Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Words from a Babe

First, this past weekend was my 10 year High School reunion. My how time flies. I can only imagine how much more quickly the next 10 years will go by now that I have a child.

This week has been filled with fun fall activities. While I love sharing the new experiences with Carsyn and remembering the last year and how much she has changed it saddens me when I look up and see a "big girl" walking across the yard. I will admit this age is definitely the most challenging and numerous times a day we have a temper tantrum at the drop of a ketchup bottle. But when I hear her speak these words it brings a smile back to my face that "this too shall pass."

Yesterday morning at breakfast
"Mama Help me Please" - lovely use of manners

As soon as she woke up
"Heeeeeey Treeeeey, Heeeeey Treeeeey"- the family pet

Sitting on the couch early in the morning she hears a loud vehicle

Pointing to her pallet she has made on the floor
"Mama Sit...Mama Sit" Then crawls into my lap.

Takes her shoes off then walks across the back porch
"Ohhh Toooold Mama"

Getting dressed for school on picture day, opens her closets and pulls out a red dress "Awwwwww Tute" then does a twirl for my approval once it is on. Proceeds to pick out her shoes and bow.

Sees a baby anywhere
"Awww tute baaaabeee"

She now recognizes her friends from storytime/school and when she sees them can call them by name. She loves her friend Hannah and everytime they are at storytime wants Hannah to hold her hand as they walk to the car.

These are just a few times she has made me smile lately...

Here is her snapshot getting ready for picture day at school.
Her first school photo- before I know it she will be celebrating her 10 year High school reunion :(

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