Thursday, May 27, 2010

The small things in life that made me smile this week

Carsyn taking her notebook and holding in front of her like a hymnal and singing Jesus Love Me.

At bedtime- Mommy hold me, Mommy pat my leg, Mommy snuggle me!

My mom's night out group- such a saving grace every month. Definitely makes me a better mom when I return.

Carsyn wearing panties for 3 days straight even out in public and to mom's morning out with no accidents!!!!

Having my porch re-done.

That my UPS man knows not to knock on my door during nap time ;) He is so smart- Fed Ex guy- not so much!

Walmart rotisseri chicken- makes my life so much easier and so delicious! AND $4!?!?!

Walking through Hodges Nursery getting some plants for my yard. The Summer rain hitting the tin roof while I peruse the flowers/plants. Dreams of having a beautifully landscaped yard some day!

Planning our Arizona trip!!!!! Can't wait!!! First trip with hubby sans baby!

Hearing sweet compliments from my customers about their portraits! It makes it all worthwhile!

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