Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkins Pumpkins everywhere!!!!

Well this will be my first post about pumpkins because before the week is over we will have more pumpkin pics to post!!!! Wow I am already in Halloween overload so I don't know how Carsyn will handle all of the festivity!
To begin, last Friday Lyndsay(neighbor) and her daughter Maddy (Really do they need continuous descriptions- you know who they are) went to Hammond to the pumpkin patch. It was cute and had lots of farm animals (I also do not think I have seen so many farm animals in one month!) to pet. Had Carsyn not been overtired due to a late bedtime she probably would have enjoyed it more and allowed me to enjoy it more. She actually told me "NO pictures!" I took some anyway....

Then fast-forward to Monday and I took my camera to story time because I knew that Miss. Mattie would have something adorably Halloween for them to do. I was right. Here are some snapshots of them feeding the pumpkin monster Pecans and the pumpkins they made. (Not the greatest pics but hey just snapshots)

Monday night we attended Parklane Academy's fall fest. No pics from that night- there wasn't really much for a toddler to do...note to Parklane include some beanbag toss or something next year for the little ones! Carsyn did ride the pony which I didn't think she would follow thru with, but she loved it! Actually she demanded we wait in the eternal (30 min) line so she could ride him!

Today is Carsyn's school Halloween party, Tonight is Trunk or Treat, and Saturday is Hayride and Trick or Treat...... OH MY!!! She has the candy part down...she has been running around with her pumpkin treat bag saying "TANDY TANDY TANDY!" Oh Goodness!

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