Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Words I hear from Carsyn

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Carsyn cracks me up on a daily basis- usually because I am so surprised that she remembers certain details. Conversations I have heard recently...

In a store- "Mama mama shoes match shoes match" "Yes Carsyn your black and red shoes do match that black and red dress"- such the fashionista already!

In the car at traffic light- "Go! Go!"

"I can't go sweetie light is red"- light turns

"Go! Go! Light Green!"

In the car at drive-thru "Come on People!"

At home- went to closet pulled out bathing suits "Want to swim! Want to swim in pool at Jan's!"

"Yes sweetheart I am over winter too! Summer will be here soon!"

Waiting for Daddy to get home for dinner "Hurry up Dada Hurry up!"

Her new word is NEED instead of " I want so-n-so- it's I NEED so-n-so!"

New favorite phrase at the moment "Uh Oh Skettie O's!"

She also likes to scream at the top of her lungs and then say "AHHH I scared!"

Not sure where this came from?

She also repeats me when I am driving such as "Crap!" or "Shoot!" I guess there are worse things I could say must watch my road rage!

Really and Truely she cracks me up all day long with her new vocabulary! I know it will continue to get more funny as time goes on.

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