Thursday, September 25, 2008

All I want for Carsyn is her two front teeth

Poor Carsyn- the top two teeth have been coming in this week..three months after the bottom two! She has not been a happy camper! I think it explains why she has not wanted to eat though because all of the sudden Tuesday she started eating again! All of her veggies and pretty much anything I put in front of her! She still doesnt like the highchair for eating but she is getting a little better! She doesnt like for me to help her eat anymore at all! AND she will not eat babyfood either only "real" food! The food on my plate is EXTRA APPETIZING! Hopefully the little toofies will finish coming in soon!

We have been eating most meals outside on the deck because it has been wonderful weather and it doesnt matter if the deck gets filthy as opposed to my new rug ;)!
Carsyn has gotten so filthy playing outside that she now has dirt under her little fingernails and I have to dig it out!

Carsyn's naps are now great! Three hours in between wake ups but she only sleeps for an hour each time. Although at night she has been creating this habit lately and I dont know why or how to stop it. She wakes at between 5ish and 530ish I let her cry/fuss for up to an hour and she doesnt stop...then I go in to see if she is ready to get up. I pick her up and she goes to sleep in my arms within 10 minutes and I put her in crib and she wakes up and starts screaming. I let her cry for a few minutes and she goes back to sleep until 7?! Any answers?

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