveled about 3 hours with her. But my fears were unwarranted because our trip was great and Carsyn rode fabulously. LOTS of DVDs and rotating parents in the backseat from time to time but we really preferred driving as opposed to the rat race of the airport.

When we finally arrived at our hotel we were greatly disappointed with our room. I had chosen a budget hotel since it was a very fast trip and really more of a "taste-test" of Disney so we would know what to do next time. Disney can be quite overwhelming when attempting to go for the first time and we DEFINITELY learned what NOT to do NEXT TIME. AND NEXT TIME we will NOT be staying at any All Star resort! We didn't even have a bathtub and not only that but no "real" shower either, just a curtain that shared the same floor as the toilet. Luckily we were not there for much time.

I had a slight nervous breakdown when I realized I had not factored in the time difference and in order to get to our reservation of Cinderella's castle the next morning I would have to get up at 5 (after going to bed at midnight). Why did we go to bed at midnight? Because we got lost trying to find our hotel room after dinner and we didn't have the number written down! The next morning of course we were running late and I started to panic that we would lose our reservations which had already been messsed up tremendously by Disney. BUT when we finally arrived and Carsyn curtsied to Cinderella and did a little twirl it was all worth it! Tears definitely rolled down this momma's face and Im pretty sure her daddy would have too if he were a crier! And then as they say the Magic of Disney took over and we had an amazing time! We definitely did not try to see everything and both of the days we were at the parks I took Carsyn back to the hotel to take a little nap and refresh before dinner.

We had purchased the Deluxe Dining Plan because I knew if I wanted a happy husband I had to keep him fed and Im not talking about a hotdog. However while we did utilize all of our meal tickets, I do not think we necessarily needed all of it. We did enjoy our sit down dinners, especially at the Grand Floridian cafe. This hotel is btw where Danny wants to stay next time. Yeah I better start saving NOW! Oh and the man who I was afraid would flip out with the crowds (and yes even during a slow season Disney is still packed!) is still talking about this trip 2 months later! He is ready to return as soon as Jeremiah is born, Im not kidding! I never would have thought the magic of Disney would win over this guy!

The Fantasmic show at Hollywood Studios is UNBELIEVABLE and an absolute must see! Carsyn did get a little frightened by the "bad" guys but she still loved it. Of course fireworks at Cindrella's castle is breathtaking and to hear Carsyn "yell" hello to all of the characters was priceless. All in all the entire trip definitely met all of our expectations and now I can understand why people feel the need to return every year!

Im not even going to attempt to upload pictures from the trip because me and Blogger would tie up but they are on my Facebook if you are my friend.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Jeremiah

Dear Jeremiah-

Sadly I have not documented your pregnancy voyage as accurately as I did your sister's. However so far it has been a joy carrying you these last 31 weeks. I have to say Im not sure if it is the second pregnancy, or my maturity level, or the pregnancy itself but it has been pretty easy so far. I am well aware that these last 8 weeks are going to be much more difficult as you continue to grow. I am preparing myself mentally for the discomfort I am about to face but thankfully you have continued to allow me to keep up with my gruling holiday season work!

Your daddy is convinced you are going to be a big boy. Your sister was 7.15 and he just knows you will be bigger than that. From watching you on the outside of my belly I would have to say you entirely encompass the entire egg shape that it is. I can feel you move from one end to the other! I tried to videotape my belly the other night to show the ripples you can see but of course you stopped. Your movements do hurt a little more than Carsyn's did atleast as well as I can recollect. I think it is just becuase you don't have as much room.

Your sister is so excited to meet you and already pretends you are here some nights. She has had so much fun going through your clothes and blankets and dare I say she has of course tried to claim some of it as her own. You have to understand for 4 years she has been the ABSOLUTE center of her parent's and grandparent's world so she is going to be a little rocked by your arrival even though she asked for a little brother/sister! While I know you two will fight and at times even despise one another I will try to remind myself that every single morning as I drop her off for preschool she gives you a big kiss on my belly and says "love you Baby J."

