Saturday, March 13, 2010

Luck is like a rubber ball

My dad wrote this poem sometime in his youth- he told it to me when I was about 10 and I have remembered it ever since. Then on my wedding rehearsal night he said it again in his speech not knowing that I knew it.

Luck is like a rubber ball,

bouncing high and low,

Somestimes it's very slow to come,

but very quick to go.

It comes when least expected to drive away life's cares,

but yet when we turn around we find it isn't there.

Some say we make our own good luck,

we gain what we are due, but many find this fact is very far from true.

Well Carsyn and I have not had the greatest luck these past few days! :(

Her beloved Mr. Cow is missing. She had him in the car when we took our road trip to Jackson yesterday and now I can't find him. I can't recall if she took him into somewhere (Im thinking perhaps a gas station) and left him or not but he is not here. When we realized he was missing it was bedtime. I quickly grabbed her stuff dog that used to also be in her crib and gave him to her. She settled with him only to continue to ask for COW about 20 more times. Finally she went to sleep. I think I was more upset than her. I tried to get online to order her a new one but the transaction wouldn't go through for some reason? It took her several hours after she awoke this morning to realize he wasn't here but she has cried for him several times throughout the day. She always settles for her puppy but I hate Mr. Cow is gone! I finally ordered her new one since I started this post and he should arrive in the next day or so we shall see if she takes to him.

Also today I might have experienced one of my most embarrassing moments ever. I had a photo shoot planned for 9AM at my house. I do not like taking photos at my home but I do have perfect lighting here and until I can conjure up enough business to get me a studio I am having to do what I can. So anyway Danny was supposed to be gone by 9 as he always is for work and he was to take Carsyn with him. At 8:40 he got in the 9 my clients arrived(luckily good college friends and not strangers)...Carsyn proceeded to showboat to them...Finally at 9:15 Danny leaves with Carsyn screaming to stay here. I am flustered but I try to get my bearings to get this photo shoot started. At 9:45 I am walking backwards with my camera to my face trying to photograph this baby and her mother and I fall down into an air vent hole that was missing its cover. Needless to say I sliced my foot up and had to go to the Immediate care for a tetnus and to have the skin removed. Now I am hobbling around on one good foot and the dr. says it will probably take 6 weeks for the skin to re-grow. Ugh- so frustrating and I can't believe I did that! The air vent cover was supposed to be re-painted and replaced this week too! I am just happy it happened to me and not Carsyn or Heaven forbid my clients!!! Surprisingly this is the image I was attempting when I fell through said hole.

RIP Mr. Cow Senior, you have been a dear friend!

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