Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkins Pumpkins everywhere!!!!

Well this will be my first post about pumpkins because before the week is over we will have more pumpkin pics to post!!!! Wow I am already in Halloween overload so I don't know how Carsyn will handle all of the festivity!
To begin, last Friday Lyndsay(neighbor) and her daughter Maddy (Really do they need continuous descriptions- you know who they are) went to Hammond to the pumpkin patch. It was cute and had lots of farm animals (I also do not think I have seen so many farm animals in one month!) to pet. Had Carsyn not been overtired due to a late bedtime she probably would have enjoyed it more and allowed me to enjoy it more. She actually told me "NO pictures!" I took some anyway....

Then fast-forward to Monday and I took my camera to story time because I knew that Miss. Mattie would have something adorably Halloween for them to do. I was right. Here are some snapshots of them feeding the pumpkin monster Pecans and the pumpkins they made. (Not the greatest pics but hey just snapshots)

Monday night we attended Parklane Academy's fall fest. No pics from that night- there wasn't really much for a toddler to do...note to Parklane include some beanbag toss or something next year for the little ones! Carsyn did ride the pony which I didn't think she would follow thru with, but she loved it! Actually she demanded we wait in the eternal (30 min) line so she could ride him!

Today is Carsyn's school Halloween party, Tonight is Trunk or Treat, and Saturday is Hayride and Trick or Treat...... OH MY!!! She has the candy part down...she has been running around with her pumpkin treat bag saying "TANDY TANDY TANDY!" Oh Goodness!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

99th Franklinton Fair

Yesterday afternoon we headed over to Washington Parish, LA for the Franklinton Fair! Last year we went with the Taylor's but we couldn't seem to get our schedules lined up. Surprisingly we found out our neighbor's the Webbs were also going the same time as us so Carsyn got to have her BFF with her!

Last year since Carsyn was only 10 months old she didn't really have a clue as to what was going on but oh what a difference a year makes!!!! She caught on quick that she needed tickets for the ride and as soon as one ride would end she would say "tick tick tick" and point to the next ride she wanted to go on. And forget the slow train and carousel- those were boring to her she wanted the rides that actually did something like go up and down or were a tad faster! My little dare-devil! One of the things I love most about having a child is getting to re-live my childhood and all that being a child entails! I think Danny and I enjoyed the rides as much as she did.

So I will let the Pictures speak for themselves since they are worth a thousand words.....

I didn't want Danny to take her on this but she LOVED it and immediately wanted to go again!

See why I didn't want her to go...look how high it was!

yeah I enjoyed the helicopter too!

Eh- the carousel is for babies....

Looking at the farm animals...this fair reminds you of Charlotte's web...nothing like the MS state fair

Webb family at the funhouse

They don't call it the FUNhouse for nothing!

Mr. Mitch is too funny....

Look Mama I am riding the truck with Maddy!

Ho Hum again- around and around boring

Now this one is more like it!
I know it is blurry but I still think it is hilarious! Photographers call this "emotionally in focus!"

Wave your arms like you just don't care!!!! (She actually started copying me...gotta watch myself!) Ha Ha!

Love this one! Life is good! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Words from a Babe

First, this past weekend was my 10 year High School reunion. My how time flies. I can only imagine how much more quickly the next 10 years will go by now that I have a child.

This week has been filled with fun fall activities. While I love sharing the new experiences with Carsyn and remembering the last year and how much she has changed it saddens me when I look up and see a "big girl" walking across the yard. I will admit this age is definitely the most challenging and numerous times a day we have a temper tantrum at the drop of a ketchup bottle. But when I hear her speak these words it brings a smile back to my face that "this too shall pass."

Yesterday morning at breakfast
"Mama Help me Please" - lovely use of manners

As soon as she woke up
"Heeeeeey Treeeeey, Heeeeey Treeeeey"- the family pet

Sitting on the couch early in the morning she hears a loud vehicle

Pointing to her pallet she has made on the floor
"Mama Sit...Mama Sit" Then crawls into my lap.

