Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just call me Genevieve

You see I have moved dwellings at least every year to two for the past 10 years and actually my entire life I have moved often. The home that we reside in here in Mccomb was supposed to be a temporary stop as well only staying a year or two. Well it's been two years and we are still here. As many know we came THIS close (put your fingers real close together) to building a few months back but changes happened and well we are still here! SOOOOO I am finally accepting this house as my home and putting some more permanent decor up. This 1920s/30s cottage is super cute and there is nothing wrong with it other than we will probably out grow it and I want a bigger kitchen and bathroom!!!! ;)

Sooo first up was Carsyn's room. Her nursery was nothing to write home about but I wanted her big girl room to have a little more pizazz. There are still many things to be done but here is what we (and by we I mean my Aunt Jan and Aunt Jane) put up in her room this week.

my grandmother's lamp-I spray painted silver

I did paint this cute bookcase it took me forever to find! Bow holders made by my bow lady Amy.

Tree that Aunt Jan and Aunt Jane put up

Ignore weird metal thing from old lights and too high picture frame I need to fix and drapes need to be hung and headboard made/ordered.

So these ideas and plans have been brewing in my head since this winter. I had a lot of time during the cold winter months stuck in my house finding out what is wrong with my house!

Bedding is from

Tree w/ birds is from

birdhouse on tree is from Hobby Lobby
Dresser is from Lott Furniture of course!
Table and chairs are from Kids Kloset (a major winner from Santa!)

Don't you love the cute bookcase that I (yes me!) painted!? I searched everywhere for one that would fit that I could re-do.
And I made the cute bow holder by her mirror- my bow lady Amy made the other cute butterfly bow holders.

Things left to do:
Paint the armoire that is not in the pictures ;)
Hang the AWESOME closeout drapes I got at Lowes for $6 a panel!!!!!
Decide on her headboard- I didn't get the one to match her dresser because I was thinking upholstered but Im still undecided.
Take pics and hang this super cute storyboard I designed to go by dresser.

AND then there is my dining room! I have HATED the dining room since we moved in. I love the room, the bead board, the built-ins, the floor, but the table and rug made me hyperventilate every time I went by it was soooo big! So I finally got my new table this week. I know you probably think being in the furniture business I probably change out my furniture like my underwear but you are mistaken!! I first off HATE asking for new things because I NEVER get them delivered! Anyone who has a husband that owns a business knows that customers come first and you get lucky to have whatever it is you want!

BUT I do LOVE this table. Seriously I want to kiss it all over! It is a Bassett table- somehow my tastes always choose the most expensive! And then this week I ran into Pier One and found some UBER CUTE table scape decorations. And they matched perfectly with the Pier One drapes I bought months ago! I have to get some fabric to add to the length and then they will be ready to hang! And I tried to be a good wife and not buy the coordinating chairs but rather use what I had and slipcover so Im working on that next. I don't like matchy matchy anyway- I prefer shabby chic/bohemian style!

Anyway the list goes on and on and on for the dining room but here is a sneak peek....

tablescape by Pier One

Sweet green table!

fabric for drapes!

Allie and Corey's wedding

Our last trip for the summer was back to Orange Beach for Corey and Allie's wedding. It was a small affair with just immediate family members. This wedding has been a long time coming but Im happy for the newlyweds! Corey is the greatest guy and we are glad to welcome you into our family!

Carsyn and I like to take our time on road trips- stopping every hour and half or so for a potty/snack break. Target is our location of choice usually! We sure do miss having a Target in Mccomb!

The day started with us leaving Mccomb around 8:30- once in Hattiesburg a quick trip to Cellular South to get a new phone as mine stopped working! Then a run over to Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree to search for something I needed to no avail. I don't know why everyone was so grumpy that day but sheesh the employees needed a pep talk! Next to the holy grail of Target where I found the items I needed (of course!) and then grabbed some lunch to eat at NaNa's. We were waiting for NaNa to arrive with the wedding cake and when she did the bad luck spiral started! The cake was a disaster! We had to located a bakery in Orange Beach and ask them to get a new cake by the next evening! We were able to find one and then off Carsyn and I went to Gulf Shores.

She slept for part of the way to Mobile (not a good car napper) and then we had to get out at the Eastern Shore Centre for a snack and potty break. Me and my buddy jammed out to her new Wendy's kids meal cd (love this idea!) with our windows rolled down the rest of the 1hr drive.

Aunt Jan and Uncle Frank and Nonny were waiting for us when we arrived and we headed to the beach for me to attempt to take some shots of my child on the beach. Of course she didn't want to cooperate but we got a few cute ones. See them here. Then we headed to dinner.

The condos we stayed at this time (also not on the beach) were called Twin Lake Estates and they were a small little strip of Sandestinesque houses. There was a pool and a gazebo on a small stocked lake. Allison had decided to have the small ceremony here at the gazebo for fear of oil and rain on the beach.

The next morning the "girls" headed to the pool bright and early and Carsyn got to watch a momma mocking bird feed her babies in a nest in the tree next to the pool. It was too cute!

