Sunday, October 26, 2008

Top 10 Things that Carsyn did that made me smile this weekend

10. When Carsyn takes her little waddle steps towards me
( she now goes about 4 steps before kapoot)

9. When Carsyn hanks at my pants legs and trys to climb up my leg saying
MAAA MAA MAA MAA especially when I am making her meals.

8. When she giggles when we tickle her.

7. When she gets excited and flaps her arms like a bird...usually when she is getting to go outside.

6. When she cries out for her daddy when he is in another room..I am happy she is now more receptive to him and it means I get a brief break and it makes him feel good!

5. When she hears the phone ring and puts her "pretend" phone up to her ear and says HELLO

4. When she (FINALLY) snuggles and pays attention when I read her a book at nap/bed

3. When she plays tug-o-war with Trey (family pet) and his toy and goes after him laughing

2. When she starts crawling like a mad man when I go behind her saying "I'm gunna get you...I'm gunna get you."


1. When I am holding her and she turns and looks at me deep into my eyes like she is trying to ingrain my face in her mind and smiles at me.

Here are a few pics from the last couple of days. We really didn't leave the house much this week since the wreck on Tuesday. For one, I couldn't walk much less drive, and two, I was a little scared to go anywhere. On Friday we both never got out of our PJ' was also COLD!

Carsyn HATES socks, shoes, and bows. Why do I waste my money?! She had them all taken off by the time we got to church!!!!!

Looking at her Get Well Soon balloons she got from Becky after the wreck

Aren't fuzzy footed-PJS ADORABLE?!

Feeding herself with the spoon

Taking fall pics in the yard

Playing with the pets

PS: Go see for Chrsitmas Portrait info!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Okay here goes

So to catch up I was going to post a blog about our weekend which was pretty uneventful. Sunday my mom came over to go with me and Carsyn to the pumpkin patch which we later found out was not open on Sunday. So we ended up just hanging around the house and taking some fall pics in the yard. What is ironic is that I take tons of pictures of children which I LOVE to do, yet my own child does not cooperate. The entire time she was wanting me to pick her up which I can't do since I am holding the camera. Also she wanted to hold the camera herself since she sees it so frequently. So needless to say we did not get very many good shots but here are a few.

I jumped in for a quick pic since I am never in the shots while mom took the pic.

So then Monday came and we went to the Mccomb library to hear Miss Maddy storytime. It was GREAT and even though it was the toddler session there were 3 other 1 yr olds present. Carsyn had a great time and guess what the story was about? SQUIRRLS and ACORNS!!! Carsyn's FAVE! The activity that went with the story was to go downstairs and collect acrons in your container. Well we do this EVERYDAY at our house! The mothers of the other babies were very friendly and inviting and were excited to meet us. They want to set up some playdates! :) YEAH!

Next came Tuesday...oh yucky Tuesday the day before my birthday. We were being lazy and not doing much. I didnt even wash my hair or put on makeup which I usually do everyday. I wanted to run an errand so I dropped Carsyn off at the store for 30 minutes with daddy while I went. When I returned we started heading home for a nap and then a walk. When I got to the intersection directly in front of my house about 50 yrds, I came to the stop sign. I went on through the intersection and just as I make it through WHAM and I watch as we shoot straight across the road nosediving into a 9 foot ditch that runs along my house. After picking myself up off the passenger side I jump up and unfasten Carsyn's car seat the fastest I have ever done! She of course is crying and I start yelling for someone to come to the ditch to help me get her out because I am afraid the car is about to topple over or blow up or something. We are pretty much vertical. A black gentleman who I had just waved to that was walking down the street runs over and grabs Carsyn up for me. I climb out of the ditch and grab her up. There is blood dripping from her mouth and she has abrasions on her neck from the car seat straps. I instantly start to panic and cry. After about 10 minutes she is fine but I am still crying. I get a bystander to call Danny who arrives about the same time as the ambulance. The other driver was fine just a little bruised. I am in very much pain in my left leg and nose. Carsyn and I take a ride in the ambulance to the hospital. I had to be put on one of those boards and a neck brace for saftey precautions. They tried to do the same to Carsyn but she wasnt having it so they put her in the built in carseat in the ambulance. After arriving at the hospital Danny's aunt Ann (from previous post) is an anestiologist and she is working and meets us in the ER to takes Carsyn while I get x-rayed. Luckily I only have brusies and swelling and from the looks of my vehicle it looks like I would be more hurt. Carsyn just has that cut from her car seat and that is ALL! She was playing pattycake in the ER! :) So needless to say I am pretty bruised up and sore but atleast that is all. My car is totaled. I of course am getting the blaim for accident since my street has a stop sign and the other driver didnt but there are not skid marks from her putting on brakes so I believe she must have been looking down and didnt see me as I didnt even see her. So when they say accidents happen close to home it obviously is true because I was not even a few yards from my driveway! While I hate this incident happened the day before my b-day atleast I learned some valuable lessons! Please be careful as you go through your day- you never know when it can happen to you!

