Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!

Yes this is one of the songs I say repeatedly to Carsyn in a week, heck even a day!

Well today was a super happy day! We finally got Daddy to take a day off in like 2 months and headed to Jackson to visit his grandparents. First let's back up with Carsyn falling asleep at 645 the night before because she had refused an afternoon nap. So at 445AM she awoke and didn't go back to sleep until 545. Since I was wide awake I went ahead and got my shower and did my hair/makeup while leisurely enjoying my alone time with my new Southern Living and peaceful breakfast. Sometimes I am willing to give up the extra hour of going back to sleep for this joy! Well little miss Carsyn continued to snooze until 745! So immediately I thought great now she will be totally off schedule (as if we have one these days) while we travel. Well to my surprise she played with me in the backseat for the first 40 minutes and then fell asleep for the last 30 minutes! At 10:30! She never goes back to sleep that soon! So we met the gparents in downtown Jackson and ate some yummy Greek food at Keifer's! I have to give kudos to whomever is trying to make downtown Jackson more beautiful as it actually looked clean and enjoyable! Minus the homeless man who tried to let us let him wash our car for some moola, but hey I am used to it leaving Mobile! :) So oh happy day for baklava!

Then we were going to head to the zoo but decided to hold off even though I was ecstatic to see the "Torrential Thunderstorms!" never arrived and it was a gorgeous 80 degree day! I tell you I really think that I have the power to control the weather with positive mind control if I really want to. I did it for my outdoor wedding in December 05 too- we havent had another 80 degree December day since!

We next went to the gparents home in Clinton which is so peaceful and tranquil on a lake and tons and tons of acres that you just want to go to sleep (especially if you have been up since 445). So while greatgma played with Carsyn I took a little cat nap. At 3 we loaded up to head home and Carsyn passed out the moment we pulled out and slept until we arrived home at 4! Yeah! I did some more snoozing too! Then when we got home we had this surprise on our doorstep from my parents! Oh happy day KING CAKE from Paul's Pastry!!!!

Next we met with our landscaper who is going to finally give this house some curb appeal! THANK GOODNESS! Which leads me to welcoming our new friends we have in the yard....we are so happy to see them!

Welcome pretty daffadil! My husband actually thought these were wild onions! HA HA!

Lovely Camillias!

My faithful azalea a bittersweet memory of beloved Mobile....
And we ended our happy day with grilled steaks and bacon ranch mashed potatoes! The simple joys in life! Carsyn did stay up past bedtime with the such late nap but I didn't care. She was such the good traveler today! Maybe we are reaching a new milestone of car travel?

And I feel like such a gluten because tomorrow is mom's day out and I get a hair appointment ,and then a pedicure that afternoon with my neighbor while her mom watches Carsyn and Maddy and then my first Mccomb Bunko night! I feel a tad guilty!

I am up to no good!

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Angela said...

These pics are great! Get your "me" time in when you can. I too sacrifice sleep to soak in the tub and read a magazine.