Thursday, July 22, 2010

Allie and Corey's wedding

Our last trip for the summer was back to Orange Beach for Corey and Allie's wedding. It was a small affair with just immediate family members. This wedding has been a long time coming but Im happy for the newlyweds! Corey is the greatest guy and we are glad to welcome you into our family!

Carsyn and I like to take our time on road trips- stopping every hour and half or so for a potty/snack break. Target is our location of choice usually! We sure do miss having a Target in Mccomb!

The day started with us leaving Mccomb around 8:30- once in Hattiesburg a quick trip to Cellular South to get a new phone as mine stopped working! Then a run over to Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree to search for something I needed to no avail. I don't know why everyone was so grumpy that day but sheesh the employees needed a pep talk! Next to the holy grail of Target where I found the items I needed (of course!) and then grabbed some lunch to eat at NaNa's. We were waiting for NaNa to arrive with the wedding cake and when she did the bad luck spiral started! The cake was a disaster! We had to located a bakery in Orange Beach and ask them to get a new cake by the next evening! We were able to find one and then off Carsyn and I went to Gulf Shores.

She slept for part of the way to Mobile (not a good car napper) and then we had to get out at the Eastern Shore Centre for a snack and potty break. Me and my buddy jammed out to her new Wendy's kids meal cd (love this idea!) with our windows rolled down the rest of the 1hr drive.

Aunt Jan and Uncle Frank and Nonny were waiting for us when we arrived and we headed to the beach for me to attempt to take some shots of my child on the beach. Of course she didn't want to cooperate but we got a few cute ones. See them here. Then we headed to dinner.

The condos we stayed at this time (also not on the beach) were called Twin Lake Estates and they were a small little strip of Sandestinesque houses. There was a pool and a gazebo on a small stocked lake. Allison had decided to have the small ceremony here at the gazebo for fear of oil and rain on the beach.

The next morning the "girls" headed to the pool bright and early and Carsyn got to watch a momma mocking bird feed her babies in a nest in the tree next to the pool. It was too cute!

We then headed to lunch and back to the house for a nap. I however did not get to nap becuase I realized I had left my dress for the wedding at home so off I raced to my trusty Target. Only the one thing Target and I don't gehaw on is clothing- it never seems to fit correctly. Plus since I was taking pictures of the wedding I wanted to be comfortable. In despair I left only to see a Maurices' storefront as I was leaving. I ran in and grabbed a dress in 15 minutes! Next I headed to get the new cake and back to the condo to wait for the bride and groom. The next 3 hours was a whirlwind of redoing the bouquet, fixing the bride's fallen hair, and getting dressed. We finally made it out for pictures and a perfectly beautiful ceremony. The sky was amazing that day and I am so happy with the pictures. See them here

We headed to dinner afterwards at Cafe Grazie where there were mistakes made again (no cake table- no individual tables!). But it didn't matter because the couple was now happy.

The next morning Carsyn and I raced to Mccomb to make it in time for a dear little 4 year old friend's birthday party! PHEWWWW!

Now we are home to stay for a few weeks!

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