Thursday, February 26, 2009

The saga continues....

Oh My WORD! This has got to be teething and I HOPE that she is getting several so that all this suffering is worth it! I last left off with our terrible naps on Monday. Well Monday night she went down to sleep at 7 and woke once at4AM, but didn't wake again until 8! Tuesday the clinginess and whining continued ten-fold and Tuesday night began the torturous nights. She woke pretty much every 2 hrs and sometimes was up for an hour each time. Yesterday I was in such a fog running on 4 hours of sleep and she was attached to my thigh the ENTIRE day. She wouldn't smile, she wouldn't really play outside like normal and she just seemed ill ill ill! She took 2 naps for a total of about 2 1/2 hrs. Then last night an exact repeat of the night before. This time daddy had to come help at 4:45AM as I couldn't make it any more and she of course went straight to sleep for him. Anyway she awoke at 7AM and was in a MUCH pleasurable mood- I debated about taking her to Mom's Morning Out but decided I had to for at least a bit or I was going to go insane. Since she seemed to want to play I went ahead and took her. I will be picking her up soon...I am scared to see how the rest of our day will go!

I have tried to feel in her mouth (much to her dissatisfaction) but I don't really feel any new teefies? I hope there are several though and they make a quick appearance!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Just another manic Monday

"Don't even think about taking this lemonade from me!"

Totally weird 24 hours have just occurred. I don't really know the reason for it. That is the one thing about parenting that is so nerve racking- sometimes there just isn't a scientific answer as to why things happen but you so desperately want an answer to it. I guess that is why we pay money after money to authors looking for the holy parenting solution or scourer the Internet for hours searching for similar occurrences.

So Carsyn and I were having a fabulous week last week. Wed we went to Jackson per previous post, Thursday you read about my self indulgences, and Friday was just fun and relaxing. Carsyn had been in the best mood and was being so cooperative and pleasurable. I was going on and on about how much more adaptable she had become and how much fun she was to be around. Saturday my mom and cousin, Allison and her daughter Gracie came over for the Magnolia Mardi Gras parade. It was not a big parade but worth the experience. Carsyn once again went with the flow and was such an angel. Saturday night came and she was being so much fun and not showing the least bit signs of sleepiness(she had napped from 1-2) that she stayed up and played with me and her daddy until 8. A very rare evening occurrence. Sunday she made it through church but crashed on the way home. I think this is were sleep deprivation might have begun. Added in with the back molar that I am pretty sure is making an appearance. Sunday night she would not go to sleep and we finally got her down at 8ish. She awoke at 8:45PM and cried until 10PM. Then she awoke at 11:30- after some Tylenol she went quickly back to sleep at 12 to awaken at 4:30. By 5 she still wasn't asleep and couldn't get comfortable so I laid her down in her crib to cry herself back to sleep by 5:15. She awoke at 7.
Today, MANIC MONDAY, she woke in a foul and grumpy mood. After some more Tylenol she was back to a happy baby. I loaded her up at 11 to go to Story time only to see her starting to fall asleep when we started in the car. I turned back around and went home and put her to sleep. She awoke 35 minutes later and cried for an hour until she finally went back to sleep at 1PM in my arms and would not let me put her down. This has only happend 2 other times in the last few months but every time I attempted to put her in the crib she would start screaming, so to ensure my child got some more rest I held her for almost 2 hours in my lap on the couch. She woke up at 2:30 and was happy as a clam. So just to make sure you read correctly hour 11-2:30 was spent trying to get, keeping, and staying asleep- 3 and 1/2 hours!

She went back to sleep at 7PM with some tylenol/benadryl combo this time!

WHAT GIVES? How can I even imagine the thought of another child when this one takes so much time and energy? Not that we are at all, but HOW? HOW I ask?! Is it teething? Is it sleep deprivation? Does anyone have any answers on how to keep this from occuring again?

Anyway I hope this is not how the rest of our week will continue?!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!

Yes this is one of the songs I say repeatedly to Carsyn in a week, heck even a day!