We then headed to lunch and back to the house for a nap. I however did not get to nap becuase I realized I had left my dress for the wedding at home so off I raced to my trusty Target. Only the one thing Target and I don't gehaw on is clothing- it never seems to fit correctly. Plus since I was taking pictures of the wedding I wanted to be comfortable. In despair I left only to see a Maurices' storefront as I was leaving. I ran in and grabbed a dress in 15 minutes! Next I headed to get the new cake and back to the condo to wait for the bride and groom. The next 3 hours was a whirlwind of redoing the bouquet, fixing the bride's fallen hair, and getting dressed. We finally made it out for pictures and a perfectly beautiful ceremony. The sky was amazing that day and I am so happy with the pictures. See them here

We headed to dinner afterwards at Cafe Grazie where there were mistakes made again (no cake table- no individual tables!). But it didn't matter because the couple was now happy.

The next morning Carsyn and I raced to Mccomb to make it in time for a dear little 4 year old friend's birthday party! PHEWWWW!

Now we are home to stay for a few weeks!

Carsyn's rambles

Carsyn: What's that noise?

Me: What noise?

Carsyn: outside-

Me: crickets

Carsyn- No criket is Aunt Ann dog-it not cricket- it bugs- I don't like bugs-they stay outside? They don't get me?

Me: No the bugs will not get you

Carsyn: What's that shadow?

Me: Where

Carsyn: THERE

Me: There aren't any shadows all of the lights are off.

(She is fascinated with shadows this summer!)

Carsyn:What's that? pointing to law mower Danny changing the oil

CC: oil- don't touch its nasty

Carsyn: Like the beach?

Me: Are you so pretty?

Carsyn: Daddy tells me that...

Me: I know he tells me that too

Carsyn: He tells us BOTH we pretty!

Out of nowhere:
Carsyn: Pappy makes me money and I gonna put it in my piggy bank.


Nonny scolded me and Carsyn told Nonny "BE NICE!"


In the past I think she didn't realize that she could LOVE more than one person so she would only love me. Or if she wanted to get a rise out of you she would tell you she loved anyone else other than you. But now she knows she can love lots of people so she says " I Love Momma- no I LOVE BOTH!" And then she proceeds to list all family members that she loves.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Carsyn gets her first haircut

Carsyn went with me to the salon last week to get her first real hair cut. I have been apprehensive to cut her beautiful locks for fear the curls would not return! Carsyn's hair is definitely her signature! Everywhere we go people stop to comment on it...once recently I had a woman say "Oh can I please touch it..please!" "Really?! Sure go ahead? "

Ever since she was one and the curls were bountiful I would have people ask me "Do you curl her hair like that?" "Yeah have you ever tried to get a 1 year old to sit still to curl their hair?"

Anyway she thoroughly enjoyed having her hair cut and getting to look at herself in the mirror. I think I can look forward to lots of salon/spa trips for us in the little diva. :-)

Here we go

head down...feet out...

there go the curls...

Im so bootyfull! CHEESE!

Monday, July 5, 2010

On the road

Sorry I have been so lax in blogging! This summer is blowing by faster than hurricane force winds!

We had our first trip to the beach with Nonny (or Na Na as Carsyn now affectionately changed it). This trip was for my first set of beach sessions. Due to the oil spill I did not have as many sessions as usual. Thankfully a dear friend's parents let us stay in their condo for FREE! The complex is not located on the beach but since I really do not care for sand and since there was oil anyway it was perfect for us. I REALLY enjoyed staying at Emerald Green Condos because they had a fabulous splash pad inside in the pool. The first morning Carsyn and I went when it first opened and we had it mostly to ourselves!!! It was great! Also this complex is closer to shops it was really just a perfect fit for us. Carsyn did great traveling down and sleeping also which always makes a trip better! You can see some photos here

We returned on Father's Day afternoon just in time to visit with Dad and Pop. I had gotten Danny a new grill from Lowes as an early present. Carsyn picked out her card for her daddy "A Mr. Potato Head card." hee hee.

Then after a few days at home to wash clothes and re-pack Danny and I left for a Professional Photographers conference in Pheonix, AZ. This was the first time we have ever both left Carsyn for this long (4 1/2) days! She stayed with NaNa the first half and Cici and Pop the last half. Her social schedule was kept full with play dates, swimming, shopping, birthday parties, and visiting with grandparents. I don't think she even had time to miss us but I sure missed her! I was physically sick the day we returned I just wanted to hold her.

We left at 5AM Thursday morning not to arrive until 4 PM Arizona time (2 hrs behind). It was a long day in airports but we kept a positive attitude and enjoyed a nice dinner at our fabulous resort when we arrived. One of the reasons I wanted to go to this conference was because the resort looked so nice. And it did not disappoint! While the conference did not meet my expectations I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my husband. I have to give him props because I did not think he would be able to relax and put business aside but he surprised me! There is not much to do in Pheonix other than shop, eat, drink (all rather expensively) and lay by the pool! I don't forsee another long trip for just the two of us for quite some time!

So we arrived at midnight Sunday night and I was up when the sun rose Monday morning to go get my baby. She was still asleep when I arrived at Cici's but she has been glued to me like white on rice since I returned! I think she is afraid I am going to leave again because she won't let me out of her sight! Also last night we had a terrible night of sleep because I think she wanted to make sure I was still here. Oh it so wonderful to be loved but I am not sure the repercussions were worth leaving her!!!! She was up from 12-3 last night!!!!!

So now we are preparing to get on the road AGAIN for cousin Allie's wedding in Gulf Shores. Pray for pretty weather and no hurricane Alex rain or oil complications. After this trip I think I will be happy to stay at home for a little while!!!