Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The potty

In my last post I mentioned that Carsyn was not going potty but low and behold as soon as I said it she decided to make me eat my words. For no reason at all she just decided to start going again this weekend. She is a BIG fan of the m&ms that she receives and she receives them often because this child pees more than any person I know! In the afternoons I just let her run around without a diaper on and she just goes to the potty on her own will. I will be in the kitchen and hear the potty flush. She will run in and say "TANDY TANDY TANDY." I am not sure how Im going to get her to learn to go without a Tandy reward.

I thought it was so cute when she ran up to Trey, family poodle, and said "Trey trey I went pee pee on potty!" as if he was going to give her a high five! Ha ha!

Going #2 however is another story. While she used to go with no problems now she acts as if she is being murdered if I try to make her do it on the potty. This weekend when I knew she had to go I made her sit on the toilet and I brought her books to read to occupy herself until she was ready- I left the room and she came and got me when she was done. That was the only time she has done it. Today she screamed bloody murder until I put a diaper on her so she could go. And to the corner of the living room she ran. I don't know where this fear came from or how to change it. When she is in her corner she steadily yells at me "NO NO Mama Do AWAY!"

I told her teachers at school about her new found potty independence so they have been taking her and her report showed that she has gone to the potty both days!

Last Thursday to Tuesday was a long time stuck in this house. Carsyn had a slight cough and runny nose so I kept her in as much as I could. Come Tuesday I was about to lose my mind from the continual sweat pant outfits and interiors of this house. Thank goodness for fresh air and sunshine these past few days! I can see Spring around the corner and I have lots of plans for it!

Carsyn and I are hitting the road this weekend to Hattiesburg and Mobile to visit old friends. It's always an adventure to take a road trip with the Belle!

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Candise said...

I'm finally getting to catch up on blogs!! we put taylors DVD player in the bathroom to get him to sit long enough to poop. We eventuaaly didn't mention mms anymore and he began to forget! Took us 4 months from start to finish... Good luck!