Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pics from last blog

Sorry didnt have time to post last time...Here are a few from the weekend....

"Be gettin it on your mind cowgirl!" (comment just for Erin)

The pics below are from the following story...
"Nonny brought Carsyn a new jacket for spring"
"Carsyn brings new jacket at 7AM to Nonny for her to put it on her along with her Pjs"

Carsyn: UGH UGH (trying to open backdoor)
Nonny: You think you can go outside because you have your jacket on?
Carsyn: Ugh Ugh (trying to open backdoor)
Nonny: You have to have socks and shoes on to go outside.
Carsyn runs to bedroom and gets shoes out of closet. Runs back to kitchen with them.
Here she is making a break for it once said shoes are on. Isn't it a lovely ensemble?! HA HA!

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