Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Big Girl *tear*

Well it is official my baby is now a big girl! On last Thursday we set up her big girl bed! This had to have been one of the scariest times of my motherhood! Giving my sleep troublesome child free reign to get out of her room!??!!?! Was I crazy?!

She has done GREAT! First off she has napped either over an hour and half to over 2 hrs every day- unheard of! And while nights have not been perfect they have been okay and last night went well so hopefully we are starting a pattern.

Oh and the climbing out of the bed thing? Well daddy was supposed to give us a low-profile box spring but he forgot so she is in a regular height full size bed. She is too scared to get down off of it. Atleast for now anyway! She still calls me during the day when she is sitting in it watching movies or reading to come get her so I don't really think she will try to leave her room. AND she doesn't fall because she has these awesome rails from! So far we have been good to go! ****update since first starting this blog and not posting she has realized she can get out of her bed and I have met her in the dining room during the middle of the night! But it still isn't that big of a deal and she goes right back to bed and falls asleep much faster.

It does make me terribly sad to see my baby out of her crib but the only reason I did it was because she seemed so excited to get her new bed. She kept telling me " I want new bed..." whenever she would see me looking for comforters online. So new bed it is! And new room decor. I have never been a big fan of her nursery- I don't know why I didn't try to do better with the decorating...there are lots of things I don't know why I didn't do when she was a newbie. Anyway pics to come of the new furniture/wall decor/window treatments/comforter when I get it done. So far we LOVE the new room!
Here are some pics of her waking up from her first nap and getting ready for her first night in the BIG GIRL BED!

1st night to sleep

1st day to nap- this was when she woke up! I never usually get these kind of grins when I go to get her!

Isn't she a beautiful sleeping angel!? This was one of her over 2 hr naps! I normally don't dare walk in her room or take a picture in the event that I wake her up but at this point I was trying to wake her so she would go to bed at night!

And here are some pics from today- what a beautiful day we finally have had! Spring here we come...see I knew the robins knew what they were talking about! And I can't wait to get out and start taking Spring Pictures- check out what I have been working on.

She even wants to use the big kid swings :(

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wow Where have we been!

Wow I have been MIA on this blog for too long!

Instead of filling it all in on one blog I will seperate the past few monumental moments. So make sure to click down so that you get to the next entries!

First off we had ANOTHER snow in Southwest Mississippi! It snowed about 5 inches! And this time Carsyn loved playing inthe white stuff! Especially when I told her she could eat it! I wanted to make snow icecream but we didn't have any cream so I held off- at the rate we are going we will probably have another snow next winter and we can do it then. I ran by the grocery to grab a few things before the snow came in and I had to wait in a line of about 30 people at each check-out to leave! And no it wasn't even the terrible WALLY WORLD! You will notice a line on these snow snapshots- apparently I had some snow or something on my lens :( oh well. Atleast she had appropriate attire for this snowfall unlike last time!

Last winter was my first time to be a SAHM and I about lost my sanity but this year I think I have done a much better job. Carsyn and I have pretty much just been bears, sleep, play, eat, get the idea. It also helped this winter that she is older and can play on her own. We have watched a tad too much television, but I know that once the warmer temps arrive that will not be an issue. We are ready for Old Man Winter to say goodbye! The hundreds of robins in my yard tell me he is on his way out!


Valentine's Day was a sweet time for Carsyn...(pun intended). She had a great time at her school party and I am sure she loved knowing that she helped make the cupcakes. My child is very engaged and longs to be with and like adults- no surprise so were her parents. On Sunday morning we were supposed to be on the Coast for a Mardi Gras parade but ended up not making it(more on that later). She got in bed with me and Danny after she had awoke and I gave her a little lady bug with 4 chocolates in it. They were gone in less than 20 minutes. Danny and I don't really do Vday so nothing too exciting to share there- besides the family was struggling with some difficult news.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


As most everyone is aware by now my Father-in-law was diagnosed with Colon Cancer on February 12th. It is advanced and very serious. He has already undergone a surgery and now will begin chemotherapy to stop the spreading of it. The weekend of Valentine's Day was when he was admitted to the emergency room and it was discovered. We were supposed to head to the Coast for a mardi gras parade but of course we did not go.