Of course your daddy is ecstatic to have a male playmate and some testosterone in this house. Since the passing of your Pop almost a year ago he has been going through a tough year becoming the responsible male of the family. Seeing Pop's initials on your coming home outfit, will be a bittersweet arrival of your birth following so closely to the anniversary of his death. Personally I feel you are God's gift to the family for Pop's early departure. Don't worry we will fill you in on what an amazing person he was.

And while Daddy and Carsyn would love for you to be here right now I am content spending some more alone time with you on the inside. I know once you arrive life will forever more be changed....and my time stretched even more between caring for two demanding little people. I have to admit I am a bit scared at the adjustments we will all face but as we did with your sister we will figure out a way eventually.

It would be GREAT if you could sleep for longer than 2 to 3 hours at a time as I am interested to see how your awful sleeping sister will handle your wake ups. I expect to be awake with two children in the middle of the night.

So now we go to prepare for your arrival and get your nursery ready. Today we are taking our last family of 3 portraits and documenting you in my belly. This is the fun part of pregnancy!

I love you! Mama

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And he shall be called......

We FINALLY have a name!!! Finally!!

For those who are unaware this has been a long process. I wanted to name our son something that had meaning. My husband, bless him, continued to come up with some crazy choices. Thousand and Thousands of names were rejected by my husband. And to be honest none of them really just hit home with me either.

So to begin my story, a few nights ago I woke up around 1:30 AM with some terrible pains. You really don't want to know the details so I will spare you but as I sat trying to figure out how to alleviate the pain I prayed "God please help me, please take this pain away, tell me what you want me to name this baby and I promise I will make sure he is given back to do your will." So a little while later the pain ceased.

Fast forward to tonight. After dinner I asked my husband what today was? He said "the 11th" I said "Well you have four more days to come up with a name or you lose all naming priviliges. I mean I NEED to monogram some stuff!" So he says " What about Jeremy?"

Now Jeremy is the name of one of my cousins who I have always been close with growing up. And I always said if I had a son I wanted him to be just like Jeremy.

So I said "Well we already have a Jeremy in the family? What about Jeremiah?"

"Yeah I like Jeremiah"

"Well I have to do the name know say whole name together Jeremiah Allan Smith"
Then put it with Danny, Amanda, Carsyn and Jeremiah
Look up its meaning : God will raise up

And my newest name test is to search on Facebook for any Jeremiah's locally to see how many pop up and what they look like, etc...So as I log on and the very first status on my newsfeed is this:

Jeremiah 1:5
Before I formed you in the womb I knew[a] you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations

I SWEAR to you I can NOT even make that up! I knew that bible verse but I was unaware which book it came from. Seriously, was God using Social Networking to speak to me? I mean I am a huge believer in signs and this was pretty crazy!! The FIRST status on my newsfeed!

So I am not going to argue with God and if he says Jeremiah is the name than I am going with the sign, however we received it! My husband is pretty excited because he will have the same initials as his father did, James Allan Smith (Jeremiah Allan Smith), and our new furntiure store is named J. Allan's. So there you have it!

When I told Carsyn what we thought the name of the baby would be she said "NO I want to name it SIMBA!" I said she could call him whatever she wanted but mommy and daddy were calling him Jeremiah.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's A BOY!!!

Well after several glitches...the Gender Reveal Party was a huge success and a wonderfully fun way to find out the sex of Baby Smith!! I highly recommend everyone to discover the sex of their baby this way!!!

So here is how it went down...first off all I received a message from my UT that I was not on her schedule. Panic set in...called the office...yep no appointment on record even though I made it two months ago and double checked at my 16 week appointment. Called my BFF who's husband is my doctor's partner...turns out I did have an appointment just not the Ultrasound. He fixed it and we were back on track. THEN my UT tech told me that she had to switch days but she would inform the other tech what was to go down and she could text the answer.

