Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random pics from the camera

Here are some random pictures from the camera:
First we hosted some friends over to watch the Saints/Vikings game and our friend Kris and Megan brought this yummy cheese ball- isn't it too cute! And you want to know who made it into the football? Yep Kris!

That night Carsyn and Maddy were in the playroom but they were being EXTREMELY quiet so I went to see what they were into and I found them sitting sweetly at the playtable watching Strawberry Shortcake which Carsyn had started in her dvd player for them by herself! ;) It was tooo cute! Maybe she would be a good big sister?

This next picture is when the quiet I heard was leading to disaster! She came running out beaming with her "makeover" she had given herself with my make-up! What do you think?

And all of the sudden she has now decided she loves Peanut Butter. When I first heard "P Butter on toast?" I was like what is she asking me? She has never wanted peanut butter before but I think this picture shows how much she likes it now!

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