Takes her shoes off then walks across the back porch
"Ohhh Toooold Mama"

Getting dressed for school on picture day, opens her closets and pulls out a red dress "Awwwwww Tute" then does a twirl for my approval once it is on. Proceeds to pick out her shoes and bow.

Sees a baby anywhere
"Awww tute baaaabeee"

She now recognizes her friends from storytime/school and when she sees them can call them by name. She loves her friend Hannah and everytime they are at storytime wants Hannah to hold her hand as they walk to the car.

These are just a few times she has made me smile lately...

Here is her snapshot getting ready for picture day at school.
Her first school photo- before I know it she will be celebrating her 10 year High school reunion :(

Monday, October 12, 2009

22 months

Yesterday Carsyn turned 22 MONTHS that is only 2 months until she turns 2!!!

Last week flew by as we were very busy- not really sure doing what but before I knew it it was Friday! I know these next 2 months will fly by with all of the fall festivities planned.
Carsyn has gotten better about school. She still gets a little teary when I drop her off but she is fine by the time I pick her up. We are still taking cow and sippy cup with us. She will have her first school party this month for Halloween. Our turn to host is not until Valentine's but I think I may have to drop in and bring a treat too! That's why I am a SAHM mommy right?!

Carsyn continues to talk constantly however she only says one syllable words and if the word has 2 she only says the first part. I am guessing it will still be a little while longer before she can put them together. She will say some sentences though such as "I want plate momma" although it sounds like "I waaaan plaaaa momma" I have to interpret for Danny often what she is saying.

Oh the potty training. Man this is tiresome. She still is half tell me and half go- usually she tells me when it is convenient for her like exploring a new bathroom at a restaurant, or to get out of church, or to postpone sleep, etc etc. The rest of the time she still goes in diaper and it doesn't bother her. While we were in Boston she went frequently on the potty but since we have been home she has regressed. She went a couple of days without poopooing because she didn't want to go on the potty but I finally got her to break that yesterday and made a big deal and gave her candy. I think the week of Thanksgiving when she is out from school I will try a very concerted effort to make some big advancements and let her go diaperless for as much as we are able. I let her go diaperless now but it doesn't really seem to matter. We even have a poo poo song that she was loving but now seems to be over it. It went (to the tune of Where is Thumpkin) "Where is Poo Poo Where is Poo Poo, Here it comes, Here it comes, Squeeze it out Squeeze it out!" Yes lovely I know but it was working.

At the moment Carsyn LOVES bubbles, baby dolls, her baby doll stroller, and drawing. She is definitely opinionated and independent.

Does anyone else's toddler have a repetition or compulsive trait? I am not sure if this is a phase or perhaps part of my OCD genes but Carsyn has gotten to where everything has to be the same everytime. For instance she has to have her blanket on her chair and if it is not there she says UH OH over and over. Also when she drinks her milk she always has to have cow with her. And at bedtime she will only let me read to her and won't let Danny because in her mind that is what she is accustomed to as her ritual. If I am not home of course she will let him. Just wondering if anyone else's child does the same?

On another note we got to attend Carsyn's BFF, Maddy, 1st birthday party this past weekend. It was loads of fun. I had to keep Carsyn from tearing into the birthday presents so I expect she will be in heaven at her own birthday party.

We also went to the Summit Fall Fest on Saturday which is just two streets over from our house so that was neat. I am always interested in a craft show! I wish I could be more crafty....

Well I am under the weather myself seems I finally caught the cold Danny and Carsyn have had so my brain is not working on all cylinders at the moment. Going to get a few more minutes rest before nap is over.

Too pretty cut the birthday cake but nummy nummy nummy in Carsyn's words!
Giving her BFF a birthday hug

Being a ham as usual

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Family Adventure to Boston

Okay to begin my post I am going to talk about the family adventure to Beantown. Get ready- it's a lengthy read...