Day of appointment came and Danny and I entered a standing room only waiting room at 8:45!! Needless to say it was 2 hours before we even got to the ultrasound! This is not the norm but it was a highly busy day! When I entered the ultrasound room and said

"Hey I am Amanda- Shari told you about me? Im having the gender party, so DON"T tell me what it is?!?" Confused look on UT face. "Umm no fill me in?"

So after I filled her in she said she faintly recalled seeing a text about this scenario... great!

Ultrasound began and she said she would refer to the baby as a HE for general purpposes. The baby was measuring right on track and looked to be perfectly healthy. He was not moving a ton but definitely stretching out his legs often. Then she told us to cover our eyes to check a leg in the event we could see something. She started referring to it as a SHE and Danny and I both had thought she might have slipped. Then we covered our eyes again to check the sex and I peeked at Danny to make sure he wasn't peeking. And she quickly found it. I went to my doctor's office and said "Make sure not to tell me what it is" " I was pretty sure it was a boy but now Im confused because the tech called it a SHE." My doctor aked why I thought that and with that I was completly confused!

I stayed busy with Carsyn and preparing my house for guests the rest of the afternoon. Carsyn and I decided to kill some more time we would go get Big Sister pedicures!

I was so lucky to have my baker make my cake the SAME day so we didn't have to wait. We waited until close to party time so there would be no time for peeking! Although since I had made it this far I was excited to wait another hour! In fact when our family arrived I decided we should eat dinner BEFORE cutting the cake just to make the anticipation last a little longer!

And FINALLY we cut it and it was the smurfiest blue I have ever seen! No mistaking! My OB is my Facebook friend so I messaged her and said "It is a boy right?!?!" And she said YES!

So while I have needed to concentrate on work last week I haven't been able to stop shopping and planning his nursery decor! I have already purchased his fabric since the party that we will have the crib bedding made from. Unfortunately Baby Smith still does not have a name and we are nowhere close to deciding on one!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Smith

So we have reached the big week in Pregnancy....Gender Reveal ultrasound!! After watching several of my friends host their own Gender Reveal parties I thought it would be a unique way to incorporate Carsyn into the fun. This is how it will go I hope!

One of the benefits of living in a small town is that my ultrasound tech is a friend and knows my cake baker who is a friend. The UT will text the answer to the baker so I will not have any written way to sneak a peek. Also this will allow the baker to have the answer to begin on my cake since she is making it for me the same day! No way was I waiting until the weekend to find out, so this entire party has been scheduled around the baker's day off from her regular job!

Fingers crossed baby Smith cooperates and at 6:30 Carsyn will cut the cake to determine what this little bambino will be. Also hoping this ultrasound shows a healthy little tike, but Im trying not to think negative thoughts.

So I am 19 weeks this week I made sure to wait the alotted time so we would have a nice and larger baby to check on. Last week I did get to feel the first butterflies of it moving, but sadly I have not felt anything in a few days? I believe the baby was breech the other day as I had lots and lots of pressure and felt as though the baby was about to fall out! I had never experienced this with Carsyn. Also one day the "kicks" felt like little hiccups in my "way down low region?!?!" Also another never before experience. Thankfully I have a good friend who has birthed 3 children who also happens to be married to an OBGYN so she gets to hear all of my concerns and wonders! It will be a long 5 more months for her!

I am not sure whether it is my positive attitude or my lack of time to notice but this pregnancy has been very easy thus far. I know it will only get worse so I am trying to pace myself much like when I ran track in high school! A few ailments that I have noticed that are completely different than when I was pregnant with Carsyn are; increased freckles/ruddiness in cheeks (If this is pregnancy "glow" I am not happy about it!), increased spider veins and even veins that come to surface on my legs (can be extremely painful/itchy and have caused me to panic about blood clots), and much much larger breasts!! So far no leg cramps or sciatic nerve pain which was the culprit of much pain while pregnant with Carsyn.

I am still exercising with my kettlebell group although very modified and lower weights. As of right now I have not gained any weight since my 12 week appointment. Guess that is a good thing?