Well today was a super happy day! We finally got Daddy to take a day off in like 2 months and headed to Jackson to visit his grandparents. First let's back up with Carsyn falling asleep at 645 the night before because she had refused an afternoon nap. So at 445AM she awoke and didn't go back to sleep until 545. Since I was wide awake I went ahead and got my shower and did my hair/makeup while leisurely enjoying my alone time with my new Southern Living and peaceful breakfast. Sometimes I am willing to give up the extra hour of going back to sleep for this joy! Well little miss Carsyn continued to snooze until 745! So immediately I thought great now she will be totally off schedule (as if we have one these days) while we travel. Well to my surprise she played with me in the backseat for the first 40 minutes and then fell asleep for the last 30 minutes! At 10:30! She never goes back to sleep that soon! So we met the gparents in downtown Jackson and ate some yummy Greek food at Keifer's! I have to give kudos to whomever is trying to make downtown Jackson more beautiful as it actually looked clean and enjoyable! Minus the homeless man who tried to let us let him wash our car for some moola, but hey I am used to it leaving Mobile! :) So oh happy day for baklava!

Then we were going to head to the zoo but decided to hold off even though I was ecstatic to see the "Torrential Thunderstorms!" never arrived and it was a gorgeous 80 degree day! I tell you I really think that I have the power to control the weather with positive mind control if I really want to. I did it for my outdoor wedding in December 05 too- we havent had another 80 degree December day since!

We next went to the gparents home in Clinton which is so peaceful and tranquil on a lake and tons and tons of acres that you just want to go to sleep (especially if you have been up since 445). So while greatgma played with Carsyn I took a little cat nap. At 3 we loaded up to head home and Carsyn passed out the moment we pulled out and slept until we arrived home at 4! Yeah! I did some more snoozing too! Then when we got home we had this surprise on our doorstep from my parents! Oh happy day KING CAKE from Paul's Pastry!!!!

Next we met with our landscaper who is going to finally give this house some curb appeal! THANK GOODNESS! Which leads me to welcoming our new friends we have in the yard....we are so happy to see them!

Welcome pretty daffadil! My husband actually thought these were wild onions! HA HA!

Lovely Camillias!

My faithful azalea a bittersweet memory of beloved Mobile....
And we ended our happy day with grilled steaks and bacon ranch mashed potatoes! The simple joys in life! Carsyn did stay up past bedtime with the such late nap but I didn't care. She was such the good traveler today! Maybe we are reaching a new milestone of car travel?

And I feel like such a gluten because tomorrow is mom's day out and I get a hair appointment ,and then a pedicure that afternoon with my neighbor while her mom watches Carsyn and Maddy and then my first Mccomb Bunko night! I feel a tad guilty!

I am up to no good!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life is Sweet at 14 months...

Happy 14 month birthday today Carsyn! I know the sniffles have us down but we managed to make the best!

Life is surely sweet at 14 months when you are the only child and grandchild and you have your family at your beck and call....

We attempted to take a Vday portrait today. As I always say and most photographers will attest getting your own children to cooperate is much more difficult than other children. I ultimately have to bribe mine with candy...luckily a messy candy face makes a GREAT vday picture....take a looksey.

Happy Valentine's Day! Give the ones you love a hug and kiss :)

PS: Go look here too

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pics from last blog

Sorry didnt have time to post last time...Here are a few from the weekend....

"Be gettin it on your mind cowgirl!" (comment just for Erin)

The pics below are from the following story...
"Nonny brought Carsyn a new jacket for spring"
"Carsyn brings new jacket at 7AM to Nonny for her to put it on her along with her Pjs"

Carsyn: UGH UGH (trying to open backdoor)
Nonny: You think you can go outside because you have your jacket on?
Carsyn: Ugh Ugh (trying to open backdoor)
Nonny: You have to have socks and shoes on to go outside.
Carsyn runs to bedroom and gets shoes out of closet. Runs back to kitchen with them.
Here she is making a break for it once said shoes are on. Isn't it a lovely ensemble?! HA HA!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Murphy's law examplified during our week...

As is the case in most weeks there were ups and downs but nothing just life devastating that God didn't help us through. Let's start at the beginning were all good stories do.

So after last week of boredom and frigid temps I was excited to begin our week. I had an activity planned for each day as it seems it helps when Carsyn and I have something to look forward to.

On Monday, story time at the library started again so we went to visit Miss. Mattie. The story was about dogs and so she had a real Schnauzer brought in. OF COURSE Carsyn loved it as she loves dogs! After a quick lunch with daddy we went back to the house for Carsyn to take her usual catnap. I continue to be baffled daily when she is exhausted and then takes a power nap and wakes up raring to go after 30-35 minutes. But enough about that...

