Sunday, February 1, 2009

Monkey see Monkey Do

Sooo lately it seems that Carsyn has started mimicking little things that I do that I am not even aware that I do.

First I noticed that when she wanted someone to follow her or to get the dog to come to her she would slap her thigh. I was like huh do I do that and sure enough when I want Trey to come in from outside I whistle and slap my thigh! It is soo funny to see her do it.

Also I have a bad habit of gritting my teeth and it causes my mouth to be sideways. Danny has always made fun of me and now it seems I have taught CARSYN! Oh no! I caught her doing it the other day!

Also have you ever tried to suck your upper lip up to your nose? It makes your lips poke out! Go ahead and try it...well somehow she has learned to do this and with all of the sniffles and runny noses we have had we have all been walking around with our lips poked out! This might be funnier than the squeeky shoes tapdance! Im still working on getting a pic of this...

While holding her baby the other day I saw her giving it her sippy cup for some milk. How precious is that?! I guess maternal instincts start early!

Oh yeah and apparently I grunt whenever I bend over to pick something up or move something so now my 13month old sounds like a 70 year old when she bends over! HA HA!

I guess I better start being a better role model since I have eyes on me at all times! No pressure there! Maybe she will start mimicking my sleep! Wouldn't that be GRAND?!

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Lawren said...

Haha! I tried the lip thing. :) I can totally picture her doing that.