Carsyn told me this morning at the grocery store while wanting to do something I was not allowing her to do...."MAMA I can do it ALL BY MYSELF...I am THE BIG SISTER!!!!"

So now we wait three more days!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer comes to an end...

Where do I begin....time is racing by. I hear my funny belle saying so many funny things and I think "OH I need to go blog that so I don't forget!" But alas time slips by and I ultimately forget.

We are DEFINITELY over summer in this household and ready to return to our schedules. Not to mention this unbearable heat index, UGH!!!

Carsyn still has a month until preschool starts but she has started back to Ms. Jan @ Mother"s Morning Out for the next few weeks. She was like a kid on Christmas morning when she got to go last week. Carsyn is definitely a socialite who prefers to be with a group than at home with me! Also last week she started dance class. Seeing a group of 3 year olds in tu-tus might be the cutest scene you could ever see! Carsyn has been asking to go to dance class for well over a year so once the day arrived she was over the moon! Its amazing how much better behaved she is when she activities to look foward to.

One of Carsyn's favorite games is I Spy. I don't even know who taught it to her but even when I don't want to play, when I hear her say " I spy wif my wittle eyes sumpin" I always play. I wish I could record her saying this to listen to over and over again when she is driving me crazy as a teenager.

Carsyn already is ready to be "BIG," according to her when she is FIVE she will be able to do whatever she wants!! She constantly tells everyone she is almost FOUR. A trait I know she received from me is she absolutely HATES to be told what to do by anyone. And she definitely has started becoming quite the little bossy girl lately. I feel sorry for her sibling! :) HOWEVER for the most part she is very well behaved in public or for other grown-ups.

Speaking of Carsyn's sibling I had my 16 week check-up last week. All went well, of course, nothing can be really be determined until the next appointment which will include the ultrasound to determine the sex. Atleast the nurse found the heartbeat a little faster this time but she only listened to it for a nanosecond. I wanted to say "HEY I waited 4 weeks to hear that sound- leave it on for atleast a minute!" We are all very anxious for our gender reveal party however I can't help feeling nervous that the ultrasound will determine anything negative. I definitely can't complain about the way I have been feeling. In fact, on most days if I didn't have this big belly I really wouldn't know I was pregnant. So now we pray and wait and get ready for our next visit in 18 days! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Even though I DID get to go to NYC this summer, and visit my friends in Mobile, if I were to say this has been a fantastic summer would be a bit of a fib. In all honesty ever since school let out for Carsyn I have been in a slight state of chaos. Frist off I was totally unprepared for Carsyn this summer. Her attention span and desire to learn caught me completely off-guard. In June she typically goes to Mrs. Jan's two days a week for playtime but since our swimming lessons interferred with that time we were unable to attend. I think this is where the downward slope started. Add in that this is my first summer to photograph several weddings consecutively in addition to my regular photog schedule and it equals to I just down right have done a poor job of time management. Oh yeah and that little butterbean inside me has not given me much motivation either. And to be completely honest the thought of my summer next year being even more chaotic down right scares the dickens out of me! So I am preparing NOW!

Also Carsyn's sleep schedule has been changing so she usually goes to bed around 9:30 (and I am close behind) and is up before or right after me! Then she only takes about an hour nap(I can tell it is slowly dwindling but she can't yet go without one completey). So I have not had any alone time in A WHILE. Today I was determined to find something to entertain her so I could get some work done!

Today I took her to a local jumpy gym that has summer drop offs. I was a little leary because in Carsyn's words "I am big but not real big, I am still little too!" so I worried she wasn't old enough but I was desperate. She ended up having a great time and I got a great deal of work accomplished. HOWEVER, when I returned home Danny was waking up with a violent stomach virus...GREAT! I made it all 12 weeks with no morning sickness and now I might catch this!!! Also today was my scheduled 12 week check up and Carsyn was supposed to stay with him. My babysitter was out of town, my mother and mil were out of town, so Carsyn ended up coming with me to the dr!