On Tuesday I got us up and dressed by 8 to get to Cetenary, the preschool that most kids in the area attend, to register Carsyn for 3- 1/2 days beginning in August. Well when we arrived the director told me that I had to wait until tomorrow...UGH! She also suggested that I arrive at 7AM as the classes fill up and their may not be a spot remaining. As soon as Carsyn saw the other children she immediately wanted to play and was disappointed to say the least when we got back in the car! I had heard about this women's bible study(stay at home moms and retirees) at the First Baptist church at 8:30 but I had yet to go. So since Carsyn wanted to play and we were already dressed my car just seemed to take itself there. I took Carsyn to the nursery where she instantly began playing and didn't even notice that I had left! I went back to the fellowship hall and met some nice women and enjoyed some bible study that allowed me to have a more positive outlook on the day and some extra patience. I have been trying very hard to work on my patience as it is a shortcoming that I am well aware of that affects my marriage and child. So far I was doing good but it was only TUESDAY!! Afterwards we went back home and once again Carsyn only slept briefly. We played outside for the majority of the afternoon.

I can not recall what nights at this point but one HUGE breakthrough that Carsyn had this week was sleeping 12hours straight two nights this week! I sure needed the rest because as I was coming down with a cold and as you will see shortly I needed to store up the energy....

So on to Wednesday hump day! I woke up and it was a yucky cold and windy day. Not a day for babies to be outside playing and mommy was coming down with a nasty cold! Carsyn had not slept well and overslept until 7:30. I was supposed to be at the preschool at 7 remember, but we made it at 8 and she is now ready for the fall! She will love it I know! I had nothing planned and to be honest for the first time ever, I wished my child would just sit and watch tv because I had ZERO energy! No church this evening for us. After Carsyn went to sleep I crashed at 8. This was one of the 12 hour nights thank goodness so I got a long stretch of rest and was back to myself on Thursday.

Since Carsyn enjoyed the playtime Tuesday so well I thought we would try Mom's Day out on Thursday. I had a hair appointment planned that I had desperately been waiting for and I looked forward to some alone mommy time. Isn't it funny how mommy's will get so stressed out and long for some time away but then the instant your baby is gone from you you want to go pick them back up?! So I skeedadled to the hair salon and found out that No I WOULD NOT be getting my hair cut as the stylist was sick at home! DOUBLE UGH! So I ran some errands infant-free and got Carsyn a couple of hours later. She did great at the playtime but crashed in the car asleep and once again 30 minute catnap!!!! I can't wait to inform the moms and director who assured me that she would sleep at least 2 hrs after playing with the kids all morning! NOPE! Anywho...we enjoyed the bright sunny day and THANKED our lucky stars that the cold temps had left for the time being! It seemed Carsyn was starting to get my cold but she is a trooper and kept on going.

The week was at this point a success- Carsyn and I had both had new experiences in our new town and both learned some lessons in life. I was doing great following my bible studies and working on my personal agendas. I was highly anticipating my weekend as I was going to Mobile for a reunion with my girlfriends and enjoy some girly time while my mom came to keep Carsyn. Danny was leaving for a work trip so the timing was perfect. I had lots of places I wanted to go in Mobile that I miss and I wanted to pick up some items that the metropolis of Mccomb stores do not carry! Do you sense some foreshadowing....

Friday was a beautiful day. Carsyn and I ran all over town finishing up some final errands. I am a planner and a listmaker. It is both a positive and negative skill that I possess. I have trouble living in the moment as I am always anticipating the future. However by achieving everything on my list it gives me a sense of accomplishment even if it means getting a phone call completed these days! Friday night arrived quickly and Danny and I both spent the evening packing our suitcases for our looming trips. When Carsyn went to bed her cold had gotten worse as most illnesses do at night so when she awoke an hour later we had a feeling the night would not go as smoothly as the earlier nights had. By 3 she was waking up coughing her head off. I took her temp and for the first time ever saw a 103 on the thermometer ( I know you are all remembering my previous post about her never being sick and saying I jinxed myself, but I knew the time was coming.). Instantly I thought I can't go to Mobile and be 3 hours away from my baby in the event this occurs again tomorrow or gets worse. Well at 5 I was back up with her and we finally got out of the recliner by 7:30. I told my mom who had arrived the night before that I would not be going to Mobile and we debated whether Carsyn needed to see the dr. I knew that they probably wouldn't give her anything and after Carsyn awoke she seemed to be fine except for the coughing, sneezing, and runny nose. We decided to wait and ventured her out to see cousin Erin and Aunt Jan at a horse show in Brookhaven. She was fine until evening came again and she crashed before bedtime. That night was a repeat of the day before and so today I decided to take her in to the after hours clinic. And all I was told was that it is just a cold that has to run its course and nothing can be done. Just as I thought...atleast no earaches and chest congestion! I dread the first earache! Well my little tot is now asleep at 6PM who knows for how long. As I hear most children sleep when not feeling well mine apparently does the opposite..go figure! I pray that she gets the rest that she needs to get back to her perky self! It is just us girls for a few days while dad is gone to work so my new skill of learning patience is about to really be put to the test. I have to say that I failed today as the stress of dealing with the dr. office (I LOATHE dr offices) and a tired sick baby took over. But tomorrow is a new week and as my mamommy would say "This too shall pass!"