This trip was initially planned several months ago as a getaway for Danny and myself to go to Boston. The plan for this trip had many revisions- first starting off as a cruise then changing to just land- and finally in the late hours before we departed turned into our first family vacation. Everybody else does it- can't we make it too?

Since I had not anticipated Carsyn going with us I had to get up at 5 to get her packed as well as the rest of our belongings. Once again the realization that my life has drastically changed since College travel days hit me. I once was an avid traveler jumping at the chance for a road trip or to visit a new destination. New York, Orlando, London, Amsterdam, Paris, etc all within 12 months. Life is no longer the same and I am no longer the same...I now find that when I leave "home" it makes me appreciate it more. So back to the trip. We departed at 8:30 to head to the airport just as we pulled into the airport Carsyn threw up for the first time ever. The traffic on that long bridge was just too "stop and go" for her to handle. To be honest it took everything I had to keep my breakfast down as well. So not to be discouraged or late- she was stripped and changed all while unloading bags. I will give kudos now to US Airways for an incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Both on the departing and return flight they were great.

On the first flight to Charlotte Carsyn just took it all in. My little girl is quite the observer and we figured she would be entranced by it all. Luckily we had a window seat so she enjoyed it immensely. After a quick lunch on route in the airport it was off to our final plane. This time she was asleep within 5 minutes and slept almost the entire plane ride. We had a tiny fear that she was about to cry the last 30 minutes but she stopped and all in all did great. Did I mention she used the potty on the plane and never once wet her diaper all day?!

Now arriving at the hotel was a little nerve wracking as when we got to Boston I had no idea it was such a metropolis- it felt like a mini-London to me. I guess they haven't strayed far from their origin. Our hotel was mostly for the business class so toting a little toddler in did feel a tad strange. While the hotel and their staff were great and the amenities were good it was definitely not a family oriented hotel and was not close to any tourists attractions. I had an idea of this but since I wanted to save some money I booked it on Priceline at half of the cost.

We walked down to the water and found a little seafood joint the bellhop recommended. Ummm when you are used to Cajun Southern Seafood- sorry yankees your food tasted like rubbish. It was the WORST $70 I have ever spent and I felt robbed when the bill arrived. That is my one and biggest complaint about Boston is the cost of food is UNFREAKING BELIEVABLE! I laughed when I saw a picture of the owner and some employees with Emeril hanging on the wall. I can only IMAGINE what he thought!

Oh and lest I forget the weather. While I was looking forward to the 60 degree day temps- Boston 60 degrees with wind from river and Miss 60 degrees totally NOT THE SAME! It was soo cold! Luckily I had enough warm clothes for Carsyn. So back to the hotel to get ready for bed.

After a not great night of sleep (of course you knew C wasn't going to sleep) I got her up and she and I headed downstairs for breakfast. I knew the hotel did not have breakfast included but I was not expecting to receive a bill for $25 for ONE breakfast buffet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally almost had a heart attack at the table. Seriously this trip probably took out a huge chunk of C's college fund- ha not really but man the food prices were KILLING Me and it wasn't even good!