THAT was definitely a learning experince for her! She was appalled by the urine specimen..."Mommy what you doing...MOMMY DON'T PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN THERE!" And then I had to give blood Me "Carsyn can mommy hold your hand? " C - "NO" Me- "Can I hold Mr. Cow?" C- "NO, here you can hold my babydoll instead." "Oh mommy does it hurt?!"

She really did great with the almost 2 hour visit. THEN we went into the examing room and I told her she would get to hear her baby's heartbeat. The nurse came in and started trying to locate it...after five minutes my heart started to drop when she couldn't locate it. " OMG I knew I was feeeling to good, what am I going to tell Carsyn I started to think" BUT THANK GOD my dr. walked in and took it from the nurse and immediately found it. Talk about giving someone a heart attack! So afterwards, Carsyn and I scurried home to nurse daddy.....from a distance.

Pray we make it without getting his bug!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Baby Smith #2 week 9

Baby Smith #2

I still haven't announced to the public nor published my original blog about discovering our pregnancy but I want to document this journey as I did with Carsyn. We don't want #2 to start out feeling slighted! :) Although we know Carsyn will keep he/she in it's place!

So we have had our appointment to hear the heartbeat. As with Carsyn, my baby's growth shows a week behind what my menstrual cycle due date indicates. As of now the duedate is set for Jan 16th. As soon as the image flashed on the screen Danny said "Yep it's a girl." It seems he thinks it will be a girl again...and he is happy about it. I felt boy in the very beginning but as time has progressed I am leaning more toward girl as well. When I saw the iamge I also instantly thought girl. Of course we are happy with either sex as long as it is healthy(and sleeps :)) J/K!!! (sort of)

I was afraid since Carsyn found out so early she was going to be ancy the entire 9 months but it seems she is very nonchalant about it now. She still randomly asks me questions but not all the time.

My belly is ridiculously big for 9 weeks. I AM NOT KIDDING! Danny still has not told several people and so I am still supposed to be covering it up which is becoming increasingly difficult. I would say I am the same size as I was at five months with Carsyn's pregnancy. I am already not fitting in my pants and wearing maternity clothing. I will take a photo soon. (Of course I have already scheduled my maternity portraits with one of my favorite photographer friends)!

I have experienced more nausaea with this pregnancy than with Carsyn. Still no actual vomitting but sometimes I wish I would :( I went ahead and had them call in some zofran several weeks ago and it nips it in the bud! If I can keep my stomach full (usually with carbs/starches) than I can stay away from the sickly feeling. Surprisingly I have not been that tired at all. I recall with Carsyn crashing when I got home from work and wondering how do people with an older child keep going, but I have not felt any more tired than usual. In fact photographed a wedding this past weekend for over 8 hours and was fine! I hope this continues because I have a packed schedule until December!!

So the next appointment is on July 5th and I will have reached the end of the first trimester. I suppose I can publish this blog at that point as Danny still doesn't want to announce. Im not sure why other than he is superstitious.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

****Written on Mother's Day*****

Four years ago during Easter I learned that I would become a mommy. Little did I know then what that really meant. I don't think that no matter how much people try to inform you or prepare you about motherhood you never really "KNOW" what it is like to be a mother until you become one. You never understand the exhuastion you will go through or the joy you will receive from this precious baby. I don't think you ever fully appreciate your own mother until you become one! Carsyn can drive me absolutely crazy and in the next five minutes fill my heart with so much love and laughter. /

