Thursday, October 22, 2009

99th Franklinton Fair

Yesterday afternoon we headed over to Washington Parish, LA for the Franklinton Fair! Last year we went with the Taylor's but we couldn't seem to get our schedules lined up. Surprisingly we found out our neighbor's the Webbs were also going the same time as us so Carsyn got to have her BFF with her!

Last year since Carsyn was only 10 months old she didn't really have a clue as to what was going on but oh what a difference a year makes!!!! She caught on quick that she needed tickets for the ride and as soon as one ride would end she would say "tick tick tick" and point to the next ride she wanted to go on. And forget the slow train and carousel- those were boring to her she wanted the rides that actually did something like go up and down or were a tad faster! My little dare-devil! One of the things I love most about having a child is getting to re-live my childhood and all that being a child entails! I think Danny and I enjoyed the rides as much as she did.

So I will let the Pictures speak for themselves since they are worth a thousand words.....

I didn't want Danny to take her on this but she LOVED it and immediately wanted to go again!

See why I didn't want her to go...look how high it was!

yeah I enjoyed the helicopter too!

Eh- the carousel is for babies....

Looking at the farm animals...this fair reminds you of Charlotte's web...nothing like the MS state fair

Webb family at the funhouse

They don't call it the FUNhouse for nothing!

Mr. Mitch is too funny....

Look Mama I am riding the truck with Maddy!

Ho Hum again- around and around boring

Now this one is more like it!
I know it is blurry but I still think it is hilarious! Photographers call this "emotionally in focus!"

Wave your arms like you just don't care!!!! (She actually started copying me...gotta watch myself!) Ha Ha!

Love this one! Life is good! :)


Angela said...

LOVE all these pics, especially the last one! You can tell everyone was having so much fun!

Amanda Jones said...

aw i love all the pics!

Lawren said...

Oh! I love that last one too!!!