Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Big Girl *tear*

Well it is official my baby is now a big girl! On last Thursday we set up her big girl bed! This had to have been one of the scariest times of my motherhood! Giving my sleep troublesome child free reign to get out of her room!??!!?! Was I crazy?!

She has done GREAT! First off she has napped either over an hour and half to over 2 hrs every day- unheard of! And while nights have not been perfect they have been okay and last night went well so hopefully we are starting a pattern.

Oh and the climbing out of the bed thing? Well daddy was supposed to give us a low-profile box spring but he forgot so she is in a regular height full size bed. She is too scared to get down off of it. Atleast for now anyway! She still calls me during the day when she is sitting in it watching movies or reading to come get her so I don't really think she will try to leave her room. AND she doesn't fall because she has these awesome rails from! So far we have been good to go! ****update since first starting this blog and not posting she has realized she can get out of her bed and I have met her in the dining room during the middle of the night! But it still isn't that big of a deal and she goes right back to bed and falls asleep much faster.

It does make me terribly sad to see my baby out of her crib but the only reason I did it was because she seemed so excited to get her new bed. She kept telling me " I want new bed..." whenever she would see me looking for comforters online. So new bed it is! And new room decor. I have never been a big fan of her nursery- I don't know why I didn't try to do better with the decorating...there are lots of things I don't know why I didn't do when she was a newbie. Anyway pics to come of the new furniture/wall decor/window treatments/comforter when I get it done. So far we LOVE the new room!
Here are some pics of her waking up from her first nap and getting ready for her first night in the BIG GIRL BED!

1st night to sleep

1st day to nap- this was when she woke up! I never usually get these kind of grins when I go to get her!

Isn't she a beautiful sleeping angel!? This was one of her over 2 hr naps! I normally don't dare walk in her room or take a picture in the event that I wake her up but at this point I was trying to wake her so she would go to bed at night!

And here are some pics from today- what a beautiful day we finally have had! Spring here we come...see I knew the robins knew what they were talking about! And I can't wait to get out and start taking Spring Pictures- check out what I have been working on.

She even wants to use the big kid swings :(

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