I did ALOT of complaining during my pregnancy and made ALOT of mistakes with my precious princess! Like a new year's resolution, there are LOTS and LOTS of things I vow to do differently the next time around. This may be selfish but one of the reasons (out of many) that I decided I wanted another child was a chance for a re-do! I want to get to experience it one more time and try to not complain as much during the pregnancy. I feel this will be more likely because I will actually know what the end result will entail which the first time around I had no idea the joy I would know. I also would like to see if I could correct some of the mistakes I made the first go around which I definitely think is possible! I also think you get to enjoy your second child as a newborn more because first off you actually have a clue what you are doing! Don't get me wrong 3 years ago has very much erased lots from my memory but Im pretty sure I won't panic over some of the first time parent issues I did before. Also I think with your first that you are so excited to watch them grow that you anticipate the next phase rather than living in the present and enjoying them as babies. As I have mentioned before Carsyn has been asking for a baby for a while now so I certainly want to provide that for her. Hopefully she and her sibling will be very close and be there for each other forever. I have LOTS of close friends and cousins I consider close as siblings but in the end I am by myself and as I have said before I will have to tend to my parents alone when they age. And finally I feel that a second child would complete our family. It will no longer be mom and Carsyn and daddy but a final member to make us a complete team.

And a little by surprise as I had not expected it to happen so quickly(not as quickly as the first time around but still pretty darn fast)....around Mother's Day I discovered that we were pregnant and hopefully all of these hopes would come to fruition. I don't know how I will keep Carsyn patient for 9 long months!! She wants it here NOW and she wants it to sleep in her bed NOW! When I told her that God has answered her prayer and he put a baby in my belly she squeeled and then she said without stopping for a breath "Do I get to feed it and changes its diapers and buckle it in its seat??! Will the doctor let me sit in your lap? Will they bring it in a wheelbarrow into the room?"

I have to say even though this may sound silly I instantly knew I was pregnant. I took a weekend trip to the coast last weekend with my momfriends and the entire time I had a feeling I was. Granted I had no physical symptoms (still don't) but I just felt like I was.

Now since my body is usually like clockwork and I had missed my period I definitely felt my intuition was I took two pg tests the day after my period was to arrive and both came back negative. A few days later at Carsyn preschool end of the year program I tried and tried to hold back tears but I just couldn't stop(Im not a huge cryer so I thought okay emotional nelly you are definitely pg!) BUT two tests said NO so I didn't take anymore. I had a couple more crying spells over the weekend but still I ignored it. THEN on Tuesday I cried not ONCE but TWICE during Regis and Kelly and still had no period and I was like OKAY I have GOT to be pregnant! This is ridiculous! So off I went to the store to buy some more tests because now it had been over a week late....And...they BOTH were positve!

I didn't know whether to be excited or scared!?!?! Which I guess I am both! Unlike the first pregnancy where I was naive about lots of the bad that can happen I definitely am more aware of watching and hearing of friends and such who have had to experience such turmoil. Also now that I KNOW how difficult it is to take care of a baby even though I think I will be more prepared Im still nervous! My business is finally taking off and I hope to continue and adding to more responsibilites will definitely be a new challange!

BUT come the new year in 2012 a new baby Smith will "God -willing" enter our lives healthy and make us all very happy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I never want to forget

There are some interesting and sweet words my little chatterbox has been coming up with lately and I never want to forget them!

We finally got her new swingset put up last week and to say she LOVES it would be a HUGE understatement!! Everyday we have to go play on it atleast twice sometimes three times a day!

She always says "First Im gunna swing fronts, then Im gunna swing backs, then Im gunna swing on my tummy, then Im gunna do monkey bars, THEN Im gunna SLIDE!"

Today as we were eating dessert after our lunch she said "Hey momma, let's take our pudding cups out to the swing and have a snackover!"

Also last week Danny and I were having a disagreement and she said "Hey can't we stop and all be friends?!?!?" Nothing like a 3 yr old to put life in perspective for you!

Lately at church she has tried to sing along with us, she grabs the bible thinking it is the hymnal and babbles as she trys to sing. I so hope she will be able to continue her musical interest.

Also at church she has started bowing her head and putting her hands together-sweetest sight ever.

On our way to church one Wed evening I was wearing a sundress I had on all day. It was one shoulder but I had brought my cardigan to put on once we reached church. As we got into the car to leave she said "Mommy you can't wear that you are going to show everybody your everything!" "You can see your back!" REALLY?!?!?!