The last 2 weeks have been a blur and a roller-coaster of emotions. I can't imagine the fear and sadness that my husband is feeling at this time. Part of the reason I have been mia from the blog is because I didn't want to have to write this entry. I didn't want to have to even acknowledge it and I don't have the words to express what this family is going through. The outpouring of support from our church family and the community has been astounding. If there was ever any doubt in his mind whether he has friends there should be no more. It is apparent that he has touched so many lives with his kind spirit and selfless measures.

"Pop" took the news with a brave face and a strong will to fight it. I think he received the news better than any in the family. He was released from the hospital today and will begin to regain his strength. (The man has not had a meal since February 12th and that was oatmeal!)

My one wish is that he holds on for as long as the Good Lord is willing so that he can have many more memories with Carsyn and she will have a chance to remember this caring and wonderful man.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Words I hear from Carsyn

(click picture to enlarge)
Carsyn cracks me up on a daily basis- usually because I am so surprised that she remembers certain details. Conversations I have heard recently...

In a store- "Mama mama shoes match shoes match" "Yes Carsyn your black and red shoes do match that black and red dress"- such the fashionista already!

In the car at traffic light- "Go! Go!"

"I can't go sweetie light is red"- light turns

"Go! Go! Light Green!"

In the car at drive-thru "Come on People!"

At home- went to closet pulled out bathing suits "Want to swim! Want to swim in pool at Jan's!"

"Yes sweetheart I am over winter too! Summer will be here soon!"

Waiting for Daddy to get home for dinner "Hurry up Dada Hurry up!"

Her new word is NEED instead of " I want so-n-so- it's I NEED so-n-so!"

New favorite phrase at the moment "Uh Oh Skettie O's!"

She also likes to scream at the top of her lungs and then say "AHHH I scared!"

Not sure where this came from?

She also repeats me when I am driving such as "Crap!" or "Shoot!" I guess there are worse things I could say must watch my road rage!

Really and Truely she cracks me up all day long with her new vocabulary! I know it will continue to get more funny as time goes on.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random pics from the camera

Here are some random pictures from the camera:
First we hosted some friends over to watch the Saints/Vikings game and our friend Kris and Megan brought this yummy cheese ball- isn't it too cute! And you want to know who made it into the football? Yep Kris!

That night Carsyn and Maddy were in the playroom but they were being EXTREMELY quiet so I went to see what they were into and I found them sitting sweetly at the playtable watching Strawberry Shortcake which Carsyn had started in her dvd player for them by herself! ;) It was tooo cute! Maybe she would be a good big sister?

This next picture is when the quiet I heard was leading to disaster! She came running out beaming with her "makeover" she had given herself with my make-up! What do you think?

And all of the sudden she has now decided she loves Peanut Butter. When I first heard "P Butter on toast?" I was like what is she asking me? She has never wanted peanut butter before but I think this picture shows how much she likes it now!

It's the month of LOVE

The weather is BLAH!
BUT it is now February which means #1 that it is the month which always includes cupcakes and chocolate and #2 its Mardi Gras season which means yummy king cake! And #3 it means March is less than 30 days away leading us into SPRING!!!!!! Good bye OLD MAN WINTER!

So yesterday to kick start our Valentine's month Carsyn and I made her Rice Krispie treat Valentine kit. I bought this for $10 a few weeks ago from Hobby Lobby. It has been taunting her in the pantry since I bought it so in order to avoid a meltdown yesterday I said "Hey let's make the rice krispies!"

So here is our Valentine craft in pictures......

***Oh and my status from Facebook tonight read

My daughter is 100% girl she just saw a Godiva chocolate commerical. Turned to me and said "I want CHOC!" "I want Choc in my mouth!!!"
After fixing her hair yesterday she said " I want see Pretty in the mirror!"
Yes she is 100% girl!
I am in charge of hosting her Vday party at school next week so I am sure there will be more "SWEET" pictures! We are in the home stretch of winter and we are going to make the best of it!