Monday, February 23, 2009

Just another manic Monday

"Don't even think about taking this lemonade from me!"

Totally weird 24 hours have just occurred. I don't really know the reason for it. That is the one thing about parenting that is so nerve racking- sometimes there just isn't a scientific answer as to why things happen but you so desperately want an answer to it. I guess that is why we pay money after money to authors looking for the holy parenting solution or scourer the Internet for hours searching for similar occurrences.

So Carsyn and I were having a fabulous week last week. Wed we went to Jackson per previous post, Thursday you read about my self indulgences, and Friday was just fun and relaxing. Carsyn had been in the best mood and was being so cooperative and pleasurable. I was going on and on about how much more adaptable she had become and how much fun she was to be around. Saturday my mom and cousin, Allison and her daughter Gracie came over for the Magnolia Mardi Gras parade. It was not a big parade but worth the experience. Carsyn once again went with the flow and was such an angel. Saturday night came and she was being so much fun and not showing the least bit signs of sleepiness(she had napped from 1-2) that she stayed up and played with me and her daddy until 8. A very rare evening occurrence. Sunday she made it through church but crashed on the way home. I think this is were sleep deprivation might have begun. Added in with the back molar that I am pretty sure is making an appearance. Sunday night she would not go to sleep and we finally got her down at 8ish. She awoke at 8:45PM and cried until 10PM. Then she awoke at 11:30- after some Tylenol she went quickly back to sleep at 12 to awaken at 4:30. By 5 she still wasn't asleep and couldn't get comfortable so I laid her down in her crib to cry herself back to sleep by 5:15. She awoke at 7.
Today, MANIC MONDAY, she woke in a foul and grumpy mood. After some more Tylenol she was back to a happy baby. I loaded her up at 11 to go to Story time only to see her starting to fall asleep when we started in the car. I turned back around and went home and put her to sleep. She awoke 35 minutes later and cried for an hour until she finally went back to sleep at 1PM in my arms and would not let me put her down. This has only happend 2 other times in the last few months but every time I attempted to put her in the crib she would start screaming, so to ensure my child got some more rest I held her for almost 2 hours in my lap on the couch. She woke up at 2:30 and was happy as a clam. So just to make sure you read correctly hour 11-2:30 was spent trying to get, keeping, and staying asleep- 3 and 1/2 hours!

She went back to sleep at 7PM with some tylenol/benadryl combo this time!

WHAT GIVES? How can I even imagine the thought of another child when this one takes so much time and energy? Not that we are at all, but HOW? HOW I ask?! Is it teething? Is it sleep deprivation? Does anyone have any answers on how to keep this from occuring again?

Anyway I hope this is not how the rest of our week will continue?!

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Lyndsay said...

I say we drop our kids off with their daddies and make a run for it! We will return when they are DONE teething!

We have been doing the tylenol every 6 hours today. As well as the screaming, hold me, I will not sleep unless I can smell you thing today too. AHHHh!!!!! Not to mention she JUST went to sleep and its 11pm!

I'm packing my bags and going back to the Beau Rivage! LOL!