Thursday, May 27, 2010

The small things in life that made me smile this week

Carsyn taking her notebook and holding in front of her like a hymnal and singing Jesus Love Me.

At bedtime- Mommy hold me, Mommy pat my leg, Mommy snuggle me!

My mom's night out group- such a saving grace every month. Definitely makes me a better mom when I return.

Carsyn wearing panties for 3 days straight even out in public and to mom's morning out with no accidents!!!!

Having my porch re-done.

That my UPS man knows not to knock on my door during nap time ;) He is so smart- Fed Ex guy- not so much!

Walmart rotisseri chicken- makes my life so much easier and so delicious! AND $4!?!?!

Walking through Hodges Nursery getting some plants for my yard. The Summer rain hitting the tin roof while I peruse the flowers/plants. Dreams of having a beautifully landscaped yard some day!

Planning our Arizona trip!!!!! Can't wait!!! First trip with hubby sans baby!

Hearing sweet compliments from my customers about their portraits! It makes it all worthwhile!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A trip to the aquarium and ER

Friday we had made plans to go with our friend Sheri and her son Trace to the New Orleans Aquarium. I was hoping to get down to the Big Easy before the really bad heat arrived(although it was quite miserable already) and Sheri is 8 months pregnant and wanted to make the trip before her new bundle arrived.

After a slight detour- I swear I can't ever go to NO without make a wrong turn that results in 30 minutes of detour- we made it. The kids enjoyed it immensly and it was nice and cool in side!

Here are some pics from our trip...Carsyn was not a fan of my camera that day.

On the way home Carsyn only managed a 25 minute nap. She doesn't nap well in the car but not that short! She had a meltdown at 7 and crashed only to awaken every 45 minutes all night long! On Saturday morning she told me her mouth and throat hurt but I just thought it was molars. (insert Mommy guilt here) On my behalf she had no fever! So we continued to the planned birthday party. When she awoke from her afternoon nap after only an hour and then screamed for an hour I started to wonder if something was really wrong. Hello lightbulb! Man I should get mom of the year! So then my mom arrived and saved the day and said we should take her to stat care. Stat care was closed so we headed to the ER. I was expecting the worse but the staff was very friendly and efficient. The diagnosis... Tonsilitis! Carsyn was a champ during and after her very painful Reglan shot- it helped that they brought her a popsicle and a bag of stickers/coloring book/toys! So for 3 nights she awoke every 45 min to 2hr but by Monday night she was starting to get back to normal. I swear when your child is sick you don't think it will ever end but as fast as it arrived it was over. She just awoke at 8 after going to bed at 9 without waking- yes she needed to catch up! Glad that is over!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life craziness

I should be editing! I have so much to do and two sessions today and this weekend and yet I can't seem to get focused! When I start editing I like to have a block of time set apart simply to edit and I havn't been able to get that since pre-school ended for the summer! Don't get me wrong I am excited about our summer plans but I do enjoy a good structured routine and Im a bit lost without it!

Carsyn's last pre-school day was last week and they went out with a BANG! They had a super duper end of the year party. Unfortunately I have no pictures of it because they failed to let me know about it! And we have officially had our first day at the splash pad and the country club pool. This summer already proves to be so much more fun as she is able to truely experience the joys of summer. I caught a few pics of her enjoying her chocolate popsicle immensly!

Last Saturday due to paint fumes in our home we had to spend the night with my in laws. At first I was a little agitated simply at the last minuteness (word??) of it all and not having my "stuff" around. But after I had time to regroup- yes that is how I work, agitation and slight freak out then give me a little while and I regroup- I almost enjoyed our "surprise get-a-away" 10 minutes down the road. We ended up not returning home until Sunday around 6PM!

Carsyn has made it apparent that she is a child that like to GO GO GO! She does not like sitting at home and always wants to know what's next on the agenda. I know she gets it honest from myself and her father. I hope she is prepared to go go go next month because when I looked at my calendar I almost had a panic attack at all of the driving we are going to be doing. Glad she is a better car rider and sleeper away from home than she used to be!

Speaking of sleeping- I know I always remark on when she doesn't sleep well but my little girl has been taking 2 hr naps for the past 2 weeks! That is unheard of! It has definitely been enjoyable yet I still can't seem to get anything done!

Tomorrow we are on the go again as we head to the New Orlenas Aquarium with some playgroup buddies! This time maybe I won't forget my camera!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

This past Saturday we headed to my grandma's house to help finish cleaning it so it can be sold. She has been passed away two summers yet it seems like yesterday. Also last week Carsyn and I attended her sister's funeral which was a bittersweet memory of my own grandmother's funeral. In a very strange moment this week Carsyn was pulling out clothes from her dresser (her new favorite past time) when she ran up to me with a golden USM shirt and said "This is Mamommy's!" Even though her words were clear as day I made her repeat it to make sure. I finally relalized that she was associating this USM onsie with the golden USM shirt of my grandmother's that is framed at my mom's house. It was a sweet reminder that my grandmother's memory is still alive even with my child who will never know her.

Carsyn had made me a card at school this week. I was so excited to get it. I guess it goes to show it really is true no matter what you get your mother she will love it because it came from you.

Danny (not even knowing that I wanted one) got me a Waxing Poetic necklace with Carsyn's initials.

Sunday morning we attended church and then the Smith's headed to the country club for an AWESOME lunch! It was really nice and deliciouso! Carsyn was an angel at church and lunch- a mother's day gift unto itself. Also she stayed dry in her diaper all day and used the potty throughout the day! I think we are on our way!

After a family nap- my mother drove over to visit. We went to the park with Carsyn and then had some ice cream. We tried to snap a few pics but this was the best we got!

I am so thankful to have this little angel in my life and have her call me mommy. And I am so blessed to have my mama and I only hope I can be half the mother she is to me.