Friday, July 9, 2010

Carsyn gets her first haircut

Carsyn went with me to the salon last week to get her first real hair cut. I have been apprehensive to cut her beautiful locks for fear the curls would not return! Carsyn's hair is definitely her signature! Everywhere we go people stop to comment on it...once recently I had a woman say "Oh can I please touch it..please!" "Really?! Sure go ahead? "

Ever since she was one and the curls were bountiful I would have people ask me "Do you curl her hair like that?" "Yeah have you ever tried to get a 1 year old to sit still to curl their hair?"

Anyway she thoroughly enjoyed having her hair cut and getting to look at herself in the mirror. I think I can look forward to lots of salon/spa trips for us in the little diva. :-)

Here we go

head down...feet out...

there go the curls...

Im so bootyfull! CHEESE!

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Amanda Jones said...

She is sooo beautiful and looking so growny!!