Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's the month of LOVE

The weather is BLAH!
BUT it is now February which means #1 that it is the month which always includes cupcakes and chocolate and #2 its Mardi Gras season which means yummy king cake! And #3 it means March is less than 30 days away leading us into SPRING!!!!!! Good bye OLD MAN WINTER!

So yesterday to kick start our Valentine's month Carsyn and I made her Rice Krispie treat Valentine kit. I bought this for $10 a few weeks ago from Hobby Lobby. It has been taunting her in the pantry since I bought it so in order to avoid a meltdown yesterday I said "Hey let's make the rice krispies!"

So here is our Valentine craft in pictures......

***Oh and my status from Facebook tonight read

My daughter is 100% girl she just saw a Godiva chocolate commerical. Turned to me and said "I want CHOC!" "I want Choc in my mouth!!!"
After fixing her hair yesterday she said " I want see Pretty in the mirror!"
Yes she is 100% girl!
I am in charge of hosting her Vday party at school next week so I am sure there will be more "SWEET" pictures! We are in the home stretch of winter and we are going to make the best of it!

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Amanda Jones said...

Aww such sweet memories you guys will have! I love how they turned out...wish I could eat one!