Friday, October 3, 2008

What have the Smiths been up to?

Well not a whole lot! Carsyn was quite irritable for several days due to the teeth. She has just been wanting to spend all of her time outdoors at all times! Tuesday I needed a break and Mrs. Pam offered to watch her for a few hours so I could go to the tanning bed! Oh the things you take for granted when you are childless! Carsyn seems to be trying to talk more...I think she is trying to say Kitty and Trey (our pets). She points all day long at what she wants and it is usually the window! I had no idea that the child defiance started so young on pushing limits but we have definitely been experiencing that all ready! I guess that is why the pedi gave us a pamphlet on discipline!

Carsyn's eating is back on track and she is eating most anything. She does prefer real food of course to her baby food but I am trying to limit sweet and salt. I haven't been pushing the sippy cup with milk on her (it usually contains water throughout the day) but I will next week when she turns 10 months! I think our morning bottle is going to be the most difficult to eliminate.

Daddy has been working working working as the family just acquired an additional furniture store here in Mccomb so more WORK! Carsyn has learned how to "work" her daddy too! HA HA! Every morning she makes him feel bad when he leaves.

Mommy has been trying to get her photography business going. Check this new site out where you can keep up with my projects and specials ! I did a wedding last Saturday night as a favor to a neighbor and my sister in law's senior portraits which turned out AMAZING! I also got a sign for our yard and my business cards/marketing materials which I will be leaving around town. Hopefully I will start getting a new clientele here in Mccomb!

We ran into a girl who is a friend of my father in law who has a 6 month old and she wants to set up a play date so YEAH for FUN! Also a neighbor down the street is one of Danny's childhood friends' mother offered to watch Carsyn some while she watches her 1 yr old granddaughter so hopefully she knows I plan to take her up on that! Mommy's need a break! Glad we are meeting new people!

Sad news.....I met Miss Maddy at the Mccomb Library to find out when lap babies storytelling starts and it is next week but it is at 9AM! Doesn't every baby in the world take a nap around then! So looks like we wont be making that but I am going to see what the next age level is and I may take her to the toddler session? Although I was hoping I would meet other mommies but it seems only grandmothers where there:(

One day this week I took Carsyn to Percy Quinn state park to see what it looked like. See our pics below of the lake. Supposedly it is very busy during Summer! They had cute cabins you could stay in too. Also we went to visit Aunt Ann's(Danny's Aunt) house one afternoon and played with ALL of her animals..Kittens, Dogs, and Horses OH MY!

Well the weekend starts tomorrow so I will update after it concludes...lunch with Nonny in Hburg, pumpkin patch visiting, and much more! :)

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