So once dressed we ventured out into the city. At first it was VERY intimidating but I was VERY pleased to see how friendly everyone was. Kudos to the Yankees for their hospitality- you aren't as bad as they say ; ) After finding our "duck tour" we walked around taking it all in. Within 5 minutes we had stumbled onto the set of a new Ben Affleck movie being filmed- no sight of the celebrity but cool nonetheless. Carsyn enjoyed chasing the pigeons in one of the squares we were in. Also I was surprised to see so many toddlers/babies being strolled around on vacation. I don't know how people do it with more than one. Maybe me and Danny aren't cut out for it! So off to eat lunch at The Cheesecake Factory which was finally a meal I didn't mind paying $50 for. Then to the duck tour. I had scheduled it hoping C would fall asleep on the tour vehicle but wishful thinking -too much was going on. So after the tour we were left not knowing what to do next. In hindsight (don't you love how it is always 20/20) we now know what we should have done but in a new city we didn't. So we decided to go back up to Beacon Hill which is a beautiful and prestigious neighborhood (John Kerry's home- yuck, but he does have taste when it comes to homesteads). This walk turned into about 30 minutes which with a tired toddler was not the most pleasant. We did stumble upon the Cheers bar and the Boston Garden(the oldest Botanical Gardens in the US). Carsyn got to chase the ducks and swans and the grounds were breathtaking. Really this trip reminded me so much of my summer in Europe- I almost did not feel like we were in America. Next we stumbled upon a protest at the state building which was history in the making- apparently something to do with jobs- I think they are having a governor election soon.

At this point we were lost as to where to go or what to do. And then Carsyn Belle crashed just like that in my arms. So what did we do? We sat down on someones steps to their condo right in Beacon Hill to let her get a cat nap. HA. I stopped a man to ask for his recommendation of where to eat in the area and I could see the look of bewilderment in his eye as he tried to avoid eye contact thinking I was hitting him up for money. Ha HA I probably should have considering the price of everything in that town! So we wandered down to a little Italian cafe for dinner. I thought it was so funny not even 10 seconds after we walked in the waitress asked Danny what he wanted to drink and when he said "tea" she said "You know its not sweet- right?" I laughed and said what gave it away? She never did say...

We headed back to the hotel after dinner.

Our transportation on the trip was initially supposed to be the T-stop (subway) and the silver line bus but neither were close to our hotel so we just paid for cabs(also money out of the college fund!)

That night was also not another good night of sleep for me or Carsyn who was in the bed with me. She seemed to wake up all night choking on the drainage in her throat and with a stuffy nose. I guess the wind had gotten to her because she woke up with a cold. The next morning I bypassed the breakfast buffet and headed to Starbucks (yeah cause that was cheap- NOT). We decided to go to the Aquarium and the Boston Ha-baaa (Harbor- you know Bostonians don't pronounce the letter "r'). It was neat and Carsyn enjoyed it. Next we got onto another Sightseeing Tour bus but this one went around the Freedom trail. In hindsight (I know I know) this would have been the first and best way to get around which we now know. While you can get on and off this bus- we stayed on to hear the commentary for the entire trip. This time C did fall asleep but only for a little cat nap.

So after our whirlwind trip of Boston it was time to head home. We moved our flight up early since we had C with us and to be honest I think we saved money not having to buy anymore food in this town! Of course after 2 1/2 days we now were familiar with the city and would have been comfortable finding our way around. So while in the beginning Boston wasn't my cup of tea (ha ha pun intended) I changed my mind and decided it was enjoyable. Maybe we will make a return trip sometime in our lifetime. Also while at first appearance the city seems large after learning the areas you really could walk the main parts within an hour or so. Little did we know!

Now the return story- not much to tell except we had to sit on the runway for an hour (with a 22 month old!)and then had a 2 1/2 hour flight. The return was not as smooth as the departure but still I think she did great.

Was this the trip I had planned and dreamed for several months? Heck no, but definitely an addition to the family memory book. I am also proud of me and Danny for surviving with out causing a divorce or loosing our tempers(well not really bad) with Carsyn. And definitely for me for rolling with the flow!

Next - my top dos and don't of travel in Boston.

Enjoy the snapshots I was able to get.

In Boston Public Garden

Touching a crab at Aquarium

Old bldg reflected in New bldg

Boston Public Garden- she loved the ducks/swans/pigeons

Outside the set where Ben Affleck was filming

Finally made it to Nawlins airport...tired little Belle
Destroying mommy's purse in hotel room and Cheesin'

Looking at Seals at Aquarium

Boston "Haabaa"