Thursday, July 22, 2010

Carsyn's rambles

Carsyn: What's that noise?

Me: What noise?

Carsyn: outside-

Me: crickets

Carsyn- No criket is Aunt Ann dog-it not cricket- it bugs- I don't like bugs-they stay outside? They don't get me?

Me: No the bugs will not get you

Carsyn: What's that shadow?

Me: Where

Carsyn: THERE

Me: There aren't any shadows all of the lights are off.

(She is fascinated with shadows this summer!)

Carsyn:What's that? pointing to law mower Danny changing the oil

CC: oil- don't touch its nasty

Carsyn: Like the beach?

Me: Are you so pretty?

Carsyn: Daddy tells me that...

Me: I know he tells me that too

Carsyn: He tells us BOTH we pretty!

Out of nowhere:
Carsyn: Pappy makes me money and I gonna put it in my piggy bank.


Nonny scolded me and Carsyn told Nonny "BE NICE!"


In the past I think she didn't realize that she could LOVE more than one person so she would only love me. Or if she wanted to get a rise out of you she would tell you she loved anyone else other than you. But now she knows she can love lots of people so she says " I Love Momma- no I LOVE BOTH!" And then she proceeds to list all family members that she loves.

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