Friday, February 26, 2010

Wow Where have we been!

Wow I have been MIA on this blog for too long!

Instead of filling it all in on one blog I will seperate the past few monumental moments. So make sure to click down so that you get to the next entries!

First off we had ANOTHER snow in Southwest Mississippi! It snowed about 5 inches! And this time Carsyn loved playing inthe white stuff! Especially when I told her she could eat it! I wanted to make snow icecream but we didn't have any cream so I held off- at the rate we are going we will probably have another snow next winter and we can do it then. I ran by the grocery to grab a few things before the snow came in and I had to wait in a line of about 30 people at each check-out to leave! And no it wasn't even the terrible WALLY WORLD! You will notice a line on these snow snapshots- apparently I had some snow or something on my lens :( oh well. Atleast she had appropriate attire for this snowfall unlike last time!

Last winter was my first time to be a SAHM and I about lost my sanity but this year I think I have done a much better job. Carsyn and I have pretty much just been bears, sleep, play, eat, get the idea. It also helped this winter that she is older and can play on her own. We have watched a tad too much television, but I know that once the warmer temps arrive that will not be an issue. We are ready for Old Man Winter to say goodbye! The hundreds of robins in my yard tell me he is on his way out!


Valentine's Day was a sweet time for Carsyn...(pun intended). She had a great time at her school party and I am sure she loved knowing that she helped make the cupcakes. My child is very engaged and longs to be with and like adults- no surprise so were her parents. On Sunday morning we were supposed to be on the Coast for a Mardi Gras parade but ended up not making it(more on that later). She got in bed with me and Danny after she had awoke and I gave her a little lady bug with 4 chocolates in it. They were gone in less than 20 minutes. Danny and I don't really do Vday so nothing too exciting to share there- besides the family was struggling with some difficult news.

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Amanda Jones said...

I think your house is much character! I want an older house.