Monday, October 6, 2008

Bummer of a weekend.....

Saturday Carsyn and I left early for Hattiesburg to have lunch with my mom and shop! Carsyn wasn't as excited! She had been developing a cold and Saturday it hit. I do not know if it is seasonal or related to teething but poor baby was not happy! She didnt nap in car nor at Nonny's! She did nap on the way home but not the entire way. I did manage to go to the annual fall children's consignment sale at the Forrest County Multipurpose building and purchase 4 dresses for $15 for Fall. Also we ran by the party supply store to purchase Carsyn's first birthday materials! Super Cute. Exciting and sad at the same time!

Sunday Carsyn, Danny, and I went to church. Her cold had gotten worse and she lost it by lunch. No pumpkin patch for the Smith's this weekend! We stayed around the house and did ToDos. She went to bed EARLY!

Today she has slept a good bit and seems to be a little better.
Be in touch soon! :)
This is our Theme for her birthday! Butterflies mostly! Since she is going to be a Butterfly for Halloween I though might as well make it the theme of the party in December!
I am not going to disclose all the ideas/plans...there needs to be surprises for those who come! :)

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