Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Carsyn goes to the Amusement Park...err I mean Dentist?

So along with our big girl bed Carsyn also got a big girl dentist appointment scheduled this week!

I am not really sure when the time frame is to have certain appointments for my child but it seemed like other parents I knew were taking their 2 yr olds so I assumed I was too! So I made the appointment for this week. I didn't really know what to expect- Carsyn does not mind brushing her teeth (yet) and she has met the dentist before because she is a family acquaintance so anyway off we went with high hopes!

The dental lab is strictly pediatric and Dr. Lauren has it decorated soo cute! When we walked in I think Carsyn thought we were at a play land! THEN she saw other kids coming out of the back with balloons and toys and goody bags OH MY! She literally was throwing a tantrum to go back to the examining room! It took every distraction tactic I had to keep her calm until it was our turn.

Finally the technician came out to get us. I don't recall her name but she was fabulous! She took Carsyn back to the examining room and went over everything she was going to do and what everything was. I have NEVER seen a child more excited to be at the dentist! She was a little apprehensive when it came time to lay back and have her teeth cleaned but no tears were ever shed! AND want to know her favorite part? For lack of the correct term, the spit-sucker-outer! Yes she thought it was hilarious! Really she did amazing! I could not believe it! So after a tooth count by Dr. L (we are only missing 3 molars) she got rewarded with 2 prizes from the toy chest! And a balloon....AND a bag full of stickers, a new Dora toothbrush, toothpaste, and tooth floss! She didn't want to leave this place! She begged me to brush her teeth when we got home that night! Dr. Lauren yall really know what you're doing over there!

Also when C woke up from her nap this same day I had gotten some of my tea party portrait supplies for my Spring sessions out and put them on her table in her room. She immediately noticed them when she awoke and ran over to play. Never has my child been given tea cups etc but she insticntively knew how to play with them. Aren't little girls the cutest!? I see a tea party birthday party in our future!

So excuse the bedhead and disheveled clothes but I had to capture a few shots of her playing with the tea cups!


Amanda Jones said...

Wow! She did great, Colby wasn't a big fan of the cleaning but he did like picking out a toy!! The tea party makes me want a girl next time around LOL!

Gram said...

Jackson loves Dr. Jones also. He does really well except he won't quit talking when he goes!! Anna Claire has a tea set collection...I think she has four complete sets. The best one is the one my mom gave her, it was given to my mom when she was born....real china set from Occupied Japan, approx. 70 yrs old.