Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Can you say Cabin Fever?! Stupid Gustav...

On Thursday I took Carsyn to the park to play and that has pretty much been our only time out of this house since AND its TUESDAY NIGHT!!!! We went to church on Sunday and to the inlaws for lunch but only for about an hour. Other than that In the house ALL DAY! Sunday night was supposed to be mine and Danny's August date night since we never had one this month but due to the massive hurricane evacuees we didn't want to attempt the traffic. My mom arrived on Sunday as was planned for our date and ended up staying until today due to the weather. Things could have been a lot worse so I shouldn't complain. We were able to maintain power while my in-laws did not. So last night we all gathered here for dinner and played a ROUSING game of Train Dominos. I didnt hit the sack until 11:30 and then at 3:30 I was awaken by a Tornado alarm that sounded like it was in our house! If you have never heard one just imagine an ambulance siren in your room! Danny, my mother, and I all jumped out of bed to run to the TV- I paced around for an hour waiting for it to pass. While they continued to blare the siren numerous times. My first thought was GREAT Carsyn will surely wake up from this! And then I thought what if a tornado does come...will I have time to run to her crib and grab her before it comes. As a child I was not around tornados much until I moved back to Mississippi and the first year back was the year in Florence when there were numerous deaths as a result of a tornado. I can still remember the first time they made us get in the hall at school- I was like What the heck is going on?! My dog is outside! So needless to say I don't fare well with blaring tornado warnings. As I got back to sleep around 4:45 I was awoken an hour later when Carsyn decided to wake at 5:40. It was a long night. My mom took over at 6:30 but I got up at 8 again to help with nap time.

The bad weather continued into today and more tornado sirens went off- I started to think there was somebody down at City Hall who was pulling the siren cord just for the fun of it! If you recall me discussing how I felt like we lived in a treehouse...well that is not good with a hurricane! See below for the limbs we get to pick up this week, luckily none came through the roof or windows!

I have discovered an odd fact about my child's sleep habits. While for the past 9 months I thought she was a catnapper at times when she only slept 30-40 min I now have learned if you leave her alone for 10-15 minutes of, yes crying and playing with her teddy, she will put herself back to sleep almost 90% of the time. At bedtime and naps she almost always awakes exactly 30 min later but she will go back to sleep on her own. I swear if she would just sleep she would be an angel of a baby but this sleep situation is so nerveracking. I know it is difficult for others who may babysit her to listen to her cry but the doctor says that some babies just have to cry back to sleep. *sigh* As if I enjoy listening to my child cry but by coming back in the room she just gets more distraught.

The house is coming together bit by bit...we now have blinds in all rooms except the ones that will have roman shades. And we have a BEAUTIFUL entertainment center! Yippie! Hopefully I can show some pics soon! Couch should arrive this week?!

We have made it our first month living in Mccomb. So far so good. They dont call it the hospitality city of the hospitality state for nothing! The small town commodory is very infectious and everywhere I go people swarm to talk to Carsyn. She is developing quite the self-esteem and she loves the attention! Now if we can just meet some other mommies and have some playdates. I do so miss my friends in Mobile although you guys didnt have babies to play with either ;)

At the park in the swing!

No I dont think she is trowing up a gang sign

Carsyn's new fave thing to do and "trick" is to clap for herself when you say Yeah! or Pattycake! So cute....

Thanks Gustav!


Cabin Feve...even the cat was going NUTS!

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