I did receive 3 arrangements of flowers on Wed for my birthday from friends. I appreciate the warm thoughts and well wishes! It helped to brighten my otherwise dreary day! My mom is still here helping take care of Carsyn because I am still extremely sore.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Franklinton Fair

Yesterday afternoon Daddy left work early and we headed to the Franklinton Fair in Washington Parish La. It is about an hour drive from Mccomb. We went with our friends the Taylors, Jason, Dawn, and Hannah (16 months). Unlike the MS state fair in Jackson this fair is like the old timey country fair like you see in Charlotte's Web...we even found Wilbur! The little piglets were sooo cute! We went to the petting zoo and Carsyn also rode the Carousel and Choo Choo train! I think she liked the train better see the pics for yourself! We made it home just in time for bath and bed and boy was she needing to go to BED! It was fun and should be even more enjoyable next year when she can ride more! Maybe next year it wont be hotter than Haites!

More milestones...Carsyn grabbed the spoon out of my hand yesterday and began feeding herself her oatmeal! Not to say that it isnt messy but I was proud she knew what to do with it.

Well I will let the pics speak for back after we see what the weekend holds for us!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well today marked a few milestones and a few we are trying to attain.....

First off, Carsyn is becoming more opinionated which is accompanied with defiance! Carsyn and I have been having some struggles lately in who is the boss! I write this not to complain as I understand that is part of parenting (and one day I will give this diary to Carsyn and she can appreciate me more when she has her own children like I do my mother!) Anyhow today we were having a somewhat difficult morning I am not sure if her runny nose or teeth are still causing her some ill temperament but I was seriously second-guessing my decision to stay at home! But then early this afternoon we were on the back porch HER FAVORITE place with her ACORNS and she took 3 beautiful little steps toward me! At first I was in shock and then I was clapping for her at which point she had plopped down on her bottom! She wouldn't do it again but she definitely took 3 steps. And then I was like "It's okay if I stay home if I get to witness this!" Daddy was upset he missed it!

Also for the past month or so Carsyn has not been able to get a bath without ending it screaming. She hates to have her hair washed...I understand I was the same way as a child. Anyhow tonight we made it through the entire bath tear free! I have started putting some wash in the tub to make bubbles so it has captured her attention and distracted her!

Switching from the bottle is not going so well. I have been trying to knock out 2 out of the 4 bottles with a sippy cup (late morn and early afternoon). Well this morning she only drank a little out of the cup and this afternoon she threw a fit to have her bottle instead of cup. Once she got the bottle she downed it in about 5 min. What to do? She is also VERY particular about the sippy cup...luckily she likes the cheap plastic ones with hard lids but I tried to give her one that was just the same only taller and she refused it!

Here are some pics of her day she took her steps...holding her precious acorns!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October has begun....and my baby is 10months!

Well let's see what have we been doing this week.....

For starters all of the Smith's have been dealing with sinus related yuckiness! Poor baby Carsyn has a runny/stopped up nose.

This week seems like a blur...I have been spending endless hours on the computer working on stuff for my photography business. I have updated my website a tad and added a new blog. Things seem to be taking off well. I am gearing up for Christmas photo sessions.

Carsyn has been speaking in babinese nonstop, however, it is starting to sound like normal words now. She says Bye Bye and I am pretty sure I heard Trey Trey this week(family dog). She LOVES to wave to EVERYONE! I told her I was going to set her up with a bucket to collect dollars and let her just wave and clap for everyone! She is such a HAM! :) No idea where she gets that from!

At church when the congregation begins singing she now yells along with us! I always hoped I would have a daughter who liked to sing! :) Maybe she will want to take lessons!

