Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A trip to the aquarium and ER

Friday we had made plans to go with our friend Sheri and her son Trace to the New Orleans Aquarium. I was hoping to get down to the Big Easy before the really bad heat arrived(although it was quite miserable already) and Sheri is 8 months pregnant and wanted to make the trip before her new bundle arrived.

After a slight detour- I swear I can't ever go to NO without make a wrong turn that results in 30 minutes of detour- we made it. The kids enjoyed it immensly and it was nice and cool in side!

Here are some pics from our trip...Carsyn was not a fan of my camera that day.

On the way home Carsyn only managed a 25 minute nap. She doesn't nap well in the car but not that short! She had a meltdown at 7 and crashed only to awaken every 45 minutes all night long! On Saturday morning she told me her mouth and throat hurt but I just thought it was molars. (insert Mommy guilt here) On my behalf she had no fever! So we continued to the planned birthday party. When she awoke from her afternoon nap after only an hour and then screamed for an hour I started to wonder if something was really wrong. Hello lightbulb! Man I should get mom of the year! So then my mom arrived and saved the day and said we should take her to stat care. Stat care was closed so we headed to the ER. I was expecting the worse but the staff was very friendly and efficient. The diagnosis... Tonsilitis! Carsyn was a champ during and after her very painful Reglan shot- it helped that they brought her a popsicle and a bag of stickers/coloring book/toys! So for 3 nights she awoke every 45 min to 2hr but by Monday night she was starting to get back to normal. I swear when your child is sick you don't think it will ever end but as fast as it arrived it was over. She just awoke at 8 after going to bed at 9 without waking- yes she needed to catch up! Glad that is over!

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