Sunday, October 26, 2008

Top 10 Things that Carsyn did that made me smile this weekend

10. When Carsyn takes her little waddle steps towards me
( she now goes about 4 steps before kapoot)

9. When Carsyn hanks at my pants legs and trys to climb up my leg saying
MAAA MAA MAA MAA especially when I am making her meals.

8. When she giggles when we tickle her.

7. When she gets excited and flaps her arms like a bird...usually when she is getting to go outside.

6. When she cries out for her daddy when he is in another room..I am happy she is now more receptive to him and it means I get a brief break and it makes him feel good!

5. When she hears the phone ring and puts her "pretend" phone up to her ear and says HELLO

4. When she (FINALLY) snuggles and pays attention when I read her a book at nap/bed

3. When she plays tug-o-war with Trey (family pet) and his toy and goes after him laughing

2. When she starts crawling like a mad man when I go behind her saying "I'm gunna get you...I'm gunna get you."


1. When I am holding her and she turns and looks at me deep into my eyes like she is trying to ingrain my face in her mind and smiles at me.

Here are a few pics from the last couple of days. We really didn't leave the house much this week since the wreck on Tuesday. For one, I couldn't walk much less drive, and two, I was a little scared to go anywhere. On Friday we both never got out of our PJ' was also COLD!

Carsyn HATES socks, shoes, and bows. Why do I waste my money?! She had them all taken off by the time we got to church!!!!!

Looking at her Get Well Soon balloons she got from Becky after the wreck

Aren't fuzzy footed-PJS ADORABLE?!

Feeding herself with the spoon

Taking fall pics in the yard

Playing with the pets

PS: Go see for Chrsitmas Portrait info!

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