My good friend Ashley who lives in Gulfport came up for an unplanned visit. We went to several of the little boutiques and gift shops in Mccomb/Brookhaven that I have been wanting to go to. I got Carsyn her birthday outfit and some bows! It looks like her ever-growing locks are going to have some wave or curl to them! I also got to go out to eat with Ashley and she was impressed with our little Dixie Springs Cafe, one of the "finer" establishments to eat in Mccomb! :)

This weekend was the Summit Fall Fest. My mom and Aunt Jan came over to visit for the day on Saturday. On the morning of Carsyn and I were supposed to meet Pop(FIL) to go eat pancakes at the pancake breakfast. At 5:00 that morning Carsyn woke up and when I went into her room she went right back to sleep but when I put her in the crib she started crying so I let her for a bit and then went to get her. The INSTANT I picked her up she fell asleep on my I sat in the recliner from 6-7:30 with her asleep. Since she wasn't feeling well I just let her. At 7:30 I heard my FIL on the front porch and then so did the dog who proceeded to bark and wake everyone up in the house. SOOO a little unorthodox morning but we headed to the Pancake breakfast which was 2 blocks down the road. It was nice. Later, Mom and Jan and I browsed the booths and Carsyn got TONS of new bows for her hair....every color in the rainbow!

Today we have been pretty lazy. We all are ill and tired and congested! :( We better get to feeling better because Thursday we are going to the Franklinton Fair!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bummer of a weekend.....

Saturday Carsyn and I left early for Hattiesburg to have lunch with my mom and shop! Carsyn wasn't as excited! She had been developing a cold and Saturday it hit. I do not know if it is seasonal or related to teething but poor baby was not happy! She didnt nap in car nor at Nonny's! She did nap on the way home but not the entire way. I did manage to go to the annual fall children's consignment sale at the Forrest County Multipurpose building and purchase 4 dresses for $15 for Fall. Also we ran by the party supply store to purchase Carsyn's first birthday materials! Super Cute. Exciting and sad at the same time!

Sunday Carsyn, Danny, and I went to church. Her cold had gotten worse and she lost it by lunch. No pumpkin patch for the Smith's this weekend! We stayed around the house and did ToDos. She went to bed EARLY!

Today she has slept a good bit and seems to be a little better.
Be in touch soon! :)
This is our Theme for her birthday! Butterflies mostly! Since she is going to be a Butterfly for Halloween I though might as well make it the theme of the party in December!
I am not going to disclose all the ideas/plans...there needs to be surprises for those who come! :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

What have the Smiths been up to?

Well not a whole lot! Carsyn was quite irritable for several days due to the teeth. She has just been wanting to spend all of her time outdoors at all times! Tuesday I needed a break and Mrs. Pam offered to watch her for a few hours so I could go to the tanning bed! Oh the things you take for granted when you are childless! Carsyn seems to be trying to talk more...I think she is trying to say Kitty and Trey (our pets). She points all day long at what she wants and it is usually the window! I had no idea that the child defiance started so young on pushing limits but we have definitely been experiencing that all ready! I guess that is why the pedi gave us a pamphlet on discipline!

Carsyn's eating is back on track and she is eating most anything. She does prefer real food of course to her baby food but I am trying to limit sweet and salt. I haven't been pushing the sippy cup with milk on her (it usually contains water throughout the day) but I will next week when she turns 10 months! I think our morning bottle is going to be the most difficult to eliminate.

Daddy has been working working working as the family just acquired an additional furniture store here in Mccomb so more WORK! Carsyn has learned how to "work" her daddy too! HA HA! Every morning she makes him feel bad when he leaves.

Mommy has been trying to get her photography business going. Check this new site out where you can keep up with my projects and specials ! I did a wedding last Saturday night as a favor to a neighbor and my sister in law's senior portraits which turned out AMAZING! I also got a sign for our yard and my business cards/marketing materials which I will be leaving around town. Hopefully I will start getting a new clientele here in Mccomb!

We ran into a girl who is a friend of my father in law who has a 6 month old and she wants to set up a play date so YEAH for FUN! Also a neighbor down the street is one of Danny's childhood friends' mother offered to watch Carsyn some while she watches her 1 yr old granddaughter so hopefully she knows I plan to take her up on that! Mommy's need a break! Glad we are meeting new people!

Sad news.....I met Miss Maddy at the Mccomb Library to find out when lap babies storytelling starts and it is next week but it is at 9AM! Doesn't every baby in the world take a nap around then! So looks like we wont be making that but I am going to see what the next age level is and I may take her to the toddler session? Although I was hoping I would meet other mommies but it seems only grandmothers where there:(

One day this week I took Carsyn to Percy Quinn state park to see what it looked like. See our pics below of the lake. Supposedly it is very busy during Summer! They had cute cabins you could stay in too. Also we went to visit Aunt Ann's(Danny's Aunt) house one afternoon and played with ALL of her animals..Kittens, Dogs, and Horses OH MY!

Well the weekend starts tomorrow so I will update after it concludes...lunch with Nonny in Hburg, pumpkin patch visiting, and much more! :)