Sunday, October 12, 2008

October has begun....and my baby is 10months!

Well let's see what have we been doing this week.....

For starters all of the Smith's have been dealing with sinus related yuckiness! Poor baby Carsyn has a runny/stopped up nose.

This week seems like a blur...I have been spending endless hours on the computer working on stuff for my photography business. I have updated my website a tad and added a new blog. Things seem to be taking off well. I am gearing up for Christmas photo sessions.

Carsyn has been speaking in babinese nonstop, however, it is starting to sound like normal words now. She says Bye Bye and I am pretty sure I heard Trey Trey this week(family dog). She LOVES to wave to EVERYONE! I told her I was going to set her up with a bucket to collect dollars and let her just wave and clap for everyone! She is such a HAM! :) No idea where she gets that from!

At church when the congregation begins singing she now yells along with us! I always hoped I would have a daughter who liked to sing! :) Maybe she will want to take lessons!

My good friend Ashley who lives in Gulfport came up for an unplanned visit. We went to several of the little boutiques and gift shops in Mccomb/Brookhaven that I have been wanting to go to. I got Carsyn her birthday outfit and some bows! It looks like her ever-growing locks are going to have some wave or curl to them! I also got to go out to eat with Ashley and she was impressed with our little Dixie Springs Cafe, one of the "finer" establishments to eat in Mccomb! :)

This weekend was the Summit Fall Fest. My mom and Aunt Jan came over to visit for the day on Saturday. On the morning of Carsyn and I were supposed to meet Pop(FIL) to go eat pancakes at the pancake breakfast. At 5:00 that morning Carsyn woke up and when I went into her room she went right back to sleep but when I put her in the crib she started crying so I let her for a bit and then went to get her. The INSTANT I picked her up she fell asleep on my I sat in the recliner from 6-7:30 with her asleep. Since she wasn't feeling well I just let her. At 7:30 I heard my FIL on the front porch and then so did the dog who proceeded to bark and wake everyone up in the house. SOOO a little unorthodox morning but we headed to the Pancake breakfast which was 2 blocks down the road. It was nice. Later, Mom and Jan and I browsed the booths and Carsyn got TONS of new bows for her hair....every color in the rainbow!

Today we have been pretty lazy. We all are ill and tired and congested! :( We better get to feeling better because Thursday we are going to the Franklinton Fair!

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