While eating dinner... "Momma Im eating my broccoli but have you ever heard of ranch on broccoli? I think that would be a GREAT idea!!" (Carsyn puts ranch on EVERYTHING...especially scrambled eggs!)

Last night in her prayers she thanked God for just about every person she knows and then she said " And dear God thank you for giving me a baby brother or sister"
Nope sorry that is a negative...she better watch what she prayers for she might not like it if it comes true!!

Her favorite phrase is "Are you KIDDING ME?" She says it atleaset ten times a day!

When Carsyn asks me a question and she wants me to say yes she will repeatedly say "Whatever? Whatever Mommy? Whatever?"

Apparently I saw Whatever a bit too much!

When we went to see baby Emma in the hospital and they wheelend her in the room in the cart
she grabbed my leg and whispered "I looked just like that when I was born like the picture in my baby book!!!" I don't think the hospital striped blanket/hat combo will ever go out of style!

So no pictures for this blog but I will work on doing a better job. It has been called to my attention that I have been slacking! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Carsyn at three

Trying to get a pic with my baby at her Valentine's party!!!

School Valentine's Party!

Posing for mom before party.

MOdeling for my tutu mini sessions

Our Christmas card picture this year

Oh Three...the Trying Threes! How I did not like thee...but now I am starting to enjoy this fun silly age of my little Belle. I have always heard that the threes are worse than the twos especially if you were lucky to not have such bad twos. Well I have finally realized a pattern to my child. It seems as though every year about two months prior to her birthday she becomes quite difficult and exhausting which I am deducing (because you know I have studied child behavior...not!) is due to her brain having so many new advancements and growth! I am pretty sure I read that in some Parenting magazine ;) . Anywho this year was no different and I found myself NOT liking the three year old age AT ALL! But now life has seem to settle a little and she has been cracking me up with her adult like behavior and funny commentary.

I have mentioned it before but my child really is super sweet to her friends. She shares everything all of the time which I admit is more her father's behavior. However recently at a school function one of the other mothers said (as she watched my child run around laughing and yelling) "My Carsyn has such a BIG personality where does she get that from?!" To which I replied...."Ummm NOT her father so I guess me!"

Carsyn is also extremely sensitive to discipline. One harsh word from me and she bursts into HUGE croccodile tears which usually escalates my anger. It really is a hard battle! BUT once again I know this is a trait she gets from me. Or perhaps because she is female?

A BIG BIG BIG HUGE HUGE HUGE advancement we have had in the last two weeks....Carsyn is sleeping all night BY HERSELF!! She still has a few bumps every five days or so but Ill take it! I haven't slept this much since we went on vacation without the little Belle!!! I started a sleeping chart much like our potty train chart but in actuallity she was already starting to start the sleep trend prior to the chart. The chart has seemed to just encourage it! YAY CARSYN!!!

Every day and I am talking like ten times a day she talks about her baby brother and when her baby brother gets I am not expecting! All of her friends have had siblings this year and she is just dying to have one herself. I don't think she knows that means she has to share me!?

Carsyn still LOVES music and singing. Listening to her try to sing to an adult song is so cute and funny. I definitely have to get her involved in some type of music/dance class soon.

lately here are some conversations from my little belle...

After throwing up several times....
Carsyn " Mommy do I have to go to heaven to feel better?"
Bless her!

Carsyn "Mommy I want does things what dey know not the crunchy ones"
Me "Tortillias"
Carsyn" Yeah toetiya"

She has repeatedly told me "whatever" this week. *sigh* I believe this has been picked up from daddy!
Carsyn "I can't talk right now...Im busy rubbing my tail (on mr. Cow)."
Carsyn " I LOVE VAlentine's Day! I LOVE Parties and Candy!!!"
Carsyn atleast five times a day " Mommy can you be married to me?!" " I want you to be married to me not Daddy!"

Aggrivated at my husband for being over an hour late coming home (without calling) I said "Carsyn I am so aggrivated at Daddy!" and she replied "Can't you give him a break?!"