Friday, January 29, 2010

Mommy likes to freeze

So I thought instead of a blog about Carsyn today I would give you some info on some Mommy likes I have found enjoyment in lately.

Mommy Saving or you can find her page on Facebook. She has provided me some AWESOME coupons and freebies! Also I have learned other money saving methods. I have never been into the coupon scene but after visiting my good friend Lauren in November she inspired me to start SAVING! Plus if I want to build my house in the near future I need to start doing my part. I have to say I used to be much more thrifty before I married my husband and his "non-thriftyness" has rubbed off on me! With only one income now I am reverting back to my original ways.

Freezer cooking- Let's start with how my first meal freezing night started. Last weekend we had some people over for the "BIG" game. I went to FERNWOOD SEAFOOD (great place for you locals!) to purchase some shirmp. Usually my dad brings me my shrimp from the Coast but he wasn't home and there was gumbo to be made. We couldn't watch the Saints without the man at Fernwood tells me to buy this 6lb frozen box of shrimp from a distributor in Biloxi. It is $30 for the box but the shrimp are already de-headed, de-tailed, and peeled! Heck yeah they were only $1 more a lb than the fresh ones! So I proceed to make my gumbo the following day- no homemade roux here- sorry I prefer the Semi-homemade approach like Sandra Lee. Anyway when I finished I had like 4 lbs of shrimp left!! What was I going to do with it I couldn't re-freeze.

Sooo began my first night of freezer made meals! It was so quick and easy and the husband actually came into the kitchen and we spent some quality time mixing. I placed the remaining gumbo (atleast 5 bowls) into the freezer and then made my all time fave Shrimp Corn Chowder and Rotel Shrip Casserole (DOUBLE YUM!). Now I have THREE meals ready to go! I felt like an employee of Bubba Gump Shrimp co. at the end of the night! But we love shrimp and it cook so quickly I made the 2 meals in an hour!

So since it will be raining this weekend and into next week and Danny will be gone to Market I decided to go ahead and make some more meals. Here I went to another fave website to look up some ideas. So on the agenda are Taco Soup, Ex-girlfriend pasta(a family fave), and bbq pork loin.


Shrimp Corn Chowder
saute green onions in butter
add a can of cream of potato soup
add a container of cream cheese
add a half gallon of half/half
add a can of fiesta corn
simmer for 40 minutes-yummmmmm

Taco soup
Brown ground chuck
add a can of rotel
add a big can of tomato sauce
add a can of pinto beans
add a pack of ranch dressing
add a pack of taco seasoning
add a can of fiesta corn
simmer for 40 minutes- season with chili seasoning to taste while simmering.
serve with sour cream and cheese and tortilla chips

Rotel Shrimp Casserole
saute green onions in butter
add shrimp and a can of cream of mushroom
add can of rotel tomatos
cook zataran's yellow rice separately
mix it all together place in 9X12 baking dish cover with cheese and bake at 350 for 35 minutes

Ex girlfriend pasta
In crockpot combine
boneless chicken tenders
1 can of mushrooms
2 cans of cream of mushroom
1/4 cup of white cooking wine
a pack of Good Seasonings white cooking wine
a pack of cream cheese
stick of butter
simmer in crockpot for 7hrs on low
add Parmesan cheese and serve with angel hair pasta

I didn't say the meals were very healthy but they sure are DELICIOUS!

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