Some interesting facts I learned about colds at the Dr. today was that they have about a 7-10 day cycle and the fever spikes on about the 4th day. Instead of putting Vicks vapor rub on the chest the Dr. said to put it on the bottom of her feet. ?

We did manage to capture some funny pics in our weekend of ups and downs...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 random things about Carsyn at (almost) 14mos

Since this is all the RAGE on Myspace and Facebook I thought I would list 25 random facts about Carsyn Danielle.

1. Carsyn's name would have been Carson Allan for a boy..we like the unisex name.

2. She weighed 7lbs 15oz which was the exact average of both mine and her daddy's birthweight!

3. She had to be born by c-section because her heartrate was dropping...I was steadily shaking my head no the entire time because I DID not want a c-section! I wish I had never been induced!
4. The entire time in utero she kept her ankles crossed and she still does to this day you will notice in pics.

5. She had to come home with a UV light machine that had to be kept on her for 3 days/nights to reduce jaundice! It was HORRIBLE! I had to breastfeed with her attached to the machine!

6. Carsyn LOVES LOVES LOVES the outside! She would probably live outside if I let her. Please hurry SPRING!

7. Carsyn now eats pretty much everything. Every day it changes but for the most part she will eat it all!

8. She crawled at 9 months and walked at 10 months

9. Her laugh is infectious and her smile is endearing just like her dad's.

10. Yes she looks like her father but I am in there somewhere when she makes expressions....

11. Carsyn LOVES books but would rather look at them by herself than be read to.

12. She also LOVES dogs and cats! She squeels and does a jig when she sees one!

13. Carsyn does NOT like to take naps--not long ones anyway.

14. Carsyn loves to make her daddy feel bad when he leaves for work.

15. She loves to carry her stuffed pillow Mr. Cow around and he always makes her smile.

16. Carsyn is very independent and headstrong. She will be very successful one day NO DOUBT!
17. Carsyn likes music and will dance at the first beat...

18. Carsyn does not like to travel but I hope this changes in the near years! We have places to go!
19. She enjoys the presence of other children...especially older children.
20. Carsyn loves her mommy unconditionally which I sometimes don't think I deserve.
21. Carsyn loves to ride her bike...even when it is 30 degrees outside!
22. I would say her favorite book is Panda Bear Panda Bear what do you see
23. Carsyn LOVES CHEESE!
24. She has yet (yes I am going to say it outloud) to be sick in her 14months existance!
25. Carsyn does not like to sleep did I mention that?

She used to sleep....
With her beloved pets

5 days old on the UV light therapy machine

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Monkey see Monkey Do

Sooo lately it seems that Carsyn has started mimicking little things that I do that I am not even aware that I do.

First I noticed that when she wanted someone to follow her or to get the dog to come to her she would slap her thigh. I was like huh do I do that and sure enough when I want Trey to come in from outside I whistle and slap my thigh! It is soo funny to see her do it.

Also I have a bad habit of gritting my teeth and it causes my mouth to be sideways. Danny has always made fun of me and now it seems I have taught CARSYN! Oh no! I caught her doing it the other day!

Also have you ever tried to suck your upper lip up to your nose? It makes your lips poke out! Go ahead and try it...well somehow she has learned to do this and with all of the sniffles and runny noses we have had we have all been walking around with our lips poked out! This might be funnier than the squeeky shoes tapdance! Im still working on getting a pic of this...

While holding her baby the other day I saw her giving it her sippy cup for some milk. How precious is that?! I guess maternal instincts start early!

Oh yeah and apparently I grunt whenever I bend over to pick something up or move something so now my 13month old sounds like a 70 year old when she bends over! HA HA!

I guess I better start being a better role model since I have eyes on me at all times! No pressure there! Maybe she will start mimicking my sleep! Wouldn't that be GRAND?!