Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 random things about Carsyn at (almost) 14mos

Since this is all the RAGE on Myspace and Facebook I thought I would list 25 random facts about Carsyn Danielle.

1. Carsyn's name would have been Carson Allan for a boy..we like the unisex name.

2. She weighed 7lbs 15oz which was the exact average of both mine and her daddy's birthweight!

3. She had to be born by c-section because her heartrate was dropping...I was steadily shaking my head no the entire time because I DID not want a c-section! I wish I had never been induced!
4. The entire time in utero she kept her ankles crossed and she still does to this day you will notice in pics.

5. She had to come home with a UV light machine that had to be kept on her for 3 days/nights to reduce jaundice! It was HORRIBLE! I had to breastfeed with her attached to the machine!

6. Carsyn LOVES LOVES LOVES the outside! She would probably live outside if I let her. Please hurry SPRING!

7. Carsyn now eats pretty much everything. Every day it changes but for the most part she will eat it all!

8. She crawled at 9 months and walked at 10 months

9. Her laugh is infectious and her smile is endearing just like her dad's.

10. Yes she looks like her father but I am in there somewhere when she makes expressions....

11. Carsyn LOVES books but would rather look at them by herself than be read to.

12. She also LOVES dogs and cats! She squeels and does a jig when she sees one!

13. Carsyn does NOT like to take naps--not long ones anyway.

14. Carsyn loves to make her daddy feel bad when he leaves for work.

15. She loves to carry her stuffed pillow Mr. Cow around and he always makes her smile.

16. Carsyn is very independent and headstrong. She will be very successful one day NO DOUBT!
17. Carsyn likes music and will dance at the first beat...

18. Carsyn does not like to travel but I hope this changes in the near years! We have places to go!
19. She enjoys the presence of other children...especially older children.
20. Carsyn loves her mommy unconditionally which I sometimes don't think I deserve.
21. Carsyn loves to ride her bike...even when it is 30 degrees outside!
22. I would say her favorite book is Panda Bear Panda Bear what do you see
23. Carsyn LOVES CHEESE!
24. She has yet (yes I am going to say it outloud) to be sick in her 14months existance!
25. Carsyn does not like to sleep did I mention that?

She used to sleep....
With her beloved pets

5 days old on the UV light therapy machine

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Angela said...

This is cute, Amanda! And yes, I think she does look a little bit like little Valentina!