Monday, October 12, 2009

22 months

Yesterday Carsyn turned 22 MONTHS that is only 2 months until she turns 2!!!

Last week flew by as we were very busy- not really sure doing what but before I knew it it was Friday! I know these next 2 months will fly by with all of the fall festivities planned.
Carsyn has gotten better about school. She still gets a little teary when I drop her off but she is fine by the time I pick her up. We are still taking cow and sippy cup with us. She will have her first school party this month for Halloween. Our turn to host is not until Valentine's but I think I may have to drop in and bring a treat too! That's why I am a SAHM mommy right?!

Carsyn continues to talk constantly however she only says one syllable words and if the word has 2 she only says the first part. I am guessing it will still be a little while longer before she can put them together. She will say some sentences though such as "I want plate momma" although it sounds like "I waaaan plaaaa momma" I have to interpret for Danny often what she is saying.

Oh the potty training. Man this is tiresome. She still is half tell me and half go- usually she tells me when it is convenient for her like exploring a new bathroom at a restaurant, or to get out of church, or to postpone sleep, etc etc. The rest of the time she still goes in diaper and it doesn't bother her. While we were in Boston she went frequently on the potty but since we have been home she has regressed. She went a couple of days without poopooing because she didn't want to go on the potty but I finally got her to break that yesterday and made a big deal and gave her candy. I think the week of Thanksgiving when she is out from school I will try a very concerted effort to make some big advancements and let her go diaperless for as much as we are able. I let her go diaperless now but it doesn't really seem to matter. We even have a poo poo song that she was loving but now seems to be over it. It went (to the tune of Where is Thumpkin) "Where is Poo Poo Where is Poo Poo, Here it comes, Here it comes, Squeeze it out Squeeze it out!" Yes lovely I know but it was working.

At the moment Carsyn LOVES bubbles, baby dolls, her baby doll stroller, and drawing. She is definitely opinionated and independent.

Does anyone else's toddler have a repetition or compulsive trait? I am not sure if this is a phase or perhaps part of my OCD genes but Carsyn has gotten to where everything has to be the same everytime. For instance she has to have her blanket on her chair and if it is not there she says UH OH over and over. Also when she drinks her milk she always has to have cow with her. And at bedtime she will only let me read to her and won't let Danny because in her mind that is what she is accustomed to as her ritual. If I am not home of course she will let him. Just wondering if anyone else's child does the same?

On another note we got to attend Carsyn's BFF, Maddy, 1st birthday party this past weekend. It was loads of fun. I had to keep Carsyn from tearing into the birthday presents so I expect she will be in heaven at her own birthday party.

We also went to the Summit Fall Fest on Saturday which is just two streets over from our house so that was neat. I am always interested in a craft show! I wish I could be more crafty....

Well I am under the weather myself seems I finally caught the cold Danny and Carsyn have had so my brain is not working on all cylinders at the moment. Going to get a few more minutes rest before nap is over.

Too pretty cut the birthday cake but nummy nummy nummy in Carsyn's words!
Giving her BFF a birthday hug

Being a ham as usual

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Amanda Jones said...

Colby also pulls the "tee tee" moment right when we are putting him in the bed. We take him and he squeezes out 2 little drops. He has learned to play the "tee tee" card to buy